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Humans are considered sentient, or at least partly so. Sentience is quite a ways along the developmental path. Sentient beings begin their physical reality journey as less aware forms. Today’s human beings began their physical reality journey spending time as parts of stars, interstellar dust, and other things before focusing on Earth. As we focused on Earth, our early experiences were involved with being parts of the atmosphere, even as clouds. Our awareness eventually became earthbound, and we spent eons as parts of Earth, parts of oceans, mountain ranges, and deep within Earth’s core. As we became familiar with physical reality, we eventually became life forms, and the simpler, unicellular organisms to begin with. Our awareness became ever more fragmented with that process, but it was also a way of creating a “concrete” foundation for us to begin rebuilding our former awareness.

Paul Tournier was an unrestricted universalist

Not all extra-physical entities are of the light. The mystical student needs great discernment to safely navigate these realms, and the best protection is to have a loving heart and try to be helpful. In our world of scarcity, many will take advantage of it, and that is a risk of having an open heart. However, nobody that regrets their journeys, even though they were always rough ones.

God In America: Timeline - Faith in America | PBS

Course Descriptions - Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Seth and Michael state that humanity has barely scratched the surface of the physical universe’s vastness and strangeness. Seth says that science has erred in estimating Earth’s age by a few orders of magnitude, and that the earth is actually of years old and has not always resided in our solar system. The scientist in me is skeptical of statements such as those, but I would like to find out the truth of such statements one day. Michael says that humanity is merely one of one million ensouled species in our galaxy, and pondering one trillion galaxies gives a tiny glimpse of the potential diversity of our physical universe. To glimpse that diversity, we share this planet with another ensouled “species”: cetaceans (dolphins and whales). They chose bodies that cannot manipulate their environments. There are many first-person accounts of . Cetaceans play the game differently than humans do. A pod of twelve dolphins will have twelve souls, but the souls share the bodies, swapping them, which is one reason that they do not fear death as humans do. Whales apparently think holographically, which is nearly impossible for us linear thinkers to comprehend. As Europeans conquered the world and , they also drove whales to near-extinction. Many dolphins and whales are only beginning to suspect that are sentient, as they did not think that a sentient species was capable of the genocide that their kind experienced at human hands.

The package of consciousness that concerns humans is commonly called the soul, which manages the growth of awareness through the physical plane for sentient beings. Every human being is part of a soul, or as it is stated more commonly, each human a soul. calls human beings fragments. According to Michael’s view of creation, an earthbound human is generally one of more than one hundred lives that a soul experiences on the physical plane. In the grand plan of regaining fallen awareness, souls help integrate the growing awareness. Michael’s conception of a soul is probably not the same thing as those who gave away their free will to begin The Fall, but it could be considered close. The entity that Paddy McMahon dealt with seems to equate the two. Virtually every piece of mystical material admits that reincarnation is a fact. The mystical branches of the Judeo-Christian religions, specifically the Rosicrucians, Sufis, and Cabbalists (the mystical branches of Christianity, Islam and Judaism) all taught reincarnation as a fact, while their orthodox counterparts denied it. On the other side of the veil, the closer a personality is to earthly life, the less it is aware of its soul, or other Earth lives its soul has lived. Although the heavily edited New Testament removed more than half of Jesus’s life, and probably many references to reincarnation, Jesus’s statement that John the Baptist was Elijah returned to human form has survived.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration


The earliest human writings evidenced ancient belief in the supernatural and in realms of existence beyond the physical plane. The and his otherworldly journeys circulated as oral histories for a millennium before being written in cuneiform on clay tablets. That epic influenced myths ever afterward, including Old Testament tales.

Those polarities can also be described as the paths of light and darkness, good and evil, etc. Whereas the path of light is committed to truth and love, the path of darkness is committed to deception and fear. Ra described further dimensions of existence that pursue those paths. It is a fascinating perspective that this essay cannot do justice to. It provides a framework to understand interactions between beings on this plane and beings in others, how humans evolve on the physical plane, and the soul's journey. Others have called the path of serving others the path of service-to-self through service-to-others. Ra said that the dark path leads to a dead end of sorts. The study of "that which is not" is valid, and many valuable lessons are learned along the way. As that path is progressed, higher levels of power and understanding are attained. Along the light path are constantly increasing levels of expansion and integration into creation. Along the dark path there are constantly increasing levels of concentration and withdrawal into one's perceived self. Along the light path there is an eventual reunification with the source of creation, the ultimate coming home. The source of creation is love, and that force created and sustains not only this universe, but also all of creation.

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