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part in developing the neo-Darwinian synthesis

He died on July 29, 1962.
Findings, Publications, and Contributions of Ronald Fisher
Ronald Fisher played a large part in developing the neo-Darwinian synthesis.

There is no alternate materialistic explanation to evolution. It is either Darwinism or nothing.

Even with as unstable of a foundation as you state Freud had IYHO!, certainly you do not deny the simple deduction of Darwin’s evolution upon the human brain?

Neo Darwinian Theory of Evolution | Christian Forums

If Human’s didn’t evolve by Neo-Darwinian means, how …

Freud studied under some of these “Darwinian” physiologists in medical school. They would have viewed the human mind as another physical trait subject to natural laws of evolution. Whether they attributed evolution to natural selection (strict Darwinism) or not is a red herring; the Darwin-Freud influence would have consisted of seeking to explain all aspects of life (in this case the human mind) as products of descent from lower organisms via unguided natural laws and chance.

Do you think Freud was influenced by Darwin? The quote by Freud himself is quite enlightening and certainly being an atheist and approving of Darwin as 1 of 3 revolutions in science(including his own), then he’d be aware that evolution plays a role in the human brain.

The 10,000 Year Explosion - Home

This new form of evolution was known as Neo-Darwinian evolution, or the Modern Evolutionary Synthesis

Let me suggest the following: The people originally behind the Neo-Darwinian synthesis in the 1930s, whatever their (typically pro-) views about eugenics, downplayed, if not outright denied, Darwinism’s significance for explaining human behaviour. In fact, this strategy worked well for about 40 years – until E.O. Wilson published Sociobiology and Richard Dawkins published The Selfish Gene. Not surprisingly, Darwinism has come to attract an increasing amount suspicion and scepticism, once its implications for the human condition have become clearer. In contrast, Freud could never hide that his theory was about the human condition, and so accordingly it has always been under a cloud.

In short, if you want to turn Darwin into the next Freud, evolutionary psychologists should keep on coming up with the back-of-the-envelope ‘my reptilian brain made me do it’ explanations that Denyse O’Leary regularly skewers on this blog. Freudians were skewered by similar means in their day.

Neo-Darwinism - Wikipedia
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Statistical Techniques | Statistical Mechanics

For example, Darwin himself in “Expression of Emotion” sets down a pattern of argument used by evo-psych ever since – document some characteristic as universal in humans and reason that it is therefore hereditary, not learned, and therefore the product of selection in evolution, and relatable to similar characteristics in our close relative species.

John Polkinghorne Q&A - Star Course

If someone says “the theories of X (largely based on Darwinism)…” there is a burden of proof on them. That would be true if X is Freud or Jonas Salk or Velikovsky.

Who Am I to Judge? - Crisis Magazine

Coppedge frames his question by comparing three modern thinkers: Marx, Darwin and Freud. Freud has already gone down. Marxism is still alive though I think we have sufficient evidence to conclude he was wrong about almost everything. An atheist professor I had in college suggested that Marx may have been right about revolutions in agriculturalized societies like Russia instead of the industrialized societies Marx had envisioned. So if anything Marxism is a refuge of the backward, not the future of humanity.

Only God can judge the state of the human soul

The take home point here for our understanding of Darwinism in all this is that it would be a mistake to suppose that Darwinism circa 1900 was somehow destined to become the Neo-Darwinian synthesis which is now spearheaded by the latest breakthroughs in molecular biology. In fact, Darwinism could have become more like Marxism – a general explanatory framework and political ideology – a notion still retained in what we now call ‘Social Darwinism’. Had that happened, Freud’s use of Darwin would be completely unproblematic.

John Polkinghorne Q & A - Star Course

Freud was just as scientifically competent as any highly trained medical doctor of his day, and his use of Darwin was not peculiar. After all, what exactly do you suppose Darwinism was circa 1900 – before it was fully integrated with modern genetics, let alone molecular biology (none of which existed)? Because the mechanism of heredity had not been clearly established, it was quite normal for scientific thinkers to slide between what we would now as quite distinct evolutionary positions. If Freud was a charlatan, his use of Darwin would be one of the LAST places I’d look for evidence.

We started with 12 sites across

I find it awkward, if not disturbing to think Freud would not understand Darwin’s link to his own thoughts on the brain, or that Darwin’s evolution theory would not be applicable in part.

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