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4. Richard Lindzen: The iris hypothesis - Head in the Clouds

Dr. Richard S. Lindzen ( b. February 8, 1940) is the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology He is funded by fossil fuel interests, such as .

New Paper Ponders Richard Lindzen’s Iris Hypothesis | …

Humid and dry regions of the tropical atmosphere are very distinct. The image at left shows humidity measured by the SSM/T-2 Atmospheric Water Vapor Profiler at pressures ranging from 250 to 600 millibars (the mid-troposphere; note that the black areas in this image are where no data was collected). Lindzen reasons that areas of low humidity (white) opening and closing helps regulate the temperature of the Earth. Lindzen further hypothesizes that high sea surface temperatures would create storms that precipitated more efficiently, reducing the size of humid areas in the atmosphere. By linking the two ideas he came up with a mechanism that effectively offsets global warming due to a buildup of greenhouse gases by allowing more heat to escape to space. (Image from the IPCC report )

Climate misinformer: Richard Lindzen - Skeptical Science

08/02/2017 · Explaining what we could find out about Richard Lindzen

The Times article focused on the “iris hypothesis,” which was proposed by Richard Lindzen, professor of meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a hero to the anti-science movement. Lindzen hypothesized that as the world grows warmer, more rain will fall in the tropics, resulting in fewer high cirrus clouds. This reduced cloud cover will allow more infrared radiation to escape, cooling the world.

In November 2004, climate change skeptic Richard Lindzen was quoted saying he'd be willing to bet that the earth's climate will be cooler in 20 years than it is today. When British climate researcher James Annan contacted him, however, Lindzen would only agree to take the bet if Annan offered a 50-to-1 payout. Subsequent offers of a wager were also refused by Pat Michaels, Chip Knappenberger, Piers Corbyn, Myron Ebell, Zbigniew Jaworowski, Sherwood Idso and William Kininmonth. At long last, however, Annan has persuaded Russian solar physicists Galina Mashnich and Vladimir Bashkirtsev to take a $10,000 bet. "There isn't much money in climate science and I'm still looking for that gold watch at retirement," Annan says. "A pay-off would be a nice top-up to my pension."

Climate Misinformer: Richard Lindzen

When will Lindzen get over his bitterness that his Iris hypothesis is a ..

A later 2007 study conducted by Roy Spencer et al. using updatedsatellite data potentially supported the iris hypothesis. In 2011,Lindzen published a rebuttal to the main criticisms. In 2015 a paperwas published which again suggested the possibility of an "IrisEffect". It also proposed what it called a "plausible physicalmechanism for an iris effect." In 2017 a paper was published whichfound that "that tropical anvil cirrus clouds exert a negative climatefeedback in strong association with precipitation efficiency" . Ifconfirmed then that finding would be highly supportive of theexistence of an "Iris Effect".

Lindzen is perhaps best known for his "Iris hypothesis", which proposed that, like the iris of an eye, the earth's cloud systems will act to lessen global warming. Other climate researchers believe that further research has not supported this hypothesis;

Lindzen hypothesized that the Earth may act like an infrared iris
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MIT scientist, Richard Lindzen has proposed the Iris Hypothesis, ..

Lindzen admits that he still doesn’t know exactly how this infrarediris works, but his hypothesis is that the amount of cirrus“precipitated” out from cumulus depends upon what percent of thewater vapor that is rising in a deep convective cloud condenses and falls asrain drops. Most of the water vapor condenses, but not all of it rains out. Sometimes the water vapor cannot form droplets into rain fast enough to avoidthe strong updraft, and much of this moisture eventually goes into forming high,thin cirrus clouds. But the more moisture rains out of the cloud, the lessthere is available to form cirrus clouds.

Richard S. Lindzen - SourceWatch

In a section on the "Role of Water Vapor", the GCC's Science and Technical Advisory Committee wrote that "In 1990, Prof Richard Lindzen of MIT argued that the models which were being used to predict greenhouse warming were incorrect because they predicted an increase in water vapor at all levels of the troposphere. Since water vapor is a greenhouse gas, the models predict warming at all levels of the troposphere. However, warming should create convective turbulence, which would lead to more condensation of water vapor (i.e. more rain) and both drying and cooling of the troposphere above 5 km. This negative feedback would act as, a "thermostat" keeping temperatures from rising significantly."

Iris Hypothesis - NASA Earth Observatory

, journalist and author, wrote a 1995 article in which was critical of Lindzen and other global warming skeptics. In the article, Gelbspan reports Lindzen charged "oil and coal interests $2,500 a day for his consulting services; [and] his 1991 trip to testify before a Senate committee was paid for by and a speech he wrote, entitled 'Global Warming: the Origin and Nature of Alleged Scientific Consensus,' was underwritten by ."

In the early 1980s Richard Lindzen, ..

In the early 1980s Richard Lindzen, a theoretician and professor ofmeteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, turned his attentionto the “forcings” and “feedbacks” that water vapor andclouds exert on the climate system. He wanted to find out how the climate as awhole responds to changes in water vapor and cloud cover.

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