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Thesis On Drought Tolerance In Rice

Most of these soils have optimum conditions for crop production, including low population density, excellent physical conditions, and a favorable climate (Van Wambeke, 1976)....

Crop Reporting Service Punjab. 2015. The district-wise rice estimates for 2013-14. Available at:

Beside the wives of poorer rice farmers, transplanting and weeding still employ women who come from the less well-off neighborhoods of towns or from the livestock-raising districts in the Caspian mountains. Under contract for from six to eight weeks, these female hands (kerečī) are—like the men hired to plow—given room, board, fixed amounts of rice as well as money, and, sometimes, a measure of cloth to replace the clothes ruined by the dirty, toilsome work. Reaping calls for much less outside labor, since men and women work together.

the consumptive use of the crops.

Hillel (Ed) Optimizing the soil physical environment toward greatercrop yields.

The agrofoest survey in Pohnpei was completed and the results reported back to the community. A graduate student was hired to initiate research work address objectives 1 to modify the CropManage N uptake algorithm and crop managements for Hawaii grown lettuce and cabbage and 2 evaluate the effectiveness of the soil nitrate quick test SQNT and N uptake models as tools to improve N fertilizer application guidelines.

Aloun Farms on Oahu was recruited as the nutrient data collection site to begin building biomass, root growth, N uptake, and canopy algorithms required to model crop thesis and nitrogen use.

Thesis on crop harvesting tools ..

Hillel (Ed) Optimizing the Soil Physical Environment toward greatercrop yields.

Even if anincrease of 50% is achieved, the barriered sand soil will thus have a capacityto hold water equal to that of loam soils.A marked increase in yield of various vegetable crops grown onbarriered soils has also been reported (Erickson et al.


The significant increase in crop yields for cucumber andcabbage, being 30-40% due to the presence of the barrier, was hardly noticeablein the case of potatoes and beans because of less favourable rainfalldistribution or irrigation frequency, although a 38 mm (18%) saving ofirrigation water was achieved by using an asphalt barrier.The asphalt barrier was also tried for rice cropping on sandysoils in Taiwan (Erickson et al.

It is also known that some ions are more toxic than others tocertain crops.
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Research papers on rice crop - Web Design in St

Rotation with nonhost crops is an important practice used for root-knot nematode (RKN) management. Screenhouse experiments were conducted to evaluate the response infection of 27 cultivars belonging to 14 crops (blackgram, cabbage, cauliflower, chickpea, cowpea, garlic, ginger, greengram, groundnut, maize, potato, sesame, soybean, sunflower), which are grown in rotation with rice in lowland and upland rice-based ecosystems, to the RKN Meloidogyne graminicola. Root galling indices observed on all crop rotation cultivars were significantly lower compared with the rice cv. Thihtatyin, used as positive control. Differences in host response to M. graminicola infection were observed between cultivars. All 27 cultivars were poor or non-hosts of M. graminicola, except cv. Yezin 4 of chickpea considered as good host. No significant differences in plant growth were observed between non-inoculated and inoculated plants of all plant/species cultivars, with the exception of a reduction in root length in the chickpea cv. Yezin 4 (good host) and the garlic cv. Shan (poor host). Rotation crops identified as poor or non-hosts of M. graminicola could be useful in the management of RKN in rice-based cropping systems.

Thesis On Drought Tolerance In Rice - 407587 - Mihi

This study was supported by a Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR-UOS) Ph.D. scholarship to P.P. Win. The authors express appreciation to the Plant Protection Division (Yangon) and the Hmawbi Rice Research Centre, Department of Agricultural Research (DAR), Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Myanmar, for the facilities and assistance in conducting the experiments.

Crop production, especially rice, ..

Herbicide-resistant rice cultivars allow selective weed control. A glufosinate indica rice has been developed locally. However, there is concern about weedy rice becoming herbicide resistant through gene flow. Therefore, assessment of gene flow from indica rice cultivars to weedy rice is crucial in Tropical America. A field trial mimicking crop–weed growing patterns was established to assess the rate of hybridization between a Costa Rican glufosinate-resistant rice line (PPT-R) and 58 weedy rice accessions belonging to six weedy rice morphotypes. The effects of overlapping anthesis, morphotype, weedy accession/PPT-R percentage, and the particular weedy accession on hybridization rates were evaluated. Weedy rice accessions with short overlapping anthesis (4–9 days) had lower average hybridization rates (0.1%) than long anthesis overlapping (10–14 days) accessions (0.3%). Hybridization also varied according to weedy rice morphotype and accession. Sativa-like morphotypes (WM-020, WM-120) hybridized more readily than intermediate (WM-023, WM-073, WM-121) and rufipogon-like (WM-329) morphotypes. No hybrids were identified in 11 of the 58 accessions analyzed, 21 accessions had hybridization rates from 0.01% to 0.09%, 21 had rates from 0.1% to 0.9%, and 5 had frequencies from 1% to 2.3%. Another field trial was established to compare the weedy rice-PPT-R F1 hybrids with their parental lines under noncompetitive conditions. F1 hybrids had a greater phenotypic variation. They had positive heterosis for vegetative trait and reproductive potential (number of spikelets and panicle length) traits, but negative heterosis for seed set. This study demonstrated the complexity of factors affecting hybridization rates in Tropical America and suggested that the phenotype of F1 hybrids facilitate their identification in the rice fields.

Host status of rotation crops in Asian rice-based …

History. Information establishing the precise era in which rice was introduced along the Caspian littoral and on the Iranian plateau does not exist; however, there is circumstantial evidence for hypothesizing that rice was, to use Wulff’s phrase (p. 242), a “relative new­comer” not widely grown before the Islamic period. Laufer (pp. 372-73) supported this hypothesis with the following arguments: (a) There is no word for rice in the Avesta; (b) Greek authors, in particular Aristobulus who accompanied Alexander and was quoted by Strabo (VII, p. 29), wrote about rice cultivation in Babylonia, Susiana, and Bactria but not on the plateau or in the

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