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Employers and society believe the media so the men get the job.

A more recent example, was 1994's , a documentary film that some critics considered the best film of the year, but whose release was limited to the so-called "art house" circuit. The film was also pretty much overlooked at the annual Academy Awards

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Again, lest there be any misunderstanding (or purposeful misinterpretation) on the point, it should be clear to any reasonable reader that this book is not suggesting that Hollywood is controlled by Jews (generally). That is a much too generalized statement to be accurate and suggests other connotations. Based on the published reports of numerous other observers of the Hollywood scene and the research involved, this book does contend that Hollywood is controlled by a small group of Jewish males, of European heritage, who, generally speaking are politically liberal and not very religious. At the very least, this means that Jewish women are generally excluded from this Hollywood control group, that Jewish males who do not have a European background are generally excluded and that non-Jews are also generally excluded, although white males who are politically liberal and not very religious have a better chance of at least being on the periphery of the Hollywood insiders' club than African-Americans, Hispanic/Latinos, Asian-Americans or any other non-Jewish members of American society.

Writers have the gift to blend the bias in with their work.

The media affects society’s perspective and values which, in turn, shape the law....

Although there appears to be a tendency for the so-called Hollywood insiders and others who have special knowledge and information about what is really going on in Hollywood to keep quiet, occasionally, someone does step forward to offer limited, but valuable criticism of the business side of the film industry and how that relates to the films that are available to be seen by mass audiences. An honor roll of some of those who have not been intimidated by the Hollywood power structure and who have come forward in recent years to write about their own perspective on the corruption in Hollywood should include Dan Moldea, Kenneth Anger, Pierce O'Donnell, Dennis McDougal, Steven Bach, William Cash, Steven Sills, David McClintick, Michael Medved and Terry Pristin. These are the few who have not kept quiet. Aside from the many quotes included in this book and attributed to such authors and others, the balance of the statements made are my own and represent my opinion only.

Courts often apply the "matters of public concern" balancing test to the expression of faculty members at public institutions to determine faculty free speech rights. , 391 U.S. 563, 568 (1968). Under Pickering and its progeny, courts first determine whether a professor is speaking on a matter of public concern and, if so, whether the professor's speech outweighs the state's interest in an efficient academic workplace. The "content, form, and context of a given statement" are examined by courts to determine whether a particular topic addresses a matter of public concern. , 461 U.S. 138, 147-48 (1983).

They simply write whatever words pop into their heads.

On the other hand, there are people who believe that media is not biased and just states facts.

Just Plain Mediocre to Bad Movies--All of the above concepts, so fervently nurtured by a film industry dominated by distributors (lowest common denominator movies, homogeneous films, exploitation fare, high concept movies and commercial product) inevitably leads, in many instances to just plain mediocre to bad movies. As noted at the beginning of this chapter, writer Ben Hecht stated in his 1954 memoirs that " . . . movies are one of the bad habits that corrupted our century . . . an eruption of trash that has lamed the American mind and retarded Americans from becoming a cultured people."

As a further illustration of the thinking of studio executives with regard to their priority of making films commercial, producer Buck Houghton wrote in a discussion relating to movie titles that " . . . the most commercial title of all is still unused and available: 'Sex and Violence'." Recognizing that the Houghton statement was offered partly for its humorous value, it is one of those jokes that is at least half true (i.e., many of the top level studio executives actually believe that sex and violence are the most commercial elements of feature films and that making money is the most important reason to make films). Thus, another result of the lack of diversity at the top in Hollywood is the emphasis on commercial appeal as opposed to artistic merit.

Therefore the media provides us with perceptions and social constructions about our world.
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Thesis Statement on Media Bias | Category: Entertainment

The following year (1955), director, screenwriter Clyde Bruckman ( suffered from alcoholism which " . . . lost him jobs on major movies . . . " On the other hand, Universal used some of his writing in his later years, but he had to sue for payment. As noted earlier, Bruckman, " . . . was awarded several million dollars in damages (but, the) . . . incident made it (even more) difficult for (him) . . . to find work . . . (i.e., he was effectively blacklisted). In 1955 he borrowed (Buster) Keaton's pistol 'for a little target practice.' He left a note to his wife . . . went into a phone booth on Santa Monica Boulevard . . . " and shot himself in the head. Katz reports, on the other hand, that Bruckman " . . . shot himself to death in the rest room of a Hollywood restaurant after a meal for which he could not pay."

thesis statement on media bias - …

After a series of clashes with company personnel at MGM, director Mauritz Stiller, " . . . was replaced by Fred Niblo. Stiller next moved over to Paramount, where he directed (1927), an impressive film . . . He subsequently directed for Paramount . . . Then Stiller began . . . But a quarrel with studio brass forced Stiller to quit the project in mid-production . . . Stiller, who by this time was showing the symptoms of a respiratory illness, left Hollywood, a broken man . . . he died (in 1948), at the age of 45."

percieved media bias thesis statement? | Yahoo Answers

The next year (1945), actress Lois Bernard jumped to her death on April 25. Actor James Gleason also died in a " . . . fall from a hotel window in 1945." Stuntwoman Mary Wiggins " . . . died instantly when she shot herself in her North Hollywood home on December 10, 1945." Actor Jose Elex Havier who appeared in , " . . . shot himself December 18, 1945." Finally, late in World War II, (December, 1945) actor Russell Gleason, who appeared in (1944), " . . . was billeted at New York's Hotel Sutton with other personnel of the Army Signal Corps Photo Center of the Astoria Studio. On Christmas Day, Sergeant Gleason plunged (to his death) from his fourth-floor room . . . "

How to Write a Good Thesis Statement - ThoughtCo

Katz goes on to report that the " . . . dual pressure of stardom and personal unhappiness affected her career. She began showing up late for work or not at all, was suspended a couple of times, and finally, in 1950, was fired from the MGM lot. Depressed and bewildered, she made her first suicide attempt. Others were to follow . . . The news Judy made in the late '50s involved lawsuits, counter-lawsuits, nervous breakdowns, suicide attempts, and recurrent breakups . . . sometime during the night of June 22, 1969, she stumbled in the bathroom of her London apartment. She was found in the morning . . . The official cororner's verdict attributed her death to an accidental overdose of sleeping pills . . . " The Sharon Tate massacre also occurred in 1969. The actress had appeared in several movies including (1967).

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