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depression | The Thesis Whisperer

ScienceNordic has reported on the findings from , which studied the effect of mindfulness on cancer patients, who often become anxious and depressed – even after the cancer treatment is actually completed.

Seasons had a lot to do with what some people ate during the depression.

Very interesting and informative podcast. I found the impacts of the depression on Canada's banking system particularly interesting. Can you recommend further reading on this subject?

I Hate My Thesis: Thesis-induced Depression

I'm glad you and Dr. Rustici started the talk on how easily people try to disregard SH as one of the many causes of the GD. Far to often is the notion that a Government policy could wreck the economy discounted with no actual look at the evidence, merely because it doesn't fit a priori views. In this case, that Government intervention is a "good thing." This is my main problem with Keynesian economics. Keynes had some good ideas and some really crappy ones. I view his "General Theory," as his absolute worst work. Paradox of thrift is one of the worst ideas, second only to the magik of G.
Smoot-Hawley flies in the face of the "Government is good" meme, so it's no wonder why mainstream Keynesians stick their head in the sand and dismiss any such argument that SH was a major contributor.
The big flaw I find in their reasoning is the notion of Animal Spirits. Keynes never goes into the cause of recession, another big flaw in his theory, instead laying all at the feet of irrational people ie Animal Spirits. Why don't they want to find out what spooked those spirits in the first place? As I see it, SH as a major cause of the Depression fits in quite nicely in the Keynesian framework of Animal Spirits.
People saw a major piece of legislation coming down the pipes and reacted to it, which is Rustici's thesis.
Now why do they still disregard "SH as a cause" analysis, because they'd have to admit that G isn't always benevolent. That G can be on net negative. I think for some, that's just to hard, it's much easier to ignore SH and therefore ignore the possibility that G can be bad. Then they can go about their merry way advocating more government spending as a solution to all life's problems. Unicorns and Pixies dust I say to that.

We know today that many actions taken by the Fed—as well as the Hoover Administration—turned out to be injurious to the economy and perpetuated the depression. However, it is not fair to say they did not have a valid rationale for this decision; we were on the gold standard, just like all other Western nations at the time (though Britain came off in that very same year). The Fed had to make a choice, and they made it; it saved the gold reserves, but at a terrible economic cost to commerce.

Thesis Statement on great depression | Category: History

The second study, also involving Professor Hougaard, was a meta-study of six randomised clinical trials of 593 people who had been affected by one or more depressive episodes.

Excellent podcast and enlightening discussion. I am in overall agreement with Dr. Rustici in his assertion that the S-H tariff is important and often overlooked as a contributing factor to the Great Depression. However, as Dr. Rustici indeed claimed, it is a piece to the puzzle, and I would argue it is better to argue it exacerbated many already extant problems rather than playing a fundamental role in creating the depression.

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Thesis: Depression in adolescents

I also remember him saying something about the auto industry taking a hit between 1930 and 1933...well there was a depression going on, of course there is going to be a drastic reduction in the auto sales. In this case the effect can't be the cause of the effect.

Thesis Statement For Depression - …

I hope that his message gains momentum and becomes more public because I am certain that most people have no idea what is going on with the economy during the depression and now.

PhD Depression (or just the blues?) | The Thesis …

I usually listen to your podcasts twice; this one I'll probably listen to 3 to 4 times (I've already listened twice so far). I've sent it to some family members, hoping they listen (since they're children of the Great Depression and ex-farmers I think they could appreciate what their parents were going through).

Great Depression - The Canadian Encyclopedia

I do not see how the 2008 election can be comparable to the argument related Smoot-Hawley for a couple of reasons. Rustici seems to be saying that the depression was not related to a general overvaluing of the stock-market or other asset price. It was related to the international effect of the potential and eventual passage of S-H causing a collapse in foreign demand for US products. The devaluing of real-estate had been occurring since mid to late 2007... hardly plausible to relate this to the potential of Obama's presidency. I know of very few people that argue that some kind of major financial restructuring was avoidable at the time of Obama's lock on the presidency.

China's Housing Bubble and Debt Bubble

And, of course, I warmed each time he mentioned that the "Depression" was a product of government failures, Smoot-Hawley being one of a related number, not market failures.

How I wrote a PhD thesis in 3 months - James Hayton …

For those interested, Jude Wanniski gives a very similar "headlines"-style analysis of the way politics influenced the economy and expectations of the future during the Great Depression in his book The Way the World Works. Some may find the analysis a bit dry (it's buried in the middle of the book), but is worth looking at if you liked how it was done in this podcast.

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