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an essential regulator of protein synthesis

Cisplatin cannot effectively bind to albumin by non-covalent interaction. Therefore, a series of cisplatin prodrugs with axial ligands was designed to mimic the binding ability of fatty acids []. Cisplatin could be released from prodrugs by intracellular reduction with the loss of axial ligands. Aliphatic tails with different lengths exhibited varied cellular uptakes and cytotoxicities. The cisplatin prodrug with hexadecyl chain was the most potent among the synthesized prodrugs. Computation showed that prodrug was buried inside albumin, which helped preserve its stability in the human blood. To improve the tumor-targeted drug delivery, a fatty acid-modified drug was loaded into the albumin and HER2-binding affibody fusion proteins []. experiments demonstrated a specific cell uptake by the HER2 positive cells, which indicated a potential ability to perform tumor-targeted drug delivery.

1 not only stimulates protein degradation but also suppresses protein synthesis, ..

On the basis of the high biocompatibility and long blood circulation half-life of albumin, many studies have been devoted to the development of albumin-stabilized nanoparticles for biomedical applications [-]. Albumin could be introduced during nanoparticle synthesis or stabilizer replacement [-].

Metformin The Anti-Aging Miracle Drug – Jeffrey Dach MD

Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using mangosteen leaf extract and evaluation of their antimicrobial activities.

224. Sasidharan S, Bahadur D, Srivastava R. Protein-Poly(amino acid) Nanocore-Shell Mediated Synthesis of Branched Gold Nanostructures for Computed Tomographic Imaging and Photothermal Therapy of Cancer. 2016;8:15889-903

182. Au KM, Armes SP. Heterocoagulation as a Facile Route To Prepare Stable Serum Albumin-Nanoparticle Conjugates for Biomedical Applications: Synthetic Protocols and Mechanistic Insights. 2012;6:8261-79

PDF Downloads : Oriental Journal of Chemistry

28. Xie J, Zheng Y, Ying JY. Protein-Directed Synthesis of Highly Fluorescent Gold Nanoclusters.  2009;131:888-9

Different auxinstested differed for their ability for inducing cell growth and berberinesynthesis. The liquid medium became yellow even at the initial stages of theculture. Presence of 2,4-D even at low concentration (0.5 mg/l) stimulated cellgrowth. Maximum cell growth obtained was at 2mg/l of 2,4-D (214 mg dry wt;Table 1). Presence of 2,4-D was not inhibitory to berberine synthesis. Withincreasing concentrations for 2,4-D amount of berberine synthesized and itsrelease showed a concomitant

"...demethyleneberberinecould reduce the induction of Cytochrome P450 2E1 (CYP2E1), which has been welldocumented to be a central pathway that contributes to ethanol-mediatedoxidative stress via reducing thetotal CYP2E1 protein expression and blocking the distribution of CYP2E1 aroundthe vein. In addition, inducible nitricoxide synthase (iNOS) induced by chronic alcohol consumption in mice which willexacerbate oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction in the liver was alsosuppressed after demethyleneberberine treatment."

Synthesis and Characterization of PEGylation on Guar Gum Based Nanoparticles: A new approach, Journal of Acute Disease, Vol 8, 2014,112-116.
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European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry - Elsevier

The activation of AMPK has been suggested to play animportant role in SIRT1 gene expression and to switch off a numberof processes that consume ATP, such as fatty acid, protein andcholesterol synthesis (–). In this study, to determine whetherAMPK is involved in the BBR-induced upregulation of SIRT1, weexamined the expression of AMPK in response to BBR. Thephosphorylated isoform is the active AMPK form; thus, we determinedthe phosphorylated AMPK/total AMPK protein ratio. BBR significantlyincreased the phosphorylation of AMPK () suggesting that AMPK maycontribute to the enhancing effects of BBR on SIRT1 expression inmacrophages.

Best Nootropics 2017 & 2018 (Updated) - Nootropics …

a) Scheme of synthesizing albumin-based nanoparticles with different strategies and the biomedical applications of the prepared nanoparticles. Parts of the figure adapted with permissions from [, ].

The Modern Herbalist;Digestive Disorders:Candida, …

Cell cycle analysis showed that there was anincrease in the G1 cell population with an increase in theconcentration of berberine, suggesting that berberine caused G1phase cell cycle arrest in the Huh7 cells. The cell cycledistribution was investigated at three time points: 24, 48 and 72h, respectively (). shows that there was a slightincrease in the percentage of cells in the G1 phase with anincrease in berberine concentration. reveals that the percentage ofcells in the G1 phase following treatment with 5, 10 and 20 μMincreased by 10% compared with the percentage of cells in thecontrol without berberine treatment. The distribution of the cellcycle is shown in .

Natural Products as Sources of New Drugs over the …

"The effect of berberine onthe membrane of C. albicans cells wasassessed using ergosterol synthesis assay. Berberine modulates ergosterol content significantly (p


In addition, demethyleneberberine hasdemonstrated hepatoprotective effects in relation to excess ethanolintake. What is the mechanism of thisprotective effect? Wang et al point out:

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