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Synthesis and Tribological Investigation of Lipoyl Glycerides.

Among activators, a variety of endogenously present lipids were described ().

An antiphosphatidylcholine antibody was described in the serum of a patient diagnosed with hemolytic anemia ().

Phosphatidylserine was shown to be recognized by specific antibodies in patients with lupus anticoagulant ().

The "Nod factors" produced in legumes by as a class of signalling molecules was identified as lipo-chitooligosaccharides ().

First demonstration of phosphatidylinositol anchor on the lipopolysaccharides of a prokaryotic species, ( ).

Demonstration of the induction of the synthesis of proteinase inhibitors by methyl jasmonate in a wounded plant but also in nearby plants through the atmosphere ().

First clear demonstration that fatty acids are as unfavorable as saturated fatty acids in raising LDL cholesterol and lowering HDL cholesterol levels ().

These alkyl ethers of glycerol are described with their acyl counterparts ( and).
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demonstrated that stearic acid could be desaturated aerobically to oleic acid by a mitochondria-free cellular supernatant ().

Demonstration of the effects of medium-chain fatty acids in the diet on the weight maintenance and fat depots ().

First separation of complex lipid mixtures using silicic acid chromatography ().

[Total synthesis and properties of prostaglandins

Biosynthesis of polyisoprenoid alcohols and their biologicalrole have been reviewed in 2005 ().
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described a type of membrane lipoproteins, proteolipids, whichare soluble in a mixture of chloroform and methanol ().

First description of the countercurrent separation of "the higher normalfatty acids" (C5-C18) ().

Galactosamine was identified in brain gangliosides ().

First description of the cholesterol lowering effect of a plant sterol (beta-sitosterol)in cholesterol-fed chickens(

purified a phospholipid (phosphatidylcholine) from egg yolk onan alumina column ().

Baer E described the synthesis of phosphatidic acid by treatment ofdiacylglycerol with diphenylchlorophosphate and removal of the phenyl group bycatalytic reduction ().

Hofman K et al.

Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of glycosyl …

introduced acetone in the preparation of phospholipids (separation from fats and cholesterol).
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These particular glycolipids were later shown to have antibiotic and insecticide properties.

The composition and the structure of a novel phosphatidylinositol-containing glycolipid, now known as membrane anchor, were reported in a protozoan ().

Experiments on Torpedo electric organ led to the suggestion that acetylcholinesterase is anchored to the plasma membrane by one or more phosphatidylinositol molecules linked to a short amino acid sequence at one end of the catalytic subunit of the enzyme (.

First report that fish oils reduced thickening of vein intimal in graft experiments in dogs ().

First published paper in which mutants of were used to elucidate the role of a plant lipid, tr-3-hexadecenoic acid ().

Results from metabolic experiments suggest that 24,25-epoxycholesterol may participate in the regulation of hepatic cholesterol metabolism in vivo (.

C hemical surveys of Ophrys bee pollinated species have identified floral volatile lipid constituents including various terpenes, alcohols, ketones and carboxylic acids (Borg-Karlson AK et al., Chem Script 1985, 25, 283).

discovered in erythrocytes an ATP-dependent aminophospholipid-specific transporter (translocase) which transports phosphatidylserine and phosphatidylethanolamine from the outer to the inner leaflet of plasma membranes ().

Evidence was given for a post-translational modification of proteins byincorporation of isoprenoid lipids ().

New aldehydic products of the cyclooxygenase pathway, levuglandins, have beendiscovered

at Hoffman LaRoche Laboratories (J Org Chem 1961, 26, 2688) and Ege SN et al.
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Synthesis and Characterisation of PLA-CO-PEG …

described for the first time the synthesis of a naturalneutral lipid, tributyrin, by the direct esterification of glycerol and butyricacid ().

"Synthesis and Characterisation of PLA ..

discovered that lipid extracts ofvarious tissues contained a lecithin-rich factor (zymoplastic agent) which wasable to activate blood coagulation.

Gerard was the first to recognize ergosterol in yeast and in fungi in general ().

Loading Web of Science citing article data..

He proposed that these alicyclic lipids (terpenes)can be regarded as oligomers of isoprene.

Windaus A determined chemically the presence of high amounts of free andesterified cholesterol in fat droplets found in sclerotic arteries ().

Citing articles via Google Scholar; Google Scholar

He reported the first composition of the brain lipids including asaponifiable fraction (céphalote) soluble in ether and containing 5.8% ofphosphorus and a non-saponifiable fraction (cérébrote) containing 2.3% ofphosphorus ().

Triglycerides - Chemistry LibreTexts

discovered and named "phytol" the alcohol whichesterifies the tetrapyrrole nucleus (), it wassynthesized in 1928.

Tswett M named "carotenoids" the group of various pigments he has separated fromplants ()

3 The synthesis of glycerides - ScienceDirect

made the first major step to separate the vitamins bypostulating the existence of two factors, : "fat-soluble A" and "water-solubleB" ().

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