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Sugar interaction with cobalt-ammine cations

The IC50 for the fit was found to be 0.38 mM Cohex.


[0021]Hexaamminecobalt(III) (Cohex; FIG.

The hexamminecobalt (III) chloride was crystallized by cooling to 0° C.
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The present invention is generally directed to positively charged cobalt(III) complexes or salts thereof in octahedral ligand environments in which the ligands have strong coordinator atoms to Cobalt (i.e., CoHex complex), for example, where the ligand donor atoms are nitrogen (N)-based and/or interact either electrostatically or via hydrogen bonding, particularly ammonia, primary amines or secondary amines.

Sugar Interaction with Cobalt-Ammine Cations

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Andrew Knight

We have been exploring the potential of the simple Werner complex, cobalt hexammine "Cohex" for use as a broad spectrum antiviral and antibacterial therapeutic.

Upon heating, hexamminecobalt(III) begins to lose some of its ammine ligands, eventually producing a stronger oxidant.

The chlorides in [Co(NH3)6]Cl3 can be exchanged with a variety of other anions such as nitrate, bromide, and iodide to afford the corresponding [Co(NH3)6]X3 derivative.

Hexamminecobalt(III) chloride - Wikipedia

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Stanley : Synthesis of Hexammine Cobalt (III) Chloride

The present invention is also generally directed to a method of preparing an antiviral agent including providing a cobalt pentammine salt having a non-amine coordination site and mono-substituting the non-amine coordination site with a functional group incorporating a strong coordinator atom to cobalt to form a CoHex structure of Structure III, in which R1 incorporates the functional group having the strong coordinator atom coordinated with the cobalt atom, or a salt thereof.

Synthesis and Geometrical Isomerism of the Ethylenediamine-triacetatocobalt (III) Complexes with Ammine or Diamines
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Hexamminecobalt(III) chloride ..

One complex is a bis [ pentaamminecobalt (III)] complex, [(H3N)5Co( Im )Co(NH3)5]5+, and the other has two pentaammineimidazolatocobalt (III) units coordinated in the cis arrangement to tetraamminecobalt (III).

Cobalt(III) ammine complexes of the ..

The Co(III)-chelator complexes (e.g., cobalt cyclen complexes) have been used for mechanistic studies of phosphodiester cleavage for both its efficient hydrolysis rates and kinetic inertness, whereby the kinetic inertness of Co(III) ions results in the continued binding of the complex to the hydrolyzed phosphate.

[0022]Due to the kinetic inertness of Co(III) ions, the Cohex complex sequesters the "inner-sphere" ammonia ligands from most exchange-reactions in solution; therefore, the usual interactions with solution molecules are by "outer-sphere" coordination via water bridges to the ammonia ligands and via the high charge-density of the Co(III) ion.

Aquablue Chemistry: Hexamminecobalt(III) chloride

A case has been reported of occupational rhinoconjunctivitis and asthma due to an isolated sensitization to palladium in a worker of the electronics industry (Daenen et al., 1997, 1999). About 30 min after a brief exposure to the fumes of an electrolysis bath containing palladium, used to coat electronic parts, a previously healthy, non-smoking, non-atopic, 26-year-old male developed (transient) symptoms of conjunctivitis, rhinitis, chest tightness and dyspnoea. Pulmonary function tests (peak flow records) confirmed the existence of asthma. Usual causes of allergy were not found in this worker. He was also exposed to other metal baths (nickel, tin, lead, gold), but not to platinum, whose salts are well known to cause asthma. Skin prick tests with tetraammine palladium(II) chloride (0.001%) as well as a bronchial provocation test to aerolized tetraammine palladium(II) chloride (0.0001-0.001%, several times for 5-180 s) were positive. The latter gave an early reaction (forced expiratory volume in 1 s [FEV1] 35%) and no late change in histamine PC20 (1.2 mg/ml; provocation concentration that causes a 20% fall in FEV1). Exposure of a control asthmatic subject to tetraammine palladium(II) chloride gave no reaction. Skin prick tests carried out with solutions of sodium hexachloroplatinate(IV) (Na2PtCl6), ammonium tetrachloroplatinate(II) ((NH4)2PtCl4) and palladium(II) chloride were negative for the platinum salts (up to 1%) and possibly positive for palladium(II) chloride (0.1%). In a second series of skin prick tests (performed more than 1 year later), the positive response to tetraammine palladium(II) chloride was confirmed. Tests with other salts (nickel chloride, cobalt chloride, ammonium hexachlororhodanate ((NH4)3RhCl6), platinum salts, ammonium tetrachloropalladate(II) and ammonium hexachloropalladate(IV)) were negative, surprisingly including the two additional palladium compounds (Daenen et al., 1999).

Report on cobalt (III) ammine complexes – …

1 is an illustration of hexacoordinated Co(III), hexamminecobalt(III) (chloride counterions not shown), and magnesium(II) hexahydrate, Mg(H2O)62+, both form octahedral coordination geometry with their respective ligands.


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