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Thesis Statement For The Movie Rudy

Jesus separates Lambs on His right from Goats on His left; still think celebrating Christmas is a good idea? Scapegoats have Red Painted Legs because Sheep are color blind and willingly follow the trained Scapegoat to Slaughter. Still think Santa in his Red Suit behind the Red Nosed Stag has anything to do with Jesus? Saturnalia is the Festival commemorating Saturn, El, Cronus and the Golden Age ending with the annual Dies Natalis Solis Invictus "Nativity of the Unconquered Sun". Sorry folks, the Wise Men arrived at the real Nativity Scene 1 1/2 years late in the Spring; your Priest and Pastor is lying to you. Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles in 6 BC. Christmas is the Nativity of the Sun.
The Summit is timed with World AIDS Day because Ritual Sodomy "Satan's Sex" is part of the Mystery School Initiations. Anus means "Ring"; this Initiation is the "One Ring to rule them all" in Tolkein's Middle Earth analogy; the Ring indicating the Sacred Marriage or Divine Union with Satan. In 1993 for World AIDS Day the Luxor Obelisk was covered in a Condom, a word meaning "Glove"; these "Gloves" carry the same meaning in Masonic Lodges as that of Pontius Pilate washing his hands saying "I am innocent of the blood of this just man, See ye to it". We will all answer to JESUS one day soon; why not read His Contract aka New Testament.
The Summit is timed with NATO's Emergency Mtg which could compel member nations to fight ISIS (Black Virgin or Throne of Antichrist), Turkey and all other NATO nations. Turkey is Pan-Islamist, Neo-Ottoman (330 Luciferian Mason Erdogan and PM Davutoglu). The attack on the Russian Jet in Syria is equivalent with the assassination of Arch-duke Ferdinand to start the pre-planned WWI. Erdogan's son Bilal shot the pilot in his parachute in Syria. Exactly how the Hell did Bilal Erdogan know where the crash site would be unless all of it was planned precisely by both sides?
Erdogan is a Sovereign Luciferian Grand Orient (Rising Sun) Lodge Mason. Putin is Russian Orthodox ie Eastern Orthodox or Rising Sun. They are 2 heads of the same Snake.
"We are the riders of the Pale Horse Death. God creates, we decide who lives and who dies. We do this for the good of the Earth" Barbara Marx Hubbard. Pale means Chloro or Ash or Pale Green; Scorched Earth is Satanic Religion; the goal is Death, not physical death but SPITITUAL Death of the Person; the removal of the Name from the Book of Life is meant here.
Make no mistake, people who reject JESUS as God, the Word and the Holy Ghost (1 Jn 5:7KJV) are called "Earth Dwellers" beginning in Rev 13; ISIS is Cybele in Turkey; the Cap of Cybele aka Yarmulke or Kippah is a replacement of the Temple Veil Jesus tore at the Crucifixion.
The Summit and its World Energy Council says "Today's unlikely weather events will be tomorrow's reality" (Zeus is a weather god); "Expect and prepare for regular, extreme weather events and power disruptions caused by Global Climate Change". The 1991 UN Earth Summit set the framework; participants (Ted Turner, Maurice Strong, Jacques Cousteau etc) called for the elimination of all but 1 Billion people. The Georgia Guide Stones call for all but 500Million. Pope Francis says the "The triumph of Science is realizing Earth's carrying capacity is under 1 Billion people".
Global El Nino? Come on folks, El Nino means "Little Boy", the name of the Atomic Bomb that used Plutonium. Pluto is the God of the Underworld who with Core (Persephone) plunges the world into "Dark Winter"; Disney's Pluto is a Blood Hound like the ones Conquistadores used; NASA's pictures of Pluto are identical because it is all Bullshit! Luciferian Mason J Robert Oppenheimer witnessed the creation of Plutonium saying "I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds"; that quote is from Shiva the goddess of destruction aka Core who stands in front of CERN (Cernunnos "Horned One"="Little Horn" or Antichrist). So the Paris Climate Change Summit in Paris (House of ISIS); NATO Emergency Mtg on ISIS (Black Virgin) and CERN's attempted creation of Black Matter (Big Bang, Strangelets, Star Gates, Gates of Hell etc) all coincide with Hanukkah 2015. Jesus was Crucified between 2 Thieves forming the 7 Branch Candlestick Moses built for the Temple; Hanukkah replaces that with 8 Branches surrounding the Star of Molech (El, Saturn, Chiun, Remphan, Sikkuth, Milcom) and the Light of Shamash. Did you know Israel has a US taxpayer built radiation hardened bunker called Project 911 at Beit Shamash for the arrival of Satan? Pardon me but why the Hell are you not in a personal relationship with JESUS?

The events throughout the movie, Rudy, directed by David Anspaugh, are no different.

The following year (1987), the film was " . . . far from hopeful about the future of London." The film presents " . . . the city as a bulwark of privilege against the homeless, a city in which racism is bad, but class divisions are worse and more harmful . . . " The film suggests that " . . . interracial love, once considered some kind of social breakthrough, is not going to change anything fundamental when all races are oppressed by the same economic system . . . " Also, in 1987, the movie makes the convincing argument that Chuck Berry " . . . was a crucial figure in the development of rock 'n' roll . . . " , another 1987 release, shows " . . . Aborigines in an uncertain relationship with white society in Australia . . . (and includes) . . . racist jokes from the white kids . . . "

Thesis Statement on An Essay on the movie Rudy …

In 1986, tried to teach the lesson that " . . . anything is possible, if only you have faith." That same year, provided " . . . a feeling for the society its characters inhabit. Modern Britain is a study in contrasts, between rich and poor, between upper and lower classes, between native British and the various immigrant groups . . . To this mixture, the movie adds the conflict between straight and gay." The film argues " . . . that you have a choice. You can accept your class, social position, race, sexuality, or prejudices as absolutes, and live entirely inside them . . . " or you can consider other possibilities. Also, in 1986, actress Daphne Zuniga " . . . reading unsuccessfully for a part in the hit movie , tried to convince star Tom Cruise to alter the script so his heroic young airman eventually questions his militaristic ways . . . " (i.e., she attempted to change the movie's message). If movies were merely entertainment, Zuniga would probably not have felt compelled to make such a request.

Also, that year, (1971) made the statement that "[m]ovies create our dreams as well as reflect them, and when we lose the movies we lose the dreams." Another 1971 offering, made the statement that " . . . children were the ones who suffered directly at the hands of class snobbism (in Britain) . . . and sometimes their personalities were marked for life." Finally, in 1971, was " . . . about the fierce love . . . " a father (Melvyn Douglas) and a son (Gene Hackman) have " . . . for each other, and about their inability to communicate that love, or very much of anything else . . . " The movie teaches the lesson that Hackman verbalizes in the movie: "Death ends a life. But it does not end a relationship."

Topic: Thesis Statement For The Movie Rudy – 894569

(1987) raised the question of " . . . whether TV news is becoming show business." (1987) was " . . . about the British spy establishment." The film uses the British spy apparatus as a way of dramatizing the class distinctions that still exist in Britain." The film ultimately says that for some of the British, not even " . . . security considerations . . . (are) as important as defending a network of privilege." In recent years, movies about or commenting on class warfare in Britain seem to be the predominant themes among statements being made by movies about the British, just as other common themes (discussed in the earlier chapters entitled "Patterns of Bias: Movies Mirror Their Makers", "More Bias in Motion Picture Biographies" and "Favored Themes and Motion Picture Propaganda") seem to be apparent in Hollywood movies about people, places and things in the U.S. and around the world.

The following movie messages are provided to support the contention that movies can and do offer a considerable amount of wisdom. In 1966, for example, Francois Truffaut's was a movie about the love of books in a futuristic time when the government forbids book ownership. The film's final scene shows " . . . human beings who have become books in order to preserve their contents in an age of book-burning." Roger Ebert reports that "[b]y the end of (1971), audiences had gained an appreciation of the aborigine culture, and had learned something about man's place in nature."

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Sep 23, 2017 · Thesis Statement For The Movie Rudy

One of the " . . . first pictures with a definite message about anti-Semitism (), made money. Since then there have been a whole cycle of pictures like ,and , with messages about the (so-called) Negro problem, and these have all been profitable. Contrary to expectations they have been O.K.'d for distribution and were successful in the South, in spite of its (supposedly) well-known resistance to pro-Negro themes." On the other hand, , , and , the major anti-Communist movies, have not been successful either at the box office or with the critics." According to, "[t]heir lack of success, which was contrary to all expectations, had nothing to do with their message but much to do with their poor quality: 'The public will buy message pix, but they gotta be good.'"

The movie Rudy, based on a true ..

In 1950, Powdermaker reported that "[y]ear after year, the list of top box-office hits indicates great diversity in audience tastes . . . " However, " . . . in spite of this demonstrated many-sided character of the taste of movie audiences, the industry continues to look for formulas, and to produce cycles of pictures dealing with the same theme . . . The industry attempts not only to use formulas for movie plots, but to use star actors as another formula for success, and to stereotype actors, those who play secondary roles as well as stars." The executives rationalize: "We give the public what it wants." That is the same thing Jack Valenti is so fond of saying into the '90s, (i.e., "The public votes with its pocketbook.") Unfortunately, neither statement is true.

Thesis Statement on An Essay on the movie Rudy about …

In addition, it is inconsistent to the extreme for spokespersons of the Hollywood establishment to claim that movies are "merely entertainment" and thus do not influence behavior, while at the same time allowing elements of the organized Jewish community the opportunity to influence the content of motion pictures based on the underlying assumption that movies do in fact influence behavior, particularly, when it comes to anti-Semitic attitudes, on which anti-Semitic behavior is based. (The numerous incidences of attempted and successful film censorship by segments of the Jewish community and designed to prevent negative or stereotypical portrayals which in turn may lead to discrimination are discussed in this book's earlier chapter entitled "Favored Themes and Motion Picture Propaganda" as well as the more detailed treatment of the same subject in this book's companion volume .)

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