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At present, the human operator performs most of the tasks involved in the polishing act. These human-performed tasks rely on “filling” and working experience. This is a complex psychophysiological process, only partially conscious, based on trial and error input which enables an operator to execute complex operations with a good prediction of the outcome. During periodic daily work cycles of thousands of identical movements, “filling” manifests itself in the human-automatic operation of motor memory executed with great precision. For each of these automatic motions, tiny corrections are made in response to feedback received from the human sensors, like the eyes, and the pressure sensors. In any future diamond polishing workstation these tasks will continue to be performed in a different way. As to the material itself, in the diamond industry, by contrast with most other industries, the relative value of the raw material is very high. This fact explains the importance of making maximal use of the rough diamond’s volume (or stone weight) in order to get the largest net stone possible after polishing. This emphasis is paramount throughout all the stages of diamond processing. Productivity and efficiency are not measured by reference to time only, but also by the size and precision achieved.

Diamonds made from the remains of pets are priced the same as those made from human remains, ..

Regarding the CVD process: according to the presentday notions, in the case of using CH4 in hydrogen atmosphere for producing a diamond film the atomic hydrogen plays a determining role (in detonation synthesis the atomic hydrogen is also formed from hydrogencontaining explosives). As a diamond particle grows, the atomic hydrogen essentially prevents the dangling bonds on the carbon surface of the growing diamond particle from forming double carbontocarbon bonds, thus producing an amorphized (graphite) surface on the particle. In the course of diamond growth an attacking methyl radical substitutes for hydrogen. In that way, hydrogen hinders graphitization of the diamond surface. When adding itself to the diamond surface, the methyl radical transforms into the sp3 – hybridized state. Three hydrogen atoms contained in the methyl radical represent three potential locations where next methyl radicals can be attached to.

2012 B&W 800/802 Diamond Review | CelestialSounds

Diamonds made from the cremains of pets are priced the same as those made from human remains, ..

A memorial diamond refers to artificially created diamond that is made employing the carbon DNA which is extracted from the cremation ashes. Diamonds are produced through natural crystal synthesis in nature. The very same process is employed by reputed companies such as Lonite for producing cremation diamonds. The process of diamond cremation has been refined for creating pure diamonds from the carbon content of remains of the deceased soul.

The process of creation of diamonds from remains is quite a complicated one. It may require three months or more to develop a diamond from the ashes. Carbon is extracted from the remains. A minimum of 500 grams of human ashes would be required in case you are interested in getting it transformed into a diamond. Glittering diamonds have been treasured as precious jewels since ancient times. These symbolize remembrance and everlasting love. Cremation diamonds mark your love and respect to the departed soul.

Namibia / Economic Studies - Coface

02/11/2016 · Do you wish to get cremation diamonds from human cremated remains? Lonite offers notable services offered pertaining to cremation diamonds.

LifeGem is the world's first company offeringto from the remains of humans or their . Established as the InternationalResearch & Recovery Corporation,LifeGem was the first U.S. company to develop a way to extractcarbon from remains.According to Dean VandenBiesen, speaking on the Stan and Terry showMay 7, 2007, the company is able to create a diamond from a lock ofhair. Thecompany was founded in 2001 by Greg Herro, Mike Herro, RustyVandenBiesen, and Dean VandenBiesen,and was first based in . It is now headquartered in and a second office, under the nameLifeGem UK, was recently opened in , . In2006, LifeGem had US$ 7.5 million in revenue. Projections for 2007included an increased sales of 15% to 20%.LifeGem's services are offered at over 580 of the nearly 20,000funeral homes in the United States.

Another important characteristic of energy is expressed in "": not only must energy's total amount (quantity) be conserved, but energy's symmetry (quality) must also be conserved - which is the reason for the existence of the conserved charges of matter: charges are all symmetry debts of light, absolutely conserved through time, patiently waiting to be repaid. "Noether's Theorem" relates conservation and symmetry: where we find one, we find the other. Noether's theorem is the mathematical, rational equivalent of Keat's poetic intuition that "beauty is truth, truth beauty", where conservation = truth, symmetry = beauty. In poetic terms, then, the "beauty" of energy must also be conserved. Beauty in nature, or rather our ability to recognize and appreciate beauty, is an emergent expression of "Noether's Theorem" in biology at the human level of consciousness. Ethics and morality are also emergent expressions of this theorem: the "Golden Rule" is an excellent example of symmetric behavior in human relations. Finally, beauty and our aesthetic appreciation of it are our native, inborn guides to truth, enlightenment, and "salvation" - spiritually, intuitively, socially, and rationally. This is why the "arts" are such an important part of the educational curriculum. Political analogs include the principles "liberty, equality, fraternity", "all men are created equal", and "one man, one vote". Finally, physical beauty has long served as a significant reproductive and evolutionary guide/force in our species and in many others - the "Birds of Paradise" offering a remarkable example among the animals. Compare the female chimpanzee with the female human: there is an obvious linkage here between beauty, intelligence, and spiritual awareness, produced by the action of sexual selection within our species. We have emerged from the apes by following the pathway of beauty.

01/04/2014 · Should i underline a movie title in an essay >>> CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE The synthesis of diamonds from human remains
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Synthetic | Definition of Synthetic by Merriam-Webster

Abstract—A new mechanism of formation of nanodiamond particles during detonation synthesis has been put forward. It includes the following steps: (a) decomposition of trinitrotoluene (TNT) molecules into basic radicals—a radicallike dimer C2 and CO3, decomposition of hexogen molecules into C2 and of benzotrifuroxane molecules into C2; (b) formation of cyclohexane from C2 or immediately of radical adamantane molecules; (c) interaction of diamondlike core (adamantane radical) with methyl and other monocarbon radicals; and (d) growth of detonation nanodiamond particles like in a CVD process. It is shown that the nucleation of a radicallike adamantine molecule occurs within a range between the center of the chemical peak zone and the ChapmanJouguet plane, the growth of diamond particles takes place at the same time and comes to an end at an early stage of isoentropic (Taylor) expansion of detonation gases entrapping solid carbon particles.

Geology: Geology, the fields of study concerned with the solid Earth

In September 2007, LifeGem announced the completion and auctionof the Ludwig van Beethoven LifeGem diamond - a blue .56 round brilliantdiamond which was the first ever created from the carbon of acelebrity or historical figure.Three diamonds were created partially from 130 of carbon extracted from 10 strands of hairfrom the remains of ,and partially from added carbon. One of the three diamonds waslisted for auction on eBay for US $1,000,000.00, with the proceedsto be donated to assist underprivileged children. The diamond was eventually sold for US $202,700 after62 bids on Ebay. One of the other two diamonds was given to JohnReznikoff, provider of the Beethoven hair sample, to be stored atthe University Archives,and the final diamond is being kept by LifeGem to start a LifeGem"Chain of Fame".

Included are sciences such as mineralogy, geodesy, and stratigraphy

A study of the isotope composition of diamondcontaining soot produced by detonation of an octogen– TNT mixture was carried using an C13 tracer isotope in a methyl group and revealed that during the detonation synthesis the major portion of DND is formed from carbon included in the TNT composition [15]. A similar conclusion was made upon an investigation of the process of synthesis from the hexogen–TNT mixture by using 14C tracer in the first position of benzene ring of TNT [16–20]; in this case, all carbon atoms of TNT are involved in the diamond formation. In detonation of the TNT–hexogen mixture (50/50) nanodiamonds are formed from TNT and hexogen carbon in the ratio 93/7, respectively.

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