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Opposite-sex couples get married on Friday and divorce on Monday.

Today, marriage has changed from formal to cohabiting where a couple enters into an agreement to live together like man and wife, without having to go through the traditional marriage where families would come together in a ceremony. Young couples who are not legally married can live together as boyfriend and girlfriend, which was never openly allowed before. This has led to a changed notion of marriage where people no longer regard it as a sacred tie between man and woman. Today, various forms of arrangement have been considered as marriages in order for people to establish families (Stevenson & Wolfers, 2007). Divorce has become just a simple task of signing papers where the lawyer is left to make all arrangements as long as all parties to the marriage have decided to move on with a divorce. With a divorce this easy and couples craving to find freedom from their unfulfilling marriage, divorce comes in as the best solution to end their problems. Very few people today consider fighting to save their marriage through tackling the problems at hand. Consequently, this has contributed to serial monogamy marriages where couples divorce before thinking of settling their differences only to realize their mistakes later and remarry again.

I'm sure neither of them had included the part about getting married at the age of 17.

FinancialProblemsIf money was a problem when the couple wasmarried, it is likely to be an even more pressing issue following adivorce, at least for one of the parties involved. It's simple:where the burden of expenses was shared (at least to some extent)before, now it must be borne individually. While the expensesincrease twofold, the resources remain the same. You may dig intothese issues to form a thesis statement.

They have gotten married and have been for about 3‑4 years now.

The sad truth about it is that many of those marriages will end in divorce....

Booth and Amato, on the other hand, think couples in these so-so marriages should think of the children first. "We do upset people," Booth says, "because we advocate that attention needs to be paid to the children." And they have the data to back up their opinion. "The effect is much less if the divorce occurs when the child is in late adolescence," Booth explains. "When they're out of the home, they're affected even less. Then they don't have to live through the divorce. They're not so likely to lose contact with one set of their relatives. They don't have to cut off contact with their father or mother.

So who are the people getting divorced but not fighting? They're risk-takers, people who generally have favorable attitudes toward divorce. And they often have someone new waiting in the wings. Socially, says Booth, "They are people who are somewhat isolated. They're detached. They move a lot. They're not involved in a church. They have less contact with their relatives. They are less likely to own a home. They hadn't experienced a divorce themselves and had little idea what effect it would have on their children. Basically, they weren't thinking about the children at all."

nursing related research Divorce Essay Thesis Statement ..

Besides, their data also show that divorce isn't always a cure for someone's marital problems. "We looked at people in the sample who married, got a divorce, and remarried to see how the second marriage differed from the first, and how the quality of the first marriage carried over into the second," Booth says.

"But on every measure, we found that coming from a low-conflict marriage that ends in divorce had a devastating effect on the kids." Not having seen their parents fighting, "they were caught totally by surprise," Booth notes. "The divorce wasn't something they desired at all." They had no way of understanding their parents were unhappy. "What they'd gotten to know and gotten used to—that looks good to a kid. When all of that is threatened, it has a devastating effect on a kid. They could see nothing but bad things following from it."

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Cause And Effect Of Divorce Thesis Free Essays - …

"We discovered that kids from certain kinds of marriages didn't suffer much at all from a divorce," says Booth, "whereas kids from other kinds of marriages did. When kids came from a high-conflict home, they did pretty well when the marriage finally ended and they got out of it. They did almost as well as children from intact marriages on all sorts of measures. We looked at whether or not they were depressed, their sense of well-being, if they were married and, if so, how well they got along with their spouses, at their friendships, and at their relationships with relatives.

Happy Marriages: Studying the Causes and Effects of Divorce

"But our more recent information suggests there may be something about living together that actually makes you more unconventional. That the behavior shapes your attitudes. What I think part of the problem is, people are less thoughtful about a decision to cohabitate than a decision to marry. People very rarely marry without giving it some thought. But they might wind up cohabitating with someone. Then, once they're cohabitating, there's a momentum that leads them to marry. There's pressure to get married from others. The potential of having children is more likely. They're more reluctant to break up because they're a 'thing' together—they've bought pots and pans together. People wind up with partners they may not be compatible with. It's a drift into marriage. Or, when things start causing problems, people who are cohabitating will say, 'Let's get married,' as if that will solve everything."

Teen Marriage (and Divorce) :: Exploratory Essays …

You say you’re a Christian. I believe you. Well, look at what the Bible says about love. And not just what it says, but what it shows. It tells a story of a Love that is painful and beautiful. One that gives, fights, sacrifices, cries, laughs, screams, dies, and lives again. We can choose to have this sort of marriage or not, but it is a choice, either way.

Marriage and divorce attitude differences between ..

Another risk factor for divorce, strangely, is living together, Amato says. "Couples who cohabitate prior to marriage report more problems and are more likely to think about divorce. That's opposite to what you'd expect. When this finding first began to be noticed and was replicated over and over, we thought it was a selection process. People who cohabitate tend to be less religious, less traditional, more liberal. Perhaps it's not surprising that they accept divorce. The same traits that predict if you will cohabitate also predict problems in your marriage.

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