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A fluid is a subset of the states of matter, consisting of liquids, gases and plasmas. They have common properties that are distinct from solids. Fluids do not have a specific shape as do solids. Instead, fluids take the shape of their containers. They also will pour when under the influence of a force such as gravity.

Any other use requiresprior permission of the author and the American Institute of Physics.

Since the inception of the Institute in 1960, the Department of Physics has been extremely active and has, over the years, established itself as one of the premier Science departments at an international level.


One element of the Muon Spectrometer are the Resitsive Plate Chambers.

This is a 5 page paper that provides an overview of magnetism. Technological applications of the physics insights are examined. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

ACCELERATES has been featured in the Intel Case Study “University of Lisbon: High-Performance Plasma Physics”. Intel highlighted epp’s new capacity of preparing large-scale Particle-In-Cell simulations (PIC) to be run on the largest super-computers in the world, as well as the opportunity given to students to access more HPC resources and gain experience in developing more complicated projects. The Intel Case Study is available .


A 9 page research paper that describes the physics of singing. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

In this research, ionized boron carbide is used as the current choice ionic plasma. A powerful electric pulse must be generated to ionize and inject the sample into a cylindrical Malmberg-Penning trap, the goal being to approach the Brillouin density limit. Utilizing inductors and capacitors, a pulse forming network (PFN) was designed and made to provide a longer pulse to generate sufficient plasma. After further development of the PFN and insertion into the trap, the anticipated electrical behavior did not match the actual resulting waveform. The system and the PFN are being studied and will be modified to obtain correct functionality.

An 8 page paper discussing some of the laws of physics that apply specifically to gases. One of the three states of matter, gases share many similarities with liquids in that they are free-flowing and can be compressed. However, gases have much lower density and so are subject to laws not applicable to liquids. The paper discusses contributors to the ideal gas law and the kinetic theory of gases. There are many other contributors to today�s existing laws of physics as they apply to gases, including Bernoulli, John Dalton, Michael Farady and Thomas Graham, to name only a few. Today�s laws truly have evolved over the course of centuries, rather than decades. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

The 2013 EPS Plasma Physics Division PhD Research Awards were awarded to
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The cymbal exhibits many interesting acoustic features as a percussive plate instrument. Experiments were conducted using a Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer (SLDV) in order to obtain frequency information about a driven cymbal. From the SLDV data, animations of the motion of the cymbal are made. Further scans showed the existence of sub-harmonics present in the resonance frequencies of the cymbal. A series of scans confirmed the appearance of sub-harmonics dependent on amplitude of driving voltage of the shaker connected to the cymbal.


Nanostructured solar cells seek to surpass the present standards of efficiency and affordability in solar energy. The protein ferritin—a 12 nm diameter hollow sphere—serves as a unique template for synthesizing nanoscale solar energy materials. It allows for controlled and uniform nanocrystal synthesis, protection against photo-corrosion, and the ability to be manipulated into ordered arrays. In this thesis, I present a method of tuning the band gap of these encapsulated nanocrystals over a range of 1.60-2.38 eV by controlling their size and chemical composition during synthesis. Band gaps are measured using optical absorption spectroscopy to test the effects of these tunable parameters. Using just these materials, calculations indicate that the maximum solar energy conversion efficiencies under average sunlight could reach a high value of 38.0%. The addition of a material with a band gap similar to silicon (1.12 eV) would raise this maximum efficiency to 51.3%.


The Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope (KELT) program is exactly what the name suggests a small telescope that observes a large field of view. Operating since 2005 KELT has been gathering data on thousands of stars with the purpose of discovering transiting planets. KELT generally observes stars with magnitudes of approximately 10 and looks for variations in flux. The KELT team catalogs all candidates for transiting stars. Since there are many possible causes for drop in flux it is necessary to make follow-up observations on exoplanet candidates. Using information from the KELT catalog we decided on several possible target stars. Observations of the stars were done to gain more data to analyze. Using the newly gathered data we created light curves for each star. We also analyze this data to determine the cause of the drop in flux. We explain how to do this process in a way to allow others to continue this work.


A 10 page paper discussing the hardware and physics of MRI. The originator of the technology faced ridicule for his pursuit of the �impossible.� MRI is the medical manifestation of the superconductor in practical application. It has the potential of negating the relevance of all �exploratory� surgery, and in fact has made strides to that end. MRI allows full and clear view of all tissues of the body. MRI provides skeletal views as well if that is what is pursued, but it is much more often used to assess the conditions of internal soft tissues. It is a diagnostic tool that is without peer, and it is fully based on the physics of the superconductor. The paper includes three diagrams. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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