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It was on the steps of his guest house that thelast act of a terrible tragedy took place only ashort time before we visited Iskil. About tenyears ago, in 1891, a man called MahommedHussein Khan, an Afghan refugee, came to livein Bunjar, bringing with him a wife (concubine),her mother and a child. Shortly afterhis arrival he left his family in Bunjar and wenton a pilgrimage to Meshed. No news wasreceived of him for a very long time, and thewife wrote to him—when her money andpatience were exhausted—that if he did notreturn on a certain date or answer her letter sheshould consider herself divorced from him. Hereplied that she might consider herself free fromthe date of receipt of his letter, and requestedher to send her mother in charge of his child toMeshed.

stricta syntetiserar ett hundratal alkaloider varav endast en bråkdel har studerats närmare.

Species which dominates these communities were Spergularia marina, Dodonea viscosa, Rhazya stricta, Otostegia lambata, Euphorbia hirta, Anagallis arvensis, Opuntia dilleni, Bromus pectinatus, Cenchrus cilliaris, Hordeum murinum and Ziziphus nummularia.

Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary - Wikipedia

This again, as we have seen, is also one of thecharacteristics of the Zaidan buildings.

A Persian crowd is always almost colourless, andhardly relieved by an occasional touch of green inthe men's kamarbands or a bright spot of vermilionin the children's clothes. The illustration representingthe scene, shows on the left-handside of the observer, the ruined fortress at thewestern end of the city of Birjand, and thenear range of hills to the north-west which, asI mentioned, would afford most excellent positionsfor artillery for commanding Birjand. The domedbuilding in the centre of the photograph is oneof the dead-houses adjoining every cemetery inPersia, to which the bodies are conveyed andprepared previous to interment.

The four Cossacks, also, who were at thecaravanserai received orders to leave at once fortheir post at Sistan, and gaily departed in chargeof the British Consular courier who was to showthem the way.

Thesis Type: Doctorate Thesis : Publishing Year: 1438 AH 2016 AD :

The stable was most peculiarly shaped, endingin a sharp point at one end.

Unluckily, the lady was a Suni and KalantarMir-Abbas was a Shia, which made it difficultto overcome certain religious obstacles. Such aunion would anyhow be greatly resented byrelations on both sides. In fact, about a yearago, 1900, the lady's brother, a native of Girisk,near Kandahar, enraged at his sister marrying aman who was not an Afghan, and of a differentpersuasion, came to Iskil with characteristicallytreacherous Afghan ways and sought service withthe Kalantar, assuring him of the great affectionand devotion he entertained towards him. Thegood-hearted Kalantar immediately gave himemployment and treated him most generously.

There seems to have been a great spaceintervening between this wall and the nearesthabitations, but why that was would now bedifficult to ascertain except by digging to aconsiderable depth. It seems hardly likely thata moat with water should have been constructedon the inside of the fortress, although at firstsight one might be led to conclude that thiswas the case.

The bones of the skeleton are extremely hardand possess abnormal elasticity of texture, andare, therefore, not easily fractured.
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02/08/2017 · This thesis is divided into two parts

Sir Charles McGregor, Goldsmid, Bellew,Major MacMahon, Napier, and one or twoothers who have visited the country north of theZirreh, can fully testify to the amazing remainsof former prosperity in Sistan and south-westAfghanistan.

Deanship of Graduate Studies | Researches | …

To the east-south-east of the lakes the sand-hillsrise to a great height and eventually form ahigh ridge, which for some reason or other iscut perpendicularly on its western side, possiblyas the result of a volcanic commotion. Ofsimilar origin probably was the gigantic crackcaused by an earthquake which we shall examinelater on near Nushki. In fact, both the crackat Nushki and the collapse of the west side ofthis hill range, as well as a great portion of thatdeep crack in the earth's crest in which theShela flows, have very likely been formed by thesame cause. They are within the same zone ofvolcanic formation. In the particular case ofthis hill range in Afghanistan the collapse didnot appear to me to be due to the action ofwater, but to a sudden crumbling which hadcaused a very sharp vertical cut.


Mahommed Raza-chah was 3,820 feet abovesea level, and the track from this point wentsouth east (to 110° bearings magnetic). Therewas a in charge of two stations withfour and four camels. It was all onecould do upon this road to find anything ofsome interest, barring the geological formationof the country and the movement of the sand,which rather began to pall upon one aftermonths of nothing else, and when one cameacross a patch of tamarisk trees a little tallerthan usual one could not take one's eyes offthem, they seemed such interesting objects inthe monotonous marches.

30/12/2017 · This thesis is divided into two parts

Sir Charles McGregor gives an amusingreceipt for those who wish to know what thewater at Godar-i-Chah is like without having thetrouble of going there. "Take the first nasty-lookingwater you can find. Mix salt with ituntil it tastes as nasty as it looks, then impregnateit with gas from a London street lamp,and add a little bilge-water, shake vigorously andit is ready for use." Major McMahon alsotestifies to the accuracy of the above receipt, but,he adds, "it was not nearly so bad as much wefound elsewhere."


An excellent track—A quaint rock—A salt rivulet—Laskerisha—MahommedRaza-chah—Beluch encampment—Thehorrors of photography—Maternal love—A track toMirjawa—Kirtaka—Direct track to Sher-i-Nasrya—Trackto Cabul—Sand-hills—A wide river bed—A high yellowpillar—Undulating track—Ten sharp-pointed peaks.

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