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thermodynamics - Efficiency of Stirling engine and …

" I volunteer at the San Diego California Powaytrain station.
We have a Rider Stirling engine that needed to be restored sothey called me to see if I could do it.
We found out that in the 1900’s theyused the stirling to pump water to the water tower so when the steamenginecame
around it would dump 400 gallons of water in the train. We have itworkingand run your tin can stirling just
feet away for better understanding of how itworks. My next project is to get the water pump working on the tin canstirling.
The tin can stirling runs on propane with a 2 inch flame at the endof a ¼ inch pipe inside a reducer from a torch."

Efficiency of Stirling engine and Carnot's theorem

There are Stirling engines in Submarines, stirling machines used as cryocoolers, which are refrigeration systems.


Team Members:
Omar Abimael Arizpe Rodríguez #2
Pablo Cuevas Chavarría #4
Alejandro Escutia Montemayor #7
Jesus Esteban Treviño Rodríguez #25
Stirling Engine
Colegio San Patricio

The primary effect of regeneration in a Stirling engine is to increase the thermal efficiency by 'recycling' internal heat that would otherwise pass through the engine irreversibly.

Homopolar Electric Motor Kit | American Stirling …

There have been many research engines built in recent years but there are only three areas where Stirling engines have made a dramatic impact.

The gas passes back through the regenerator where it recovers much of the heat transferred in 2, heating up on its way to the expansion space.
In most high power Stirling engines, both the minimum pressure and mean pressure of the working fluid are above atmospheric pressure.

Although the engine has a high energy conversion efficiency, it unfortunately has low specific power in that it is quite large for the power produced and this limits its range of uses to low power applications.

Dry Ice Experiment - Power a Stirling Engine

The results of the application of this technique to a lumped volume are used to derive a model for the -piston Stirling engine.

This heat transfer is made increasingly difficult proportionately to the increased power.

Results and conclusion
The stirling engine worked after 2 failed attempts, the CD rotated 1 time in 5 seconds, as the balloon pumped.

The theoretical efficiency η of the Stirling engine is given by Carnot's Law thus:
η = (Th - Tc)/Th or η = 1 - Tc/Th
Where Tc is the temperature of the gas when it is cold and Th is the temperature of the gas when it is hot.
Practical engines with efficiencies of 50% have been produced.

Basically theideal Stirling engine undergoes 4 distinct processes, each one ofwhich can be separately analysed, as shown in the  diagrambelow.
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Final report- stirling - SlideShare

In a Stirling engine, the regenerator is an internal heat exchanger and temporary heat store placed between the hot and cold spaces such that the working fluid passes through it first in one direction then the other, taking heat from the fluid in one direction, and returning it in the other.
22 mm PVC pipe elbow.
38 mm double-sided tape.
Steel wire wool or cotton wool.
0.35 mm fishing line.
0.6 mm Steel wire.
1.5 mm Steel wire.
An old CD.
Milk bottle lid.
Sandpaper, 80-120 grit.
Tape to seal around the cans.

Applications to real life
The modern uses of Stirling engines are invisible to almost everyone.

Are Engines the Future of Solar Power? - Scientific …

Remember no fuel goes through the motor because it is completely sealed from the outside.


Thermodynamics will convert heat into mechanical energy and move the engine.

Can we convert heat to mechanical energy?

The Stirling engine was invented by Robert Stirling in 1816,
the Stirling engine has the potential to be much more efficient than a gasoline or diesel engine.

Are Engines the Future of Solar Power

The Stirling engine can be a very good tool for demonstrating some fundamental physics while discussing topics that are likely to attract and keep the attention of the students.

The Engine of the Future - Your Project - Google Science Fair

A two cylinder stirling tin can engine. It is driving a smallmotor that is being used as a generator.
Watch his "new" video of this machine in action. Take note of the meterthe generator is hooked to!

Stirling Engine Science Fair Project - YouTube

As a secondary effect, increased thermal efficiency yields a higher power output from a given set of hot and cold end heat exchangers.
There are three major types of Stirling engines, that are distinguished by the way they move the air between the hot and cold areas
The beta configuration has a single cylinder with a hot end and a cold end, containing a power piston and a 'displacer' that drives the gas between the hot and cold ends.

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