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...then granular synthesis does this:

Origin of synthesisLatin collection from Greek sunthesis from suntithenai to put together sun- syn- tithenai to put ; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.

Origin of synthesisClassical Greek from syn-, together + tithenai, to place, do

Jimerson, Sh., Sharkey, J., Nyborg, V. & Furlong, M. (2004). Strength-Based Assessment and School Psychology: A Summary and Synthesis. , 9, 9-19

Sound Synthesis Theory/Modulation Synthesis - …

At this temperature, nucleosynthesis, or the production of light elements, could take place.

If the modulator is at the same frequency as the carrier increasing the strength of the modulation produces a sawtooth wave. If the frequency is double that of the carrier wave the result is a square wave. No integer relationships produce bell tone and inharmonc sounds. This was a first for synthesizers.

After separation of the organic and the aqueous layer, the amine can be recovered by addition of a strong base like NaOH or KOH to the acidic extract i.e., lidocaine synthesis. Note that amides are usually not basic enough to undergo the same protonation (pKa of conjugate acid: ~ -0.5).

Most neutral compounds cannot be converted into salts without changing their chemical nature. Many of these neutral compounds tend to react in undesired ways i.e., esters undergo hydrolysis upon contact with strong bases or strong acids. One has to keep this in mind as well when other compounds are removed. For instance, epoxides hydrolyze to form diols catalyzed by acids and bases. Ketones and aldehydes undergo condensation reactions catalyzed by both, acids and bases. Esters also hydrolyze to form carboxylic acids (or their salts) and the corresponding alcohol. In order to separate these compounds from each other, chromatographic techniques are often used, where the compounds are separated based on their different polarities (see Chromatography chapter).

Based on the discussion above the following overall separation scheme can be outlined. Which sequence is the most efficient highly depends on the target molecule. There is obviously no reason to go through the entire procedure if the compound sought after can be isolated in the first step already. Note that many of these steps are interchangeable in simple separation problems.

The Activation-Synthesis Theory of Dreams

Origin of synthesis

With regard to sampling () you learned how to change the speed of an existing sound in an array, but this also resulted in a change of pitch. One way to decouple these parameters, is by using granular synthesis. The idea of granular synthesis is that a sound is sampled at the original speed, but it is played at a different speed from each sample point.

Though playback is 'too fast' (or 'too slow'), it always begins at a point that corresponds to the initial speed. These individual chunks are called "grains"; their size is referred to either as "grain size" or "window size". These "grains" are so tiny and used in such large quantities, that they are not heard individually, but rather as a continuous whole. That's the magic behind granular synthesis.

( syntheses)
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Synthesis dictionary definition | synthesis defined

Claude Debussy once responded to the question of how he composed by saying he starts by taking all pitches and then leaves out the ones he doesn't like. He foresaw the idea of filtering. In contrast to additive synthesis - which uses what might be considered the 'atom' of sound, the sine tone, as a starting point - subtractive synthesis begins with all sound and reduces it. It is actually possible to produce all sound. Causing a speaker membrane to vibrate completely chaotically and randomly will produce all audible frequencies simultaneously. The Pd object used to accomplish this is called "noise~":

Synthesis of Radiolabeled Compounds

The nice thing about granular synthesis is that, in addition to the ability to change pitch without affecting speed, you can change speed without affecting pitch:

A piece of music composed with fast and slow granular synthesis.

Attachment: Synthesis. In: Tremblay RE, Boivin M, Peters RDeV, eds. van IJzendoorn MH, topic ed. [online]. . Updated May 2012. Accessed January 30, 2018.

Attachment | Synthesis | Encyclopedia on Early …

As a result, evolutionary theory today includes concepts and even entire new fields that were not part of the foundational structure of the Modern Synthesis.

How to cite this article: Attachment: Synthesis

In this volume, sixteen leading evolutionary biologists and philosophers of science survey the conceptual changes that have emerged since Huxley’s landmark publication, not only in such traditional domains of evolutionary biology as quantitative genetics and paleontology but also in such new fields of research as genomics and EvoDevo.

Most of the contributors to accept many of the tenets of the classical framework but want to relax some of its assumptions and introduce significant conceptual augmentations of the basic Modern Synthesis structure—just as the architects of the Modern Synthesis themselves expanded and modulated previous versions of Darwinism.

Algebraic General Topology and Math Synthesis

This continuing revision of a theoretical edifice the foundations of which were laid in the middle of the nineteenth century--the reexamination of old ideas, proposals of new ones, and the synthesis of the most suitable—shows us how science works, and how scientists have painstakingly built a solid set of explanations for what Darwin called the “grandeur” of life.

Contributors: John Beatty, Werner Callebaut, Jeremy Draghi, Chrisantha Fernando, Sergey Gavrilets, John C.

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