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In biochemistry textbooks, calcium is considered an alkalizing mineral, and is known to be one of the primary buffering agents used by the body to keep the blood pH stable. However, Metabolic Typing is based on the observation that how people metabolize food and nutrients is determined by which of two dominance systems (the Oxidative, or energy generating, and the Autonomic, or energy regulating) controls their metabolism. From this perspective, calcium is only alkalizing to the two Oxidative types (Fast and Slow Oxidizers), but is acidifying to the two Autonomic types (Sympathetics and Parasympathetics). While dietary calcium and all other nutrients are required by everybody, supplemental calcium is only desirable for one member of each dominance system: Fast Oxidizers, in whom it helps to alkalize their overly acidic blood; and Parasympathetics, in whom it helps to acidify their overly alkaline blood. (Remember that, calcium, like all nutrients, will work oppositely in members of the two dominance systems).

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Metabolic Typing in Practice
The complexities of metabolism seem insurmountable. However, typing is not impossible. True, for someone with a serious chronic illness, a questionnaire covering over 3000 questions will have to be answered and a good deal of lab work carried out.

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If the nature and the constitution of an herb runs contrary to the nature of the human metabolism on whom it is employed, it will have an aggravating influence on the constitution that will override the symptom specific nature of the herb, contributing to existing imbalances or creating new ones, even to the point of worsening the very symptom for which it was employed. For example, Valerian, Hops and Skullcap are commonly employed in formulas for insomnia, but it is a frequent complaint that they "don't work." It so happens that 2 of these herbs actually have a stimulatory influence on certain qualities in certain types. Used in these types, the calming aspects of the herb are offset by their metabolically stimulatory action, effectively neutralizing their desired result.

Originally mostly single cultures of lactobacillus acidophilus or bifidobacterium were sold, however it has been found that mixed cultures are more effective at improving the balance of bacteria in the colon. Unless you have had a stool test to analyze the actual types of bacterial present in your colon, it may take some experimenting to find which cultures will work best for your specific gut "ecosystem". You may want to periodically change the type of Probiotics culture you use to be sure you create a balanced mix of bacterial cultures in your colon.

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My own work with Metabolic Typing is based on balancing the metabolism with targeted foods and nutritional supplementation, using the pH of the blood as the central marker. It was Dr. George Watson who originally observed how small changes in the venous blood pH could affect the psychological states of psychiatric patients, reporting his observations in his classic book Nutrition and your Mind. Rudolf Wiley, Ph.D. noted that this same phenomenon among the population at large, and in relation to physical disease conditions. Metabolic Typing as practiced today is a system of nutritional analysis that seeks to balance the physiologic terrain in such a way that cancer and other diseases are less likely to occur and, if they do, it helps the body deal more effectively with them by helping to balance the underlying metabolic processes. My work is preventive in orientation, and I myself do not treat cancer or any other disease. Rather, I provide nutritional tools to help balance the inner environment so that the body itself is able to self-correct. Cancer may never be “cured” but, if it caught early enough, a body that is metabolically balanced certainly can contain it and prevent it from progressing into a life-threatening disease.

When I was in college, I was taught to believe that scientific documentation was paramount in proving the validity of a theory or system. Metabolic Typing is still in its infancy, so we simply do not have the large body of rigorous documentation that would be required to make it acceptable to the mainstream scientific community. Hopefully, with time, that will change. However, as I get older and accumulate more hands-on experience with this work, I have developed a healthier respect for the empirical approach — trusting my own experience and observations, regardless of how much they do, or do not, conform to accepted scientific principles. What I see happening with my clients has biological value, even if we do not yet fully understand all of the scientific ramifications. For example, we know that calcium alkalizes the blood of the Oxidative types (Fast and Slow Oxidizers) but acidifies the blood of the Autonomic types (Sympathetics and Parasympathetics). The alkalizing effect of calcium seen in the Oxidative types is easily understood with our current scientific knowledge, but its acidifying effect on the Autonomic types cannot be so easily explained. However, I know that this phenomenon does indeed occur, as I have witnessed it myself in thousands of clients over the years.

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Then when we use supplements like Candex for candida control, SAMe for fibromyalgia and arthritis, or pantothenic acid and l-histidine for allergies, they will work much more effectively than they could in an abnormal pH range. Until then, such supplements cannot be fully utilized; but when you are correctly metabolically typed and follow the appropriate dietary guidelines, the body can begin to balance and heal itself. This allows for a much more predictable treatment outcome.

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Another encounter early in 1996 further expanded and deepened my understanding of Watson and Wiley's theories of acid-alkaline balance. After I had written an article on my work in the Townsend Letter for Doctors, I was contacted by William L. Wolcott who presented to me his radical new theory of the dominance principle. This principle is based on the observation that there are two primary systems in the body responsible for the production and management of energy: the Oxidative, or energy generating system (which is what Watson and Wiley's work was exploring); and the Autonomic, or energy regulating system, which had been explored initially by Francis M. Pottenger, M.D., and later developed by William Donald Kelley, D.D.S. Wolcott's theory asserted that one or the other system was most dominant in any given individual, and that this dominant system determined whether or not foods would have an acid or alkaline forming effect in the body. This model challenges the older but still common paradigm that asserts that foods have a fixed pH effect in everyone who eats them; whereas Wolcott's dominance theory asserts that the net pH effect of the food once it enters the body is modified by the metabolism of the person consuming it. Over three years of extensive collaboration, Wolcott and I developed the prototype of the testing methodology that we use today to determine the different Metabolic Types.

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Some years later, another pH pioneer stepped up to the plate to verify and expand upon Dr. Watson's work. Rudolf Wiley, Ph.D., a physicist by training, discovered that not only were psychogenic conditions improved by balancing blood pH, but so too were many physical conditions, such as fatigue, allergies, obesity and cardiovascular problems. In his beautifully written book BioBalance (Essential Science Publishing, 1989) Wiley describes how to draw and centrifuge blood to determine its pH. He also reported on the results of an extensive research project that he underwrote and conducted which demonstrated the pH effects of commonly eaten foods in the body, research that, to this day, forms the basis of the food selections recommended to the various Metabolic Types.

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The most confounding enigma in our work is why certain foods acidify the blood of one individual but alkalize the blood of another. George Watson Ph.D painstakingly explained in his out-of-print classic, Nutrition and Your mind, how the process of oxidation renders certain foods acid forming and others alkaline forming. This occurs through the biochemical transmutations that nutrients undergo as they are processed through the Krebs cycle inside each of our cells. Even more perplexing is how the very same foods that alkalize the Oxidative types (Fast and Slow Oxidizers) acidify the Autonomic types (Sympathetics and Parasympathetics), and foods that acidify the Oxidative types alkalize the Autonomic types. When I first observed this phenomenon in one of my patients, it was a truly enlightening experience! While much is now understood about the role of the Krebs cycle in controlling the process of oxidation, less is known about autonomic dominance, or why foods have the opposite pH effect in the Autonomic types as they do in the Oxidative types. Nonetheless, this empirical finding represents a monumental breakthrough in the practice of nutrition, as well as having significant implications for the practice of medicine. Addressing the acidity or alkalinity of an individual's blood is of paramount importance in promoting the successful outcome of any imbalance or disease.

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