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This thesis comprises a study on the weathering of untreated, i.e.

Hello Sir as an alumus of University of Alaska Fairbanks I could give you a good lead on the direction and personalities involved in so-called genuine research in this field. My ex-wife was working on the Beringia Project along with numerous peers and mentors as a grad student at UAF in the early 90s. I am certain that she would be of invaluable assistance to you on this project. Reply to my email and I will put you in touch with her and also provide a list of professors whose research might be useful. I myself was a linguist so only who I know is of use. Btw good thoughts good words good deeds I wish them for you and your full recovery and absence of migraines.

In his 1946 book , Hibben elaborated on his catastrophist theme, telling us how astounded he was:

Hi, We met briefly on an elevator at the CPAK Conference in California three years ago. I asked if you knew of any megalithic monuments in North America. You explained that the mounds are the North American mega monuments.
There has been a discovery of Megalithic constructions, dolmans, and other constructions that appear to have astronomical alignments. That site is south of Helena, Montana. Also in Montana, there is a site of ringing rocks – a great pile of them. Michael Tellinger has discussed rocks that ring like bells. There is a woman who runs visits to these sites. The location of which appears to be quite a secret. Here is the link: to her images and contact information.
I have a 30 year history of doing past life readings and have begun past life readings of places. It was a spontaneous discovery that began at Avebury. However, I have begun doing those past life readings of places at ancient sites in the US. A few articles have been published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. I just wanted to fill you in on the megalith’s existence. My personal goal is to not only do the readings of place, but to find megalithic sites in the US. If megalithic sites exists all over the world, then they must exist here in the US. It appears they do. My thought is that they must be located generally in the US or along non-glacial regions. However, knowing how those ancient gods built some megalithic sites after the 9700 BC event, I am sure we will discover them. I do not know if this will help with your research on extinctions in Alaska, but it is a new discovery in the western US. Kind Regards, Susan Sampson

Color changes in wood boards during weathering.

This is a very good and well-researched paper and am fully immersed in it. Thank you. But I cannot yet wrap my head around the author’s argument that the mammoths suddenly died not 10K years ago around the time of the Younger-Dryas, but a mere 3,000 yrs ago, the end of the Hypsithermal. It seems way too recent. But I’m reading on.

Most of us are also probably aware that similar claims have been made for Alaska; however, the evidence there has received less attention.
Spanish English translator

Good luck tracking down the Alaska muck!

Identified mines (I selected Fairbanks as an example but that may not be the right region)
Overlay “260,000” active and abandoned mines on Google Earth, of which 12,000 are in Alaska
Mining atlas
Google map of the NW corner of Fairbanks, where many of those mining indicators are at,

I would expect the scars left from those mining strips in the 1930s-40s are still there (were they trying to cut across all the washes to find the gold seam then when found they follow along the wash?). Google Earth may help with that search. Once you locate a few of those cuts it seems like visual inspection and film could reveal a lot. When you can look at details of cars parked at a house on Google maps, you might get a lot of views of similarly sized mammoth piles from your armchair.

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Keep on with the good work!Marcel

The Oregon Coast has the world’s third-largest free-standing monolith: Cannon Beach’s “Haystack Rock.” Lovely tide pools of starfish, etc. it’s a bird sanctuary, since so many seabirds nest there. How pleasant, for a holiday.

Wood Weathering from a Service Life Perspective - BIBSYS

In addition, you’re simply a fine writer. Engaging, intellectually honest, interesting. Every new book is a revelation and a joy. Each opens up vast fields of new knowledge, and further questions, for me to explore.

This thesis comprises a study on the weathering of untreated, i.e

Your books are superb, each and every one. Your research is incredible, in part because it is so thorough, but also because you seem to go into things without a fixed mind set. This is a great example to us all. I’m grateful every day for what you have taught me about principles such as that, through the way you live your life and do your work.

Color changes in wood boards during weathering.

Perhaps to far astray, but might help anyway. I find your comet impact theory to be spot on and noticed that the distance in time between the two cataclysms you cite is roughly an astrological decan. I’ve never thought decans had a good reason to be noticed, but perhaps periodic run-ins with large debris would be a reason. Narrowing down the window of time might help find other occurrences of a smaller size.

wood, conservation, accelerated weathering, ultraviolet, NPS.

Two celestial impacts caused the disappearance of the last advanced civilization not one. The impact that destroyed the great ice sheet over Canada & North America was one. But..Puma Punku lies at an altitude of 2.3 miles above sea level. It has monolithic stones weighing hundreds of tons. A cataclysm occurred displacing these blocks. Air can’t move those blocks but water can. A cosmic impact occurred in the ocean large enough to create a wave 2.5+ miles high to impact Puma Puntu to displace those stones. The mere melting of the former ice ages ice sheet would not raise water that high.

Wood Modification Effects on Weathering of ..

Mr. Hancock, I have found what I believe to be the impact site that ended the last Ice Age. The crater itself, measures a little under 300 miles across. It is accompanied by other smaller craters in and around it. Currently, there is no study on hydrological effects on fresh impact craters other than my own. I am visiting the site within this month. May I have a direct way to contact you once my findings are secured and my experiments fully conducted? I will be starting a website fully dedicated to my work and I wish to share with you and brother Carlson first.

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