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How do you make a tornado for a science project

As the water slug leaves the pipe, the vertical water surface will emit vapor in all directions with little propulsive effect, while the bottom surface will act like a rocket engine. But would this be enough to punch a hole in a ceiling? Well, we know that whenever a kilojoule capacitor-discharge propels a water colunmn upwards, the water can punch a hole through a thick aluminum plate (tested by ). Yet in this capacitor experiment, turbulent disruption converted their water column into a water spray after a few feet of travel through the air. But what happens when a superheated water slug sends steam outwards in all directions at high velocity? Maybe this would help preserve the shape of the water column on its journey towards the ceiling. It would be radial laminar outwards flow, punching upwards through the air like a giant frictionless finger, with the relatively tiny water-column protected in its center.


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Tornado in a bottle science project hypothesis

How to Make a Tornado in a Bottle | Science Project …

Now Harvard U. Media has a long animated movie of subcellularnanomachinery within leukocytes responding to tissue inflammation. Justas in my dream, all sorts of bizarre effects are unexplained: they'reglossed over, or more frequently they're fudged by playing a motionsequence backwards (against the laws of thermo!) Specifically: HOW DOTHE FRICKIN' ACTIN MOLECULES SELF-ASSEMBLE? The movie doesn't say. Instead they give us a picture of actin subunits magically pouring in fromall directions and somehow finding the growing end. Uhhh... isn't thatjust an animation of depolymerisation and diffusion... but PLAYEDBACKWARDS? Same with polymerization of tubulin: the subunits magicallycome running from great distances just so they can link up to the growingtubulin end. And these are just the most egregious examples. All throughthe movie there are molecules which somehow "know" where they're supposedto go, how they're supposed to rotate themselves, and they move withapparent intention over major distances. mRNA tips and ribosomesmagically find the few rare membrane pores. Actin-snipping proteins bothfly in from distances and also magically orient themselves through manydegrees of freedom in order to bond to the fiber. Apparently theresearchers are asking us to believe that all this happens by diffusion,by random tries and re-tries performed at high speeds. I got news forthem: if you stick a padlock in a bag with a bunch of keys, you'll beshaking the bag a long time before one of the keys inserts itself. And inliving systems, the bag should be filled mostly with quarters, with just afew keys, most of them not fitting that lock. And I thought *I* haddelusions! But all this strange dishonesty will pop like a bubble if weadmit the (possible) existence of a fairly simple thing: mechanical forcescaused by AC electromagnetic fields in the nearfield regions between atomsand molecules having resonance lines at common frequencies. It's justattraction between electromagnets. But AC electromagnets. If theirfrequencies are different, they essentially don't recognize each other,and the net attraction becomes zero (well, it changes from attraction toAC vibration.) But if their frequencies are right ...or more likely acombination of different atomic frequencies in distant molecules are right...then not only would the molecules pull together over relatively vastdistances, but they would experience torques which twist them into properpositions. In other words, the unexplained "magically intelligent" motions of the macromolecules depicted in the above video might not be anexaggeration at all. They might be moved by electromechanical forceswhich act like simple computers communicating over hundreds of nanometersby coded radio signals.

How to Make a Tornado in a Bottle

Tornado in a Bottle Science Fair Project

DIY Science Experiment #7 - Tornado in a Bottle!
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