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Miller–Urey experiment - Wikipedia

Also, you might try actually addressing my actual arguments: An experiment that duplicates a process that is theorized to have happened by chance (the Miller-Urey experiment) does not prove it did happen by chance; it proves that scientists can do whatever they want in a lab provided they have enough materials and time.

Stanley Miller's Forgotten Experiments, Analyzed, Georgia Tech (+Newswise), 25 Jun 2014.

Miller carried out an experiment in 1953 in which he passed a continuous spark discharge at 60,000 Volts through a flask containing the gases identified by Urey, along with water.

by Stanley Miller, with assistance from Harold ..

24 Mar 2011: Residue from one of Stanley Miller's experiments of 1958 has been analyzed....

Unfortunately, even though I myself am one, I don’t think Creationists revel in their faith as much as you seem to suppose, Chris. The Creationists seem intent on not only discrediting evolution but also they oblige themselves with reconciling science and the Bible somehow, which to me suggests that they have more faith in science than they do the Bible (you all will understand that here I refer to science as a belief system–I should actually say “modernism” or similar–and not as a method of obtaining knowledge).

It was not my intent to refute Ryan. I am currently considering the many compelling arguments he made, rather than make an immediate knee-jerk reaction. Please understand that such a reaction is common on “both sides” of the creation-evolution debate. I think there is a healthy need on “both sides” to walk a mile in the other man’s shoes.

The Miller Urey Experiment - Windows to the Universe

3. The “open mind of the learner” also sees that evolution cannot be supported. The fossil record is a more of a mess than evolutionism predicts, there are no verifiable examples of beneficial mutations that affect chromosomal maps or anatomy, many half-lives of radioactive substances frequently used in dating fossils and artifacts are not verifiable with direct observation, and there is still the contradiction of similar reproduction vs. speciation. On top of that, Pasteur showed that spontaneous generation is impossible, so the primordial soup theory is invalid. There are too many variables and requirements.

First, the Miller-Urey experiment produced both left-handed and right-handed molecules in equal proportion. By contrast, we humans are homochiral…the same orientation for all such molecules. This means that beyond the arguments that the experiment was contrived (brilliant minds creating an experiment to mimic mindless randomness), the result never could have led to life as we know it.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Stanley Miller.

You are correct that Carbon-14 decays too quickly to date fossils that are millions of years old; however, no one is using Carbon-14 for this purpose. The ratio of Carbon-14 to nitrogen-14 in plant fossils is only useful in dating archaeological sites up to 60,000 years old. While it’s true that no one can “sit around for 5690 to 5770 years observing and waiting for C14 to decay to half its original quantity,” we can sit around for a few minutes measuring the rate of decay (14 disintegrations per minute) and assume that the laws of physics have remained constant over tens of thousands of years to conclude the half-life of Carbon-14. The same goes for , , , , and .

What Was The Miller-Urey Experiment? - YouTube

Although some evolutionists such as Richard Dawkins are atheists, other evolutionists, such as Kenneth Miller (biology professor at Brown University, and author of ) and Francis Collins (head of the National Human Genome Research Institute) see no conflict between evolutionary theory and religious belief. Mainstream Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, branches of Judaism and Islam all accept evolution.

27/10/2015 · Stanley Miller simulated ..

In the capacity to amaze, nothing tops the 2004 announcement from Peter Brown, Mike Morwood and their colleagues about a 1-meter-tall "hobbit," . The researchers found in Liang Bua Cave on the Indonesian island of Flores. Controversy raged around the hobbits, with some alleging the hominins were malformed, little-brained midgets, but braincase scans suggested otherwise. The species identification was bolstered by another find, made in 2014 and published in 2016, of a partial mandible and some isolated teeth from Mata Menge, about 50 miles east of Liang Bua. The later research team, led by Gerrit van den Bergh, dated the finds at 700,000 years old, and because the wisdom tooth had erupted, they identified the mandible as belonging to an adult. Understanding that future discoveries might change the picture, they provisionally classified the new finds in the same species, , though the newly discovered mandible was actually smaller than those described in 2004.

Recall Miller's hypothesis for the Miller-Urey ..

Geological-based dating methods suppose that the speed at which the river deepens (or the tectonic plate moves, or similar) has always been the same. Actually, when the aforementioned geological processes (among others) started, they went faster, so they took less time. Therefore, the age of the earth by those standards probably isnt as old as scientists cause to be written in textbooks.

Harold Urey - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

In the history of paleoanthropology, Neanderthals are central. A lot of our earliest fossil evidence for human evolution comes in the form of Neanderthals . . . And yet in an evolutionary standpoint, Neanderthals probably aren't as important as the attention we give them. If we think about the evolutionary reality of humans for the last million and half years, as they've occupied large stretches of Africa, the Middle East, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe was probably always fairly marginal, on the peripheries of that environment. Europe was one of the last areas of the Old World to be occupied. And throughout the late Pleistocene, as we had major ice age events, it became an even smaller space, as populations where restricted to Southern Europe. So Neanderthals were probably always a fairly small population, probably only a tenth the size of the population in Africa, maybe even less. . . . But they're important in the history our discipline because they've been the center of discussion for so long.

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