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A further hypothesis on the polyhedron of A

The whole of Germany seemed to collapse. But Luther did not care. “What I teach and write remains true though the whole world should fall to pieces over it” (W18, 401).

St. John Devouring the Book from the Apocalypse - Albrecht Durer - Biblioklept

For my part, I have slowly and gradually come to the conclusion that spiritual values and conflicts play the most important part in all problems which govern our lives as individuals and as citizens. “Religious forces, and religious forces alone, have had sufficient influence to ensure practical realisation for political ideas,” says Professor Figgis. Max Weber, a famous German scholar, expresses exactly the same idea when he says: “The modern man is in general, even with the best will, unable to give religious ideas the significance for culture and national character which they deserve.”

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Neither Holbein nor Durer ever painted Luther—which is odd since they were his contemporaries. On the other hand, we have many pictures of Luther by Lucas Cranach, who was an ardent admirer of Dr. Martin. These pictures, showing a gentle, smiling, benevolent, slender, and scholarly saint are familiar to most of us. Hundreds of thousands of reproductions exist all over the world. On German stamps and buildings we see the portrait. But the drawback is that “Cranach suppressed what he considered to be defects in his sitter.”

Christian UFOlogists in the fourth category also believe that Christian UFOlogists in the second and third categories will be more vulnerable to the satanic deception they believe is coming, because those in the second category will be facing a paradigm shift they will not be expecting, and those in the third category will have a tendency to view all UFO/extraterrestrial related activity as divine manifestations of God and his faithful angels, thereby misidentifying fallen angels as being God’s faithful angels.

CiteSeerX — NOTE A New Hypothesis on Dürer’s …

The self-portrait of Durer wearing a fur collar ..

He here speaks of himself in the language of his adversaries, who meant by these characters to expose him to scorn and contempt: "I Paul myself"; whose name the false teachers played upon, it signifying "little"; and he being of little stature, they reproached him for it, and would insinuate, that as his name was "little", and his person mean, his bodily presence weak, and his speech contemptible, that he had a little soul, was a man of small knowledge, mean parts, and a very insignificant minister.

In general, a science involves a pursuitof knowledge about the operations of fundamental laws of nature.Science can be separated from pseudo-science by the principle offalsifiability, that is, ideas must be capable of being provenfalse in order to be scientifically valid.

History of syphilis - Wikipedia
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The main loophole in this hypothesis is that ..

Shortly after the war was declared in 1914, the leaders of the German (Lutheran) clergy wrote a bloodthirsty pamphlet which they entitled: “To the evangelical Christians abroad”. It was full of lies, distortions, mischief—all done in the name of Martin Luther. They explained why they fought, why they had no hesitation in slaying and oppressing their “Christian brothers”.

Durer's Polyhedra in George Hart's web site - George …

Like Christian UFOlogists in the second category, these authors/researchers do agree that there is a satanic deception at work within the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon, yet at the same time, they believe the deception contains more truth to it than most Christian UFOlogists surmise, which makes the deception even more cunning than it would otherwise be if there were no truth to the deception at all. The truth they refer to concerns their belief that the universe actually is populated with life, which is in agreement with Christian UFOlogists in the third category. However, unlike Christians in the third category, they point out the fact that the bible speaks of faithful and fallen angels, both of which mingled in the affairs of humanity since the dawn of history, and both of which will continue to be involved in the affairs of humanity until the return of God’s kingdom of heaven on Earth in the future. They believe that during the end times, the days of Noah will return, which included public interaction between humans and fallen angels, but they also believe that God’s faithful angels will be at work in the Earth in those days as well, as mentioned in Revelation 14:6.

Durer’s Magic Square | Geometry | English Civil War

These, I would emphasize are merely a few very superficial glimpses at the history of the Lutheran Church from Luther to Hitler. Many volumes would be needed to write the complete shameful history of the last four centuries.

Study 1: Introduction to Dürer and Melancholia I

While most active Christians dismiss the majority of UFO/extraterrestrial related phenomenon as author Kenneth Samples does, the largest number of Christian UFOlogists are more willing to accept that there is definitely a paranormal phenomenon taking place, but attribute this phenomenon to a satanic deception rather than actual extraterrestrial beings from other planets. There are four primary reasons for this conclusion. Firstly, most propulsion experts agree that the science of propulsion makes the idea of intergalactic space travel seem to be impossible.5 Secondly, UFO/extraterrestrial related phenomenon is frequently linked with the realm of the occult.6 Thirdly, the alien abduction phenomenon as reported by abductees is not only described as a torturous and horrific experience by most abductees, it is also noted that abductions of Christians who call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for help during an abduction immediately terminate their abduction.7 And finally, Christian authors in this category also frequently quote scriptues from the Bible referring to Genesis chapter 6 during the days of Noah, when fallen angels interbred with humanity and produced a race of evil giants known as the Nephilim. It was for this reason that God brought the flood of Noah. In the end times, it is stated in Matthew 24:37 and Luke 17:26 that there will be a return to the days of Noah, which authors in this category indicate could be a return to the intermingling of fallen angels with humanity.

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