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Creatine and Creatinine Mechanism. will be available on

Formed by a creatine molecule attached to a citric acid molecule; citric acid is also a vital part of the Krebs cycle. This is the metabolic pathway in which aerobic energy is produced within a muscle cell. When you add citric acid studies show an increase in muscular energy and better muscule power when compared to creatine alone. The citrate also increases solubility considerably.

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There is no shortage of research and published studies supporting creatine as an effective compound to aid an athlete in developing size and strength. Indeed there are numerous placebo controlled, double-blind studys providing strong evidence of efficacy. In fact most studies indicate that short-term creatine supplementation increases total lean body mass by significant margins. In one study Kreider et al. reported that 28 days of creatine supplementation resulted in a marked improvement in lean muscle mass in college football players and enhancement of their off-season resistance/agility training.

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A formation of creatine monohydrate bound to malic acid. Tri-Creatine Malate (CTM) is three creatine molecules bonded each to a malic acid molecule, unlike creatine monohydrate where the creatine molecules are in free form. Malic acid is a crucial biological substance which plays an important role in energy release and presents numerous advantages when combined with creatine. Firstly is helps the efficiency of energy release by supporting the Krebs cycle, secondly it increases bodily absorption, presenting a powerful anabolic mix with less bloating, water retention and other side effects.

Formed by creatine chemically bonded to magnesium, as oppose to a water molecule as with regular creatine. Giving MCC a completely different pathway of absorption to get the creatine to the muscle cells with less being lost in transportation. Magnesium is also an alkali compound which counteracts the acidic environment of the stomach meaning less degradation into the waste product creatinine, greater absorption and muscular utilization. Magnesium also plays a vital role in a variety of physiological functions during anaerobic exercise.

Creatine and Creatinine Mechanism

Effects of acutecreatine monohydrate supplementation on leucine kinetics and mixed-muscle proteinsynthesis.

Creatine synthesis is required in adult animals to replace creatine that is spontaneously converted to creatinine and excreted in the urine. Additionally, in growing animals it is necessary to provide creatine to the expanding tissue mass. Creatine synthesis requires three amino acids: glycine, methionine and arginine, and three enzymes: -arginine:glycine amidinotransferase (AGAT), methionine adenosyltransferase (MAT) and guanidinoacetate methyltransferase (GAMT). The entire glycine molecule is consumed in creatine synthesis but only the methyl and amidino groups, respectively, from methionine and arginine. Creatinine loss averages approximately 2 g (14.6 mmol) for 70 kg males in the 20- to 39-year age group. Creatinine loss is lower in females and in older age groups because of lower muscle mass. Approximately half of this creatine lost to creatinine can be replaced, in omnivorous individuals, by dietary creatine. However, since dietary creatine is only provided in animal products, principally in meat and fish, virtually all of the creatine loss in vegetarians must be replaced via endogenous synthesis. Creatine synthesis does not appear to place a major burden on glycine metabolism in adults since this amino acid is readily synthesized. However, creatine synthesis does account for approximately 40% of all of the labile methyl groups provided by S-adenosylmethionine (SAM) and, as such, places an appreciable burden on the provision of such methyl groups, either from the diet or via de novo methylneogenesis. Creatine synthesis consumes some 20–30% of arginine’s amidino groups, whether provided in the diet or synthesized within the body. Creatine synthesis is, therefore, a quantitatively major pathway in amino acid metabolism and imposes an appreciable burden on the metabolism of methionine and of arginine.

Scientists now agree that ATP serves at least two functions in skeletal muscle systems: First, ATP disconnects actin from myosin, and second, ATP is hydrolyzed by the myosin molecule to produce the energy required for muscle contraction. This description of the different biochemical steps involved in muscle contraction is referred to as the Lymn-Taylor actomyosin ATPase hydrolysis mechanism. (Webb and Trentham, 83)

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Enhanced ATP Synthesis and Cognition with Creatine 2.

In another study, Vandenberghe et al. reported that participants ingesting creatine found in Decabolic Creatine during resistance training observed significantly greater gains in muscle mass and performance than subjects without. Whats more, creatine found in Decabolic Creatine has been shown to enhance recovery, improve anaerobic capacity, enhance muscle volumization and even enhance brain function! Furthermore Deldicque, L. et al demonstrated in clinical trials an increased IGF mRNA level in human skeletal muscle after creatine supplementation. There really is no question that in a market full of products making wild and wonderful claims, creatine stands as one of the most scientifically supported and effective assets of the modern athlete. Our goal with Decabolic Creatine is simple; to take that to the next level.


Athletes who turn to our products deserve only the best, and Decabolic Creatine has been engineered specifically to meet the needs of the modern athlete. It is the ideal stacking partner for Testo Extreme Anabolic and in our opinion one of the most complete and comprehensive creatine formulations around. We do not say this lightly, as Decabolic Creatine contains no less than 10 of the most scientifically praised creatine forms in a unique synergistic blend contained in every single capsule!

This is the first of two steps in creatine synthesis, ..

We invite you to take a look at the 10 scientifically backed creatine forms contained in this unique product and to assess for yourself whether you have come across a more complete creatine formulation.

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Very little really surprises me on the sports supplement market nowadays as I’ve honestly tried it all before and the fact that I rarely use any one product twice should tell you all you need to know. I admit I was initially drawn to Testo Extreme Anabolic by the unique approach it takes to muscular development and I thought it would be fun and interesting as I have not seen anything like this product before. I’m now on my third course using the Testo and Decacore Creatine combo and have consistantly seen improvements in my workouts and physique with each course! My advice? When you finally find something that works for you, stick with it!

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