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Synthesis of chalcone. - ResearchGate

Title of Talk: Influence of the support used on the morphology of the template synthesized intermetallic (Co-Sn, Ni-Sn, Co-Ni) nanopareticles

Cecile Reynaud has her expertise in the synthesis and chemical physics of nanomaterials. Her work has mainly dealt with silicon nanocrystals and aligned carbon nanotubes. She was for 15 years at the head of the Laboratory of Nanometric Assemblies (LEDNA) in the fundamental research division of Saclay CEA center. The LEDNA group follows the "bottom-up" approach of nanosciences. It develops its own synthesis methods and obtains nanostructured materials with well-controlled characteristics. The applications are relevant for energy, health, environmental issues and the development of composite materials. The group also develop the up-scaling of its processes to allow their industrial transfer.

Synthesis and Characterization of Some Chalcone Derivatives

T1 - Synthesis and biological evaluation of chalcone derivatives (mini review)

Dr. Shah Mohd Ashraf after completing doctorial studies in Condensed Matter Physics, was appointed as Assistant Professor in National Institute of Technology Srinagar in year 1999. Here, Shah embarked upon new research programme, pioneered the synthesis of broad range of nanomaterials and established World Bank Funded Research Centre (Special Centre for Nanosciences) and laid the foundations to learn the new sciences-Nanotechnology in early twenties. In year 2009, shah moved to Middle East on deputation for a short period of two years and published book titled, "Principles of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology" with Dr. T. Ahmad, an eminent Chemist. Dr. Shah is teaching Nanotechnology, Materials Science and Materials Characterization from the last two decades and is actively engaged as reviewer /editor of many scientific journals. Shah has authored more than 75 international peer reviewed scientific papers in National and International journals and has written 5 Books on Nanotechnology and many Book Chapters with reputed international publishers. In his research, he has targeted bio-compatible and energy harvesting nano-materials, which has applications in day to day life. Shah has been awarded two major projects by the Govt of India under Nano-Mission and leadership qualities in taking lead role in innovative programmes have been acknowledged on many occasions. Shah has delivered invited talks in number of international forums. Dr. shah is also a member of many science academies and societies and his work has been cited by number of scientific reporters as well as scientific media. Organiser and Chair of several national and international symposia, schools and conferences which includes 3rd Int. Conference on "Nanotechnology for Better living" from 25-29 May 2016 in collaboration with IIT Kanpur. In his spare time, Dr. Shah is regularly organising INSPIRE internship programme launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India for the bright and genius students of the Kashmir Valley, which aims to attract talented students for the study of Science and Technology in early age which ultimately will bring peace across the globe.

In this study, both chemical precipitation and mechanical milling techniques were used to synthesize either Fe nano-particles or mixed Fe, Al, Ti nano-composites using iron rich industry waste such as red mud as precursor. Further heat treatment of chemically and mechanically treated red mud lead to in-situ formation of nano-sized particles or composites. Such metal matrix composites have attracted much attention due to its use as structural materials in automotive and transportation industries because of their low density, high specific modulus, strength, wear and corrosion resistance. The present work used iron and titanium rich fraction of chemically treated iron rich industrial rejects for preparation of value added Fe and Fe-Al-Ti nano-material. The structural transformation behavior from bulk to nano at different temperatures has been assessed by XRD and SEM. SEM results clearly show that chemical precipitation produced Fe nano-crystals that were obtained after using Fe enriched chemically treated red mud residue whereas mixed nano-material were obtained after mechanical milling.

The Complete Mechanism of Chalcone Formation

Curcuma longa nano powder was prepared by high energy ball milling equipment using green synthesis. Green synthesis is the process of synthesizing nanoparticle from biogenic resources based on the fact of its bioactive potential would be less toxic (product & bi-product), environmental safety (eco-friendly and biodegradable) cost effective and easily available to its natural origin. The powder...

M. Kraini received a Phd Degree in Physics in 2016 from the University of Monastir. Currently, he is a membre at the Laboratory of Physics of Materials and Nanomaterials Applied at Environment, Gabes, Tunisia. His main research interests are the synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles and thin films for a variety of applications.

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Solvent-Free Synthesis of Chalcones - Journal of …

In the present study eight novel 2-pyrazoline - amino pyrimidine hybrids have been synthesized in order to search new chemical entities with increased pharmacological properties. The targeted analogues were synthesized in four steps; Claisen-schmidt condensation of 4-nitro acetophenone with different benzaldehydes in basic medium to yield precursor chalcone which was cyclised using hydrazine hydra...

Synthesis and Evaluation of New Antimalarial …

TiO2 nanofibers were synthesized using electrospinning [Jamil et al Ceramics International 38 (2012) 2437–2441]. The nanofibers were polycrystalline and porous in nature having average diameter and length of ~150 nm and 200 µm, respectively. Fig. 1 (a) and (b) shows scanning electron microscope (SEM) and transmission electron microscope (TEM) image of TiO2 nanofibers, respectively. The bandgap of the nanofibers lies in optical range ˃ 3.2eV. Which showed relatively low photocatalytic degradation of toxic textile dyes (Fig. 2). To improve it photocatalytic activity we embedded Mn0.5Co0.5Fe2O4 nanoparticles into TiO2 nanofibers. Which showed improved photocatalytic activity for the degradation of toxic organic compound (Fig. 2). We are now investigating the effect of photocatalytic water splitting for hydrogen evolution. It is expected that these heterostructure nanofibers will show improve photocatalytic activity for hydrogen evolution via water splitting.

Definition of chalcone in English ..

Title of Talk: Plant-mediated biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles by leaf extracts of Lasienthra africanum and a study of the influence of kinetic parameters

Chalcone | Definition of Chalcone by Merriam-Webster

Integrating multiple functionalities into a single nanoparticle (NP) is an important strategy to design hybrid materials for advanced applications. Recently, there has been a growing interest in the synthesis of heterodimeric metal–metal oxide NPs comprising nonprecious metal oxides owing to their unique magnetic, optical, and catalytic properties. The production of shape-controlled heterometallic NPs consisting of Pt and nonprecious metal oxides is crucial to demonstrate the composition–property relationship of NPs. Herein, a facile one-pot approach for the controlled synthesis of dumbbell-like Pt–Fe3O4–MnOx and dendritic Pt–MnOx NPs were reported. The key to the success of this synthesis is in changing the quantity of Fe(CO)5 additive to control the reaction kinetics. In the absence of Fe(CO)5, dendritic Pt–MnOx NPs were synthesized through the assembly of small seed NPs. On the other hand, dumbbell-like Pt–Fe3O4–MnOx NPs were obtained in the presence of Fe(CO)5 through controlling the nucleation and growth of Fe and Mn on the Pt NPs, followed by air oxidation. Compared to a Pt/graphene oxide (GO) catalyst, dumbbell-like Pt–Fe3O4–MnOx NPs on GO showed an enhancement of specific activity toward the oxygen reduction reaction owing to the compressive-strain effect exerted on the Pt lattice.

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