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Roland GR55S Guitar and Bass Synthesizer (No Pickup) ..

Plus a good page showing eachof Roland's that werecreated to program synths like the Juno 60, Alpha Juno 1/2/MKS50, JX3P, JX8P/JX10/MKS70 and D50/550.

And for those who want to go deep, the GR-55 offers huge array of controllable parameters.

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The Roland GR55S Guitar and Bass Synthesizer offers the ..

so little time Guitar Synthesiser - Roland GR-55 or Boss SY ..

The GR-55 provides foot control of USB audio playback so your hands never need to leave the guitar.

I think they adopted guitar synths live a bit later than Discipline, when I saw them twice on that tour they only used regular guitars. They did make some outrageous sounds but nothing that couldn’t be duplicated with guitar and FX. Adrian Belew in particular was quite good at making his odd guitar sounds by physically abusing his guitar and use of FX. The Elephant Talk elephant call is flanger, distortion and touch no synths (pretty much the same for Lone Rhinocerous mainly flanger and hands). Any synth that was used was the keys next to Fripp. Fripp was still using his venerable Les Paul Black Beauty, Belew used a strat. I never saw Fripp use guitar synth live until later tours tho’ in the studio he may have used them especially for the hexaphonic fuzz ( IMHO the best thing that the GR300 did). They did however tend to stay with older technology in fact they only recently moved on from Roland GR-1s so in reality they are much slower at adopting new tech than one would guess. It has always been amazing to me the range of sounds that can be made with a guitar and a few FX when in the hands of a creative master.

ROLAND GR-30 Guitar Synthesizer - AUD 100.00 | …

Roland GR55GK Guitar Synthesizer - The Roland GR55S Guitar Synthesizer ..

These days I use a Roland GR-55 synth module which also gives you the VG functions as well ( processing the actual sounds from the pickup rather than midi coversion this has negligible latency). The Roland GR-55 has a new generation of midi coversion that is extremely fast, in fact it is so fast that I cannot detect any latency at all even on the low E string (which is amazing given that you need a full cycle of the waveform to determine pitch tho’ there are some tricks that can be used). The GR-55 is a vast improvement over earlier models as it adds a setting for distance from pickup to bridge saddle distance as well as the gain setting for each string.

While I very much dig my new Roland GR-55 I still use my GR-30 and 2 of the GK Effect pedals (WP-20G Wave Processor and OC-20G Poly Octave w/hexaphonic distortion both are all analog hex effects now sadly out of production). I use a Roland GKP-4 which takes the GK pickup and multiplies it to 4 outputs. I mix all those together for a very fat sound that is a real trip to play, I mainly use it when I play with The Dits a european style free improvisation trio. We usually sound like many more musicians because Scott and I usually are doing 2-3 things at a time. It’s always a gas watching the audience trying to figure out who is making which sound (sometimes it is even difficult for me to tell who is playing what when I am listening to mixes when I am engineering the recordings).

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Roland GR-30 Guitar Synthesizer with only some light where

I have been using a synth guitar since 1999 when I bought my Roland GR30. I use the magnetic hex pickups on my guitars. I had a Brian Moore synth ready guitar but I found when I played with loud guitarists and drummers that I had a lot of false triggers of notes. I eventually figured out that piezo elements were picking up noise from the other band members causing false triggers. I had no trouble selling the Brian Moore for what I paid for it luckily. Since then I have found that mounting the GR hex pickup solidly as close to the bridge as possible gives the best triggering. I have also found you need to develop an extremely clean picking style and damping of strings and ending notes accurately is a must. These days I prefer the GK-3 pickup with the adapter to mount it to a tune-o-matic bridge, this gives a very solid mount and puts the pickup as close to the bridge as is possible. Using sticky tape can cause severe tracking issues.

These days I use a Roland GR-55 synth module which also gives you ..

So my take on synth guitar is that is very viable for guitarists and has been for a many years. Robert Fripp and Adrian Belew use them very effectively and they use the old Roland GR-1s which have a lot of latency issues (they seem to be updating to GR-55s slowly these days). I also have a buddy that can make a GR-1 really work great. They all learned to play ahead of the note to make the midi play on time. That just requires practice just like playing guitar but it can be frustrating for those that think it should be a turnkey operation. There are no short cuts. It’s another tool in the tool box for us to use.

ROLAND GR55-S Guitar Synthesiser Module Black …

I agree on Roland’s sound design issue the older modules had really terrible patches, but it was pretty trivial to modify or create your own especially with the free editors available. However the newest model GR-55 makes a big departure from the old lousy patches. They must have hired real musicians to design the sounds rather than having electronic engineers do it like in the past. I have modified a few patches on my GR-55 but mostly just put them in a more useful order. I have also been using it with my Moog Slim Phatty, my iPad soft synths and my windows laptop soft synths. I dig the Moog because it adds the idea of working with a monophonic synth, I find sometimes that limits stretch my creativity in new directions. I don’t mind the cabling since I’ve never been a big wireless guy. Live tho’ I am much more comfortable with the GR-55’s sound engine since I am leery of computer crashes or networking problems etc. If I were contemplating using a Mac Mini I would definitely have a ups to avoid wonky stage power and have some sort of backup system if everything went south. But then again technology is always improving. However as a long time tech and maintainer of a lot of computer based chemistry instrumentation I know what can go wrong when things get wonky so I am a bit overly paranoid about such things.

Roland Gr 55 Guitar Synthesizer Overview Demo 1 Of 4

Onstage or in the studio, you can instantly access the GR-55’s huge library of ready-to-use sounds, from pop to rock and beyond, with quick-access category buttons.

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