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"Rex Research -- The Civilization Kit"

Her husband Prince Philip wants to be reincarnated as “Killer Virus” to rid the world of “Useless Eaters”. Phillip chairs the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire; WHO Director Margaret Chan is an Officer of the British Empire; her #1 concern is MERS-CoV.

What to do when you feel depressed by Michelle Davis - …
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» ~ Closed vertical growth system produces algae biofuel, 100,000 gal/year/acre

» ~ English translation of a rare text: Experimental Evidence, Explanation, & Theory ( 1982 ).

Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) | US Army War College

Zelenay, A class of nonprecious metal composite catalysts for fuel cells, Nature, 443, 2006, 63 – 66.[8] W.
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The combustion of a homogeneous air/fuel mixture in the cylinder of a diesel engine is very efficient way to do this, where the concept is called "Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) ."The purpose of this paper is to study on different fuel injection and combustion performances in addition to the engine operating zone for HCCI engines with alternative fuels.

Results show that no loss of information and improved security.

Key words: Cryptography, Pextral Coding, Cellular Automata, ASCII Image, Authentication, Visual Cryptography.

[1] Shyamalendu Kandar, "K-N Secret Sharing Visual Cryptography Scheme for Color Image Using Random Number", International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, Vol.

Speakers for DEFCON 16 - DEF CON® Hacking …

Hayase, A method for decreasing ethanol crossover for direct ethanol fuel cells, Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, 38, 2008, 371-375.
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Allen, Seong Hyok Kim, Xiaosong Wu ,"Portable Pneumatically Actuated Refreshable Braille Cell‟, The 14th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems, Lyon, France, pp.

This work leads way to identify the injection flow behavior and the hypersonic combustion nature of various fuels with comparison of different parameters.

NiCoFe (NCF), NiCo (NC), and NiFe (NF) are group of the nonnoble metals electrode catalyst for alkaline fuel cell.
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DEF CON Computer Underground Hackers Convention Speaker Page.

Mar 3 NATO Dep Com British Gen Adrian Bradshaw invoking Art 5 Ru The Putin claim is refutted in a biography by Stanislov Belkovsky "Putin" claiming "Putin is Gay...Sex and a sex life are alien to Putin, he prefers animals over humans"; one way or the other, "Basest of Men" seems to fit Trump and Putin to a T. Putin wearing the Upside Down 5 Pt Star "Baphomet" aka "Sabbath Goat or "Goat of Mendes" aka "Saturn". Why now? WWIII will pit North Korea against South Korea at the 38th parallel "DMZ" created by the US (Dean Rusk, Charles Bonesteel) for the Koream War "Armistice" (Temporray cessation of hostilities. US installed dictator Kim Il Sun's pedophile grandson Kim Jong Un in the news again as is US-South Korea Military Exercises "Foal Eagle" and "Key Resolve"; you may recall anti-submarine ship ROK Cheonan was sank in the Yellow Sea during the same exercises in 2010 by a US Sub and US made Super Cavitating Toerpedo in order to lay blame on North Korea whose subs are noisy WWII era Diesels. WWIII is one False Flag event away.

Deng was born Deng Wenge meaning "Cultrural Revolution", read Marxist Cultural Revolution of Chairman Mao Tse Tung whom (Jeff Sessions, Dan Coats, Mike Pence, Ben Carson, Betsy DeVoss) whose leader Doug Coe says "The people who understood the message of the New Testament best were Mao Tse Tung, Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler and Pol Pot" WWIII is planned to exhaust the world morally, economically and physically; 500M dead under these Beasts is Chump Change to the planned population reduction of 6 Billion (Georgia Guidestones; Pope Francis' Laudato Si). Jesus said unless He shortened "Those Days" no flesh would remain. Sikh (Monotheist Universal Brotherhood; JESUS is Father, Son, Holy Ghost and Word) mind controlled UN Ambassador Nikki Haley calling for Russia sanctions over Syria; note she wears the same inverted star Vlad Putin wears. Haley was compromised with the Charleston SC "Shooting Hoax"; she specifically used the words "Peace and Safety"; buzzwords Paul warned about "For when they say Peace and Safety, sudden destruction shall come upon them as travail upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape" 1 Thess 5:3
nearly killing US ground troops who are not authorized to be there.
(aka Amurru) Syria; the Arch of ISIS in Palmyra under which children were passed through the fire to Molech by their parents as part of the Saturnian Initiation condemned in the bible was re-created and installed in New York City Civic Park and Trafalgar Square London. Amurru is the source name of America meaning "Serpent"; Amurru is the Shepherd god of the Edomites and Amorites.
Pat Downs and Full Body Image Scanners were mandated after the "Christmas Bomber" Farouk Abdulmutallib (son of Nigerian Def Minister) traveled from Nigeria to Yemen to Amsterdam (Israeli Security Full Body Scanners marketed by Michael Chertoff and Dame of Malta Janet Napolitano were already in position at Schipol Airport ready for deployment) to Detroit without a Passport. Muhammad's uncle Abdel Mutallib shares the name of Abdulmiutallib who attempted to light C-4 in his underwear; one cannot light C-4; it requires an Initiator. Just another Bull Shit story on par with the TATP (Tri-Acetone Tri-Peroxide) Bomber who tried to mix a bomb in the British Airways Lavatory, an impossible task, or "Shoe Bomber" Richard Reid attempting to light C-4 in his shoe or MH-17, the cancelled Malaysian B-777 which crashed in Ukraine with the wrong tail number. Time to wake up folks! I can't wait for the Aliens to arrive; Malaysian Liar M Othman will greet the Aliiens on behalf of the UN as "US Space Alien Ambassador"; just hope nobldy catches on to the name sharing with Mothman Prophecy or Othman 1, the founder of the Ottoman Empire eh?

Retraction Watch - Tracking retractions as a window …

Within the scope of this joint venture, ZECI, EDF and Off Grid Electric will install and maintain solar kits for rural and peri-urban households1. These individual kits include solar panels, which are easy to install, along with batteries for storing energy. Payment can be made through the simple use of a mobile phone. Customers will therefore have access to lighting and will be able to power a suite of energy-efficient household appliances including television sets, radios, fans and mobile phone chargers.
Rolling out this initiative in West Africa will create thousands of new sustainable jobs (over 1000 jobs in Ivory Coast alone), from sales managers to call-centre employees, who will benefit from Off Grid Electric and EDF in-house training. Giving customers the option to use a renewable energy source like solar energy also benefits the environment by replacing candles, paraffin, and kerosene.
"We're thrilled to partner with EDF, an industry leader whose presence in Africa, combined with its experience, will enable us to grow Off Grid Electric's footprint across the continent," said Bill Lenihan, President and CFO, Off Grid Electric. "Access to reliable energy is a challenge throughout Africa and our partnership with EDF will help us to meet this challenge. Through energy independence, we hope to see households and communities seize new opportunities."
"Off Grid Electric is the perfect partner for EDF, with its excellent knowledge of the African continent and a proven track record of providing innovative and competitive solar solutions," said Simone Rossi, EDF Group Senior Executive Vice President, International Division.
He also stressed that "EDF is delighted to partner with Off Grid Electric, thus enabling the latter to benefit from the Group's extensive expertise in the area of customer relations. This will be an opportunity for us to share the experience we have gathered from supplying energy to more than 30 million customers worldwide, to the advantage of new customers in West Africa."

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