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What is the hypothesis for tornado in a ..

And last, I built a small electronic controller which allowed users tovary the fan speed by pushing and holding a "faster" and "slower" button. (Speed control knobs tend to get wrecked pretty fast in an exhibitsenvironment, while pinball machine flipper-buttons are long-lasting.) Asthe fan runs faster and faster, the tornado suddenly undergoes transitionto turbulence, changing from an onion-layered smoke column into a whirlingturbulent cloud. To preserve the contents of the water tank, thecontroller would disable the humidifier if none of the buttons were pushedfor about two minutes. Once the mist had started, there was one lastbutton which allowed the user to turn the mist off and on, and even tomake "pulses" of mist which would travel upwards in the vortex.

 The resulting instabilities produce powerful vortex motions, the lifeblood of tornadoes.

Tornado in a jar science experiment; aligns with exploration of the natural world in Ohio ELDS. Can be done in large or small groups. Parent involvement with bringing in plastic bottles for supplies, tie in to recycling/Earth Day.

Tornado science experiment hypothesis - …

was the largest tornado research project in history to explore how, when and why tornadoes form.

Air Pressure, Forces, and Winds;
Wind: Small-Scale, Local Systems & Global Systems;
Air Masses and Fronts;
Thunderstorms and Tornadoes; etc..." For more information see ; or the

Multimedia Air Quality Meteorology Course (Text, Images, Animations, Simulations & Calculators).

Hypothesis Fixed Variables Bottles and the amount of water Changed variable Changed variable Twirling the bottle to create a vortex Results and Conclusion What does a tornado, black hole and whirlpool have in common?

Science Project:Tornado in a bottle

In fact, I vividly remember my fourth grade science fair project being a rainforest in a jar experiment.

Much about tornadoes remains a mystery. They are rare, unpredictable and deadly. The U.S. has more tornadoes than anywhere else in the world. NSSL's tornado research targets ways to improve tornado forecasts and warnings to help save lives.

Although the full details of how tornadoes form are not well known, they generally form in a huge, rotating thunderstorm called a supercell. Supercell thunderstorms form where cold dry polar air meets warm moist tropical air. When this happens the warm updraft punches through the overlying, stable layer and continues upward into a zone of cool, dry air.

In 1973, NSSL scientists were able to identify the Tornado Vortex Signature pattern in Doppler radar data for the first time.
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Science Project:Tornado in a bottle

Other ideas for variations: a sculptor in New York converted an entireroom into a tornado chamber. He/she provided a large exhaust fan in thecenter of the ceiling, then arranged a large circle of vertical pipes intothe shape of a skeletal cylinder, with the center of the cylinder patternaligned with the ceiling fan. These pipes extended from floor to ceiling,and each pipe presumably contained its own fan, and a series of holes orslots running one along side of the pipe. The pipe slots blew airsideways so all the air in the room rotated slowly, and the central fanpulled air towards the center of the circle. The large "cylinder" ofpipes acts as the walls of the chamber and provides tangential air jets,so any air which flows towards the center of the room is forced to spiralinwards. A powerful vortex forms in the center of the room, extendingfrom floor to ceiling. A big pile of leaves, shredded plastic, etc. completes the exhibit.

My Science project is : Tornado in a bottle

The project aims to create highly detailed forecast models that can be used to issue earlier tornado warnings, giving people more time to find shelter.

How to Simulate a Tornado | Sciencing

In the wake of a tornado outbreak, NSSL On-Demand produces high-resolution maps of affected areas that can be used by emergency responders to assist with rescue and recovery efforts.

"How to Simulate a Tornado." Sciencing, ..

Wanna do a REALLY COOL science fair project this year? Look no further than Mother Nature herself - she's been known to have some pretty bad days! This Amazing Natural Disaster project includes facts and info about (plus the science behind them), an experiment you can do yourself and helpful suggestions for other things to research, make, draw, create and include in your project!

Make a Tornado in a Bottle - Fun Science Experiments …

NSSL and OU conduct VORTEX-99, a small follow-on project to the original VORTEX. VORTEX-99 is operating when an F5 tornado tore through parts of south Oklahoma City on May 3, 1999. During the deadly outbreak, NWS forecasters rely on NSSL's Warning Decision Support System (WDSS) to make timely and accurate tornado warnings.

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