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Heaven is the ultimate yang object.

carries part of the DynaComware collection. See also and . The latter link has these DynaComware fonts: DFBangShuStd-W8, DFBiaoKaiShuStd-W5, DFBiaoSongStd-W4, DFCaiDaiStd-W7, DFDouDouStd-W3, DFDouDouStd-W5, DFFangSongStd-W2, DFFangSongStd-W4, DFFangSongStd-W6, DFFangYuanStd-W7, DFGangBiStd-W2, DFGirlStd-W3, DFGirlStd-W5, DFGirlStd-W7, DFGuYinStd-W5, DFHaiBaoStd-W12, DFHaiBaoStd-W9, DFHeiStd-W12, DFHeiStd-W3, DFHeiStd-W5, DFHeiStd-W7, DFHeiStd-W9, DFHuaZongStd-W5, DFHuiZongStd-W5, DFJinWenStd-W3, DFKaiShuStd-W3, DFKaiShuStd-W5, DFKaiShuStd-W7, DFKaiShuStd-W9, DFKanTingLiuStd-W9, DFKangKaiStd-W5, DFKuoTaiBeiStd-W4, DFLiHeiStd-W3, DFLiHeiStd-W5, DFLiHeiStd-W7, DFLiKaiShuStd-W5, DFLiKingHeiStd-W8, DFLiShuStd-W3, DFLiShuStd-W5, DFLiShuStd-W7, DFLiSongStd-W3, DFLiSongStd-W5, DFLiSongStd-W7, DFLiYuanStd-W7, DFLiYuanStd-W8, DFLianLianStd-W2, DFLianLianStd-W4, DFLiuLiStd-W5, DFLiuLiStd-W7, DFLiuXianStd-W3, DFLiuYeStd-W3, DFLungMenStd-W9, DFMingStd-W12, DFMingStd-W3, DFMingStd-W5, DFMingStd-W7, DFMingStd-W9, DFMoStd-W9, DFNewChuanStd-W5, DFOYangXunStd-W5, DFPOP1Std-W5, DFPOP1Std-W7, DFPOP1Std-W9, DFPOP2Std-W9, DFPOP3Std-W12, DFPuDingStd-W12, DFPuDingStd-W7, DFShiYiStd-W5, DFSoZingStd-W3, DFSuMoStd-W12, DFTanKaiStd-W5, DFTanLiStd-W5, DFTanLiStd-W7, DFTieXianStd-W3, DFTongTongStd-W3, DFWZMingStd-W4, DFWaWaStd-W5, DFWaWaStd-W7, DFWeiBeiStd-W7, DFXingKaiStd-W5, DFXingShuStd-W5, DFYaYiStd-W6, DFYanKaiStd-W5, DFYanKaiStd-W7, DFYanKaiStd-W9, DFYeaSongStd-W9, DFYingHeiStd-W7, DFYuanStd-W12, DFYuanStd-W3, DFYuanStd-W5, DFYuanStd-W7, DFYuanStd-W8, DFYuanStd-W9, DFYuanYuanStd-W2, DFYuanYuanStd-W4, DFZongKaiStd-W7, DFZongYiStd-W5, DFZongYiStd-W7, DFZongYiStd-W9. [] []

Taoism takes the doctrine of yin and yang, and includes it in its own theory of change.

- born 1964: recipient of the Painting of the Year Competition top prize for arguable the best work among the winners over the years, this print-recycled ink work artistexpresses a deep concern for the accelerated development oftechnology.
- artist known for using food materials in her works, she participated in the show at Sculpture Square, and is showing at SENI Singapore 2004.
Annabelle Felise Aw - 2004 administrator for The Other House, trained in Visual Communications from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, pursued Art Management with LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts.
- sculptor who was once resident in Singapore and who taught Art here, now living in America.
- expressionistic portrait artist who showed at s at the SAM.
AnthonyHo Chuo Sai - Chinese calligraphy artist who practices the running script.
- 1945 - 2006: Cultural Medallion recipient painter and sculptor whocreates geometric clean graphic relief canvases with subtle transition of colorwhich may be seen as a variant of hardedge colorfield painting, known for his Waves series, smoker who succumbed to lung cancer.
- offers his view in the excerpt of the article Peanuts get Monkey as printed in Modern Painters.
- solo show at the Arts House in 2006.
- artist showed at 2003 and at Monsoonasia.
- born 1982: website: trained at NAFA, paints nude portraits and figurines of young women, makes installations, uses photographic medium, inspired by Chinese comic style.
- artist who creates comic illustrations as part of his style, one of the artists for Celebportraits.
- I = Am show at Utterly Art in 2006, shows with Janice Chin.
- born 1934 Hong Kong: raised in Singapore, eminent Ophthalmologist, passionate artist, prominent patron,with an exhibition at Heng Artland and Paris Opera Gallery, and whosebronze statue of a stands at National University of Singapore; has studio for visiting artists, large loan of art collection to NUS University Cultural Center.
Au Ping Seng - born 1943: Chinese painter.
Au Yeung Hing Yee - Singapore artist.
Ausaf-ur Rahman, Dr -

The numbers 7 and 8 represent "young" yang and yin, respectively.

Goh Chye Khee - born 1956: artist who has had aone-man show at the de Art Gallery in Singapore.
Goh Eck Kheng - born 1955: ceramist whose works of bowl shaped objects have a pitted heavier texture, and are simple and utilitarian, involved in the making of ceramics since 1990 at the Sam Mui Kuang Pottery in Singapore the old dragon kiln, now demolished.
- born 1962:one of the trio of , art researcher and artist inspired by the wisdom of Buddhist philosophy; works have a strong graphical element.
Goh Ee Choo - brings the artist the jury's award in the finals of the Asean Art Awards.
- website: artist who has Buddha as his subjects in his Chinese-painting and mixed media works and who staged the show .
- details on his show.
Goh Lye Kiat - born 1944: watercolorist.
Goh Siew Guan - born 1942: watercolorist.
Goh Siew Ngee, Jane - Nanyang Academy graduate who paints black and white street scenes in 2003.
Goh Sze-Hui, Tamares -participated in APEX in 2002.
GohYau Kee - Chinese calligraphy artist who practices the running script.
- figure renditions, some works have received acclaims from local artshows.
- artist whose works of lines and tiles show his reflective approachto daily and artistic considerations; .
Gover Jane - Bachelor Art Education, Newcastle CAE; Masters Fine Arts RMIT, installation, collaborative community-based artist, who explores issues of Motherhood and emotive elements, participated in the 1993 5th Passage show.
- born 1972: website: studied art, photography, and feminism at University of Southern California: intense debate as to whether she is the most extreme feminist performance artist in new media or just an adult actress who has retired into web design practice.
Grace Kwa Yi Ru - showed at theshow, and studio is p-14A.
Grace Tan - artist showed at 2003.

Heng Swee Kiang - known forFloat-Hung, an installation with bamboo strips, nylon string, and rice paperthat explores the internal space of a capsular bed that is similar to that of acoffin.
Heng Who Kiat - participated in Artists' Book Project 2004.
Heng Yew Seng - 2005 Curriculum Planning Officer at the Ministry of Education,1996 BA (Hons) Goldsmiths College, showed at the 2004 show, studio p-4B.
Herni Yanti binte Abdul Karim - Monash University Masters of Visual Arts graduate artist, recipient of 2004 NAC Overseas Bursary.
Hew Soon Hun, Ann - Goldsmith College graduate and National Instituteof Education graduate artist who participated in 7xi.
- artist who creates a whimsical exhibition at Utterly Art,who has completed an advance course in Visual Arts in Italy, and who is a memberof Artist Village.
- phD in Linguistics, oil painter captured by oil on canvas, and , a homage to the ordinary.
- Art History graduate of Nanyang University, one of the founder members of Modern Art Society, and an exponent of Modernism in the early days of Singapore Art through his action abstract paintings; he has been the President of the Federation of Art Societies.
Ho E Moi - printmaker and member of Printmaker Society.
- born 1937: NAFA 1956: realisticlandscape artist, works primarily in oil, previously the Parliamentary Secretary of the Arts, PAP MP, member of parliament from 1st to 8th assemblies, the principal of NAFA 1997-2002, his works of oil on canvas on local landscapes, bestowed a doctorate by the Wisconsin International University.
- painter and installation artist whose works deal with everyday objects, and the ideas of cleansing, sacrifice and renewal based on the Christian faith.
- born 1922: architect and pioneer artist whose works aim to achieve an 'impressionist' effect with 'human interest', known for his work
Ho See Kum - artist and art instructor and educator.
- an installation, multi-media and performance artist, one of the members of the team that created a site-specificinstallation at Blk 124 Kim Tian Place, member of WITAS.
- born 1976: artist explores the world of miniature spy cameras, narcissism,voyeurism, and formation of external mental models in , and is studying Creative Arts in Australia in 2002; produced a work on suicides in 2003; film-maker, writer, curator; takes part in Sao Paolo Biennale 2004, shows the Bohemian Rhapsody at Singapore Biennale 2006.
- shows Sang Nila Utama at Sao Paulo Biennele in 2004.
Ho Yee Ping - born 1934: scenery watercolorist, founder member of the Singapore Watercolor Society.
- born 1936: (Educational Psychology) Nanyang University, oil on canvas, Chinese ink painter.
- born 1967: Young Artistaward recipient mathematician-trained artist whose Chinese ink drawing-paintings employ strong play on classical perspective andline weights to create provocative architectural spaces, and who has exhibitedat Sao Paulo Biennale; works and were executed in Chinese ink.
Hou Hsi Ching - 1915 - 1996: born China, Chinese ink painter, participated in exhibitions in London, Moscow, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo, solo show at the Singapore National Museum Art Gallery in 1987.
- born 1955 Shanghai: monochromatic, sparse abstract works on Chinese paper, sometimessprinkled with Chinese calligraphy characters, winner of the Painting of theYear Competition, represented by Plum Blossoms.
Huang Fong, aka Oei Ping Liang, aka Angin Kuning - born 1936 Genteng, Banyuwangi: one of the generation of painters of indigenous subjects and scenery, at least 10 solo shows.
HuangPao Fang - Chinese brush artist whose flower and stones are characterized byexpressive and forceful brushworks and an individualistic rough and loose style.
HuiYuet Heung - Chinese ink painting artist who graduated from the Nanyang Academyof Fine Arts.

- participates in the Fullerton Hotel show Pigments and Metaphors.
- Enigmatic Appearances.
Idris Bin Mohd Ali -artist who has participated in several local art shows.
Idris Mohd Ali - watercolorist-illustrator with landscape themes.

Chawla, Jie Tang, Yang Yang, and Yang Yang.

The numbers 6 and 9, in turn, represent "old" yin and yang, respectively, and are called "changing lines." This illustrates an important aspect of the theory of yin and yang: Because the "Way of the Tao is Return," yin and yang, when they reach their extremes, actually their opposites.

- digital andanimation artist.
- well-traveled artist and recipient of a Shaffer Fellowship at Syracuse University where he trained in the Master of Fine Arts Printmaking program, creates at Esplanade, showed at Utterly Art.
- born 1983: NAFA 2004, showed at Chope-a-seat.
John Bullock - British educator and painter who was resident and active in Singapore during 1959-1963.
- Singaporean artist who employs photographic methods in his ouvre; he is based in New York.
- his show at Jendala in 2004.
- abstract artist who was active in the eighties in Singapore, featured in Singapore Artists Speak.
- works with installation and photography, pursuing a PhD in Art in Curtin in 2003; a lecturer at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.
- phD, main research field is the origin and development of visual representation and expression in early childhood, professor visual and performing arts at NIE.
John Tan - aceramist trained in art education.
John Tan Chor Yong - born 1933: NAFA alumni, and a trained lawyer whose students include Tommy Koh and Jayakumar, has held solo visual arts shows, and is primarily a jewelry designer currently.
- co-founder member of Modern Art Society in 1964.
- born 1941 Singapore: resident in Malaysia, painter and art educator whose color abstract works are displayed at the basement Ballroom foyer of Fullerton Hotel, represented by Shenns, trained at Hornsey College of Art, attended University of London, and Indiana University.
- website: multi-media artist who draws inspiration from architectural and dynamic natural systems, known for work .
Jonathan Chan - RMIT Masters of Fine Art, participates in in 2003.
Jonathan Yip - artist.
- born 1971: controversial performance artist who, at age 22, whipped tofu and snipped off his pubic hair in a show of artistic comment on the caning of homosexuals by the Singapore authority, reporting of the landmark performance on 1993 Dec 31,1994 New Year's Day, ironically, now reviewed by the authorities to be a prodigal son - talented nonetheless and able to contribute to the drive to make Singapore an art hub,
Josephjne Chang Min Li - graduate of the Camberwell College of theArts, who creates works based on religious icons.
Joshua Yang - born Malaysia: majored painting and drawing at University of Huddersfield and Masters in Fine Arts at LaSalle, Singapore-trained civil engineer, works explore objects at the verge of obsolescence.

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Encarnacion and Hyunho Yang) pp.4997-5002.

7. Li R, Liang J, Ni S, Zhou T, Qing X, Li H, He W, Chen J, Li F, Zhuang Q, Qin B, Xu J, Li W, Yang J, Gan Y, Qin D, Feng S, Song H, Yang D, Zhang B, Zeng L, Lai L, Esteban MA, Pei D. 2010. Cell Stem Cell. 7:51-63.

Sasi and Hyunho Yang) pp.5897-5902.

In 1960 she married the painter and sculptor William Turnbull, settling in London.
- born 1943: website: realistic watercolorist of local scenes; Chinese ink calligrapher; Nanyang style, art teacher; father of Kng Mian Tze, one-man show in 2003.
- website: (& 5 artists) received the Emerging Artists Fund for his first solo show in 2002, trained at La Salle, arts administrator at the Esplanade in 2003, oil painter with expressive renditions of flowers, known for her whimsical and humorous work of the fish painted on the wall of a hotel room, where the room becomes the tank, the daughter of Kng Choon Seng.
- NAFA 1958, oil painter with scenes of landscapes andrural scenery, 2002 show is , past president of the Equator Art Society and NAFA Alumni.
- born 1969: self-taught painter indulging in themes of prostitution in his works, travels widely across Asia, resided in China for a year.
Koh Mun Hong - Chinese painting realistic painting artist who held show at Min Heart Art in 2003 and an art resource panelist to the NAC in 2003.
- artist and researcher; former leader of Artist's Village, researcher for Fukuoka Art Museum, one of the group Nomadic Eyes Collective.
- group shows at Utterly Art in 2003.
Koh Tong Leong - watercolorist, founder member of the Singapore Watercolor Society.
Koh Xueting - NAFA trained 2004, works on his fantasies series.
Kok Zhou Dao - recipient of an award for creativity for the student category of the 2nd Singapore CDL Sculpture Competition 2005 with his layering of cut-out colored acrylic sheets sculpture installation proposal.
KongLai Ming - artist who creates interesting works, for one black and white workthat depicts thumbprints and barcodes.
- LaSalle trained artist who showed at .
- website: trained Brigham Young University Bachelor of Arts, installation artist and sculptor, works with ceramics and lanterns.
Krishnan s/o Kuruppiah - an Indian artist was resident in Malaysia for many years before working in Singapore in 2003, he uses pen and pigments to render curvaceous forms.
Kua Cheow Koon - member of Sculpture Society.
- NAFA 1960: expansive abstractpaintings that take inspiration from the Chinese culture of simplicity andserenity.
Kuet Ee Foo - photo-artist with show in 2002.
- architect-artist who exhibits with Urban Artists and Lost City, MASS member, Atelier Oasis architect, has twin brother.
Kum Chee Kiong - architect-artist who produces sculptural installations.
- born 1953 Malaysia: print-maker and installation artist who has been amember of the Wetterling Teo and Art Forum stable of artists, and who has participated in theopening of the Esplanade Visual Arts Festival.
- born 1919 Beijing - 2003: Masters degree in Fine Arts Seton Hall University, doctorate New York University: painter resided in Singapore in the 90s, Hsieh-I style of Chinese ink painting, which emphasizes expressive calligraphic brush technique and subjective feeling, best-known for his cat painting; exhibited in Singapore in the 1960s under the patronage of Lee Kong Chian, Kwo donated some paintings to the NUS Museum before his demise.
- watercolorist and art director, NAFA Alumni.
Lai Chee Kian - showed in .
Lai Kok Sen - trained NTU School of Computer Engineering with a major in Advance Computer Graphics, 2004 research engineer with NTU at the Centre for Graphics And Imaging Technology saw his research on a new animation technique being showcased in the College of Engineering Week held at NTU.
- born 1936 Malaysia: website: Singapore citizen and French-trained realistic painter of portraits andsculptor who is a popular society portrait artist, and who has painted the work , has been the subject of commentary in the press.
Lai Sen Fong - showed at the SAS 2005 show.
- shows at the Untitled Gallery in 2005 with Jeffrey Ho Kiat.
Lam Hoi Lit, aka Lin Kai Lie, aka Kai Lam,

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