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Synthesis of Hetrocyclic Compounds and Model …

The pyrimidines synthesis from benzofuran is very specialized leading only to 5- (o- hydroxyphenyl) pyrimidines one example from a great many is the treatment of 3- acetyl- 2- ethyl- 6- nitro benzofuran with guanidine, acetamidine, thiourea or urea to give in a good yield 4-ethyl- 5- (2΄- hydroxy- 4΄- nitrophenyl)- 6- methyl pyrimidines- 2- amine (R=NH2) the methyl analogue (R=Me) and the corresponding pyrimidines- 2 (1H) thione and pyrimidinones respectively.15

compounds known as the Paal-Knorr synthesis is one of ..

Vijay Raj et al49 synthesized some new 2-[cl- phenyl- 1H- pyrazolo [3, 4- d] pyrimidin- 4- yl) acetohydazide derivative have been prepared and screened for their analgesic activity by acetic acid induced writhing test using standard drug diclofenac sodium.

PDF Downloads : Oriental Journal of Chemistry

It functions primarily in synthesis of proteins, the moleculesthat carry out essential cellular functions.

The chemistry of pyrimidine is a blossoming field. Numerous method for the synthesis of pyrimidine and also their diverse reactions offer enormous scope in the filed of medicinal chemistry. The utility of pyrimidines as synthon for various biologically active compounds has given impetus to these studies. The review article aims to review the work reported and the chemistry and biological activities of pyrimidines during past year.

Of these strategies that illustrated by VI i.e. the condensation of three carbon unit with an N-C-N fragment appears to most widely use this approaches has been called the common synthesis because of its general applicability to the synthesis of a whole range of Pyrimidine derivative. The great versatility in this synthesis rests with the fact that one or both of the group of three carbon atom fragments may be present as an aldehydes, Ketone, ester or nitrile group, β- Dialdehyde, β-ketoaldehydes, β-keto esters, malonic ester, β-aldehydo or β-keto nitrile and much other combination of these groups or their masked derivatives may be used. The nitrogen containing fragment may be an amidine, urea, thiourea or guanidine and acetyl acetone serves as an excellent illustrative example in that, it readily under goes reaction with formamidine3, Guaidine4, urea5or thiourea6 to produce 4, 6 dimethyl pyrimidines.

Bachelor of Pharmacy - AIMST University

ATP is the mostcommonly used source but GTP is used in protein synthesis as well as a fewother reactions.

Synthesis of bioactive molecule fluoro benzothiazole comprising potent hetrocyclic moieties for anthelmintic activity Arch pharm sci & Res vol 1 no 2 150-157 oct 2009

Synthesis of bioactive molecule fluoro benzothiazole comprising potent hetrocyclic moieties for biological and pharmacological screening, Res Rev Biomed Biotech1(1),issue (1);2010,24-30

Transcriptionis the process by which DNA directs the synthesis of RNA molecules that carrythe coded information needed for protein synthesis.
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Fundamentals of Heterocyclic Chemistry: Importance …

In general, synthetic methods and physical and chemical propertiesof the saturated and the partly unsaturated heterocyclic compounds closelyresemble those for their acyclic (noncyclic, or open-chain) analogs.

Fundamentals of Heterocyclic Chemistry: Importance ..

Miscellaneous activity: A small library of 20 tri-substituted pyrimidines was synthesized by Anu et al 52 evaluated for their in vitro anti-malarial and anti-tubercular activities. Out of the total screened compound, 16 compounds have shown in-vitro anti-malarial activity against Plasmodium falciparum in the range of 0.25-2 µg/ml and 8 compounds have shown anti-tubercular activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis at a concentration of 12.5 µg/ml.

of Heterocyclic Chemistry: Importance in Nature ..

The heme group of theoxygen-carrying protein hemoglobin and of related compounds such as myoglobin;the chlorophylls, which are the light-gathering pigments of green plants andother photosynthetic organisms; and vitamin B12 are all formed from fourpyrrole units joined in a larger ring system known as a porphyrin, such as thatof chlorophyll b, shown below.

Heterocyclic Aromatic Compounds | Heterocyclic …

Pirisino et al47 have studied 2-phenyl pyrazolo-4-ethyl- 4, 7- dihydro [1, 5- a] pyrimidine- 7- one for it’s analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory activities the anti-inflammatory properties of synthesized compound were evaluated by carrageen an induced paw edema and cotton pellets induced granuloma method and found to posses the activity similar to indomethacin, phenylbutazone and isoxicam similarly this compound was shown to passes analgesic and antipyretic activity comparable to the former drugs. Sondhi et al 48 synthesized some mono, bi and tricyclic pyrimidine derivatives and evaluated them for analgesic activity using phenyl quinine writhing assay.

The two quinolines illustrate another nuance of hetrocyclic ..

Analgesic Activity: Rathod et al45 synthesized 2- aryl amino- 3- aryl- 5- methyl- 6- (substituted) thione [2, 3- d] pyrimidin- 4 (3H)- ones. All the synthesized compounds were screened for the analgesic activity by tail flick method an albino rats and by writing method on albino mice.

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