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Why Do Plants Need Hydrogen? | Hunker

Even if carbon-based fuels could be burned with 100% efficiency, producing only CO2(g) and H2O(g), doing so could still potentially damage the environment when carried out on the vast scale required by an industrial society. The amount of CO2 released is so large and is increasing so rapidly that it is apparently overwhelming the natural ability of the planet to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. In turn, the elevated levels of CO2 are thought to be affecting the temperature of the planet through a mechanism known as the . As you will see, there is little doubt that atmospheric CO2 levels are increasing, and the major reason for this increase is the combustion of fossil fuels. There is substantially less agreement, however, on whether the increased CO2 levels are responsible for a significant increase in temperature.

I believe that it is not possible for any plant to give off O2 when it cannot do photosynthesis.

Living things breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide all the time. Fortunately plants do the opposite. When plants are making food they breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Therefore plants are extremely important to humans and animals as they give them oxygen to breathe and prevent us all from suffocating. Oxygen is needed by all living organisms to burn up food for energy.

2010-12-12 Why Do Plants Need Hydrogen

Plants are fortunate as they are the only living organisms that can make their own food. How do they do this?

Below are things that plants need for photosynthesis:

Carbon dioxide (A colorless, naturally occurring odorless gas found in the air we breathe. It has a scientific symbol CO2. CO2 is produced by burning carbon and organic compounds. It is also produced when plants and animals breathe out during respiration)


Light (Even though both natural and artificial light is OK for plants, natural sunlight is usually great for photosynthesis because they have other natural UV properties that help the plant)

Chlorophyll (This is the green pigment found in the leaves of plants)

Nutrients and minerals (Chemicals and organic compounds which the plant roots absorb from the soil)

Animals that consume plants also make use of this energy, as do those that consume those that consume plants, and so on to the top of the food chain.

As important a job as making all of the world's food is, there's another vital function that photosynthesis performs: It generates the oxygen that oxygen-breathing animals need to survive.

Why do plants need to exchange gases with the environment?

Do plants need water for photosynthesis | scholarly …

Learn where your energy comes from and how the province is building a cleaner energy future in .In general, the only time we sit up and take notice of the electricity we use happens when the utility bill comes in the mail or on the rare occasion when there is a power outage.Nuclear energy is part of Ontario’s balanced plan to make sure we have safe, clean, reliable and affordable electricity for years to come.Nuclear reactors, which produce heat by splitting uranium atoms, do the same job as typical power sources.

I’m actually curious about this – Because over-planting a small pond, and having the plants use up too much oxygen during the night to the point that the fish die or are gasping for air at the surface by morning because of it, is a not uncommon problem. Would you know why there is such a difference? Like do aquatic plants have higher oxygen usage in a lower oxygen environment, perhaps, or it’s a more enclosed space with much higher percentage of plants per area, or something else?

Do plants need water for photosynthesis ..
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So how do plants get the carbon they need to ..

I have koi in outside fish ponds. At times during the long summer days there is an occurrence called an algae bloom where the water in the pond becomes filled with very small suspended algae. During the day there is no problem with the respiration of the koi that I have in the pond… but because the algae use up so much available oxygen during the night and do not add any O2 to the water…my koi in the very early morning hours before the sunlight starts photosynthesis of the algae run out of the amount of oxygen they need for respiration and are forced to breathe atmospheric O2 at the surface of the pond! They gasp for O2 out of the water from the atmosphere where there is enough available for them to survive. My point is in water ponds there is a semi closed environment where plants can use up so much oxygen at night that they force the fish to get their oxygen elsewhere. When days become shorter the algae bloom will naturally diminish if I wait it out and do not do massive water changes or resort to killing the floating algae with a chemical plant killer algaecide that will not kill my fish if used in the proper doses. Plants do use O2 at night and do not give off any O2 in darkness!

what gas do plants use in photosynthesis? | Yahoo …

The figure illustrates how closely photosynthesis and respiration are linked. As you can see, thanks to these two life-sustaining processes, plants and animals depend on each other to survive.

How does photosynthesis work underwater

We have already learned that plants feed themselves by using sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water into food (sugar). Whenever the plant needs energy for itself it breaks down its stored food. Animals get their food by eating the plants so they depend on plants for their food.

How does photosynthesis work ..

At night, when photosynthesis can’t take place, plants continue to consume oxygen but they don’t release any back into the room. Would that mean that plants really do compete with humans for oxygen?

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