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“Lethally dangerous radioactive materials cannot be safely handled.”

So, you’re saying that lethally dangerous radioactive materials “probably” produce beneficial effects from all of the dangerous
radioactive materials that are spread over very large areas by radioactive disasters. Well, then, in how many areas contaminated by dangerously radioactive materials have people experienced beneficial effects?

Coal, oil, and lethally radioactive materials are definitely not clean nor safe.

was an excursion of 3×10 fissions at the RA-2 facility – See more at:
Argentinian example reveals the writer’s malicious ignorance: “excursion of 3 x10 fissions”

The Controllers: A New Hypothesis of Alien Abduction

At rest, the bicycle is unstable because it has no base of support. A base of support is the polygon formed by an object's contact points with the ground. For example, a table has a square or rectangular base of support defined by its four legs as they touch the floor. As long as an object's center of gravity (the effective location of its weight) is above this base of support, the object is statically stable. That stability has to do with the object's increasing potential (stored) energy as it tips-tipping a statically stable object raises its center of gravity and gravitational potential energy, so that it naturally accelerates back toward its upright position. Since a bicycle has only two contact points with the ground, the base of support is a line segment and the bicycle can't have static stability.

In the gyroscopic precession steering, the spinning wheel behaves as a gyroscope. It has angular momentum, a conserved quantity of motion associated with spinning, and this angular momentum points toward the left (a convention that you can understand by pointing the curved fingers of your right hand around in the direction of the tire's motion; your thumb will then point to the left). When the bicycle begins to lean to one side, for example to the left, the ground begins to twist the front wheel. Since the ground pushes upward on the bottom of that wheel, it tends to twist the wheel counter-clockwise according to the rider. This twist or torque points toward the rear of the bicycle (again, when the fingers of your right hand arc around counterclockwise, your thumb will point toward the rear). When a rearward torque is exerted on an object with a leftward angular momentum, that angular momentum drifts toward the left-rear. In this case, the bicycle wheel steers toward the left. While I know that this argument is difficult to follow, since angular effects like precession challenge even first-year physics graduate students, but the basic result is simple: the forward moving bicycle steers in the direction that it leans and naturally drives under its own center of gravity. You can see this effect by rolling a coin forward on a hard surface: it will automatically balance itself by driving under its center of gravity.

Life on Earth 'began on a radioactive beach' - Telegraph

I was commenting on an entry from the very self-important SA Kiteman. He is a pro-nuclear who likes to claim that lethally dangerous radioactive materials are safe and harmless, so safe and harmless that we could have a Chernobyl each and every day and suffer no harm of any kind.

The sea looks similar in the satellite photo of Reactor #3 three minutes after the detonation on March 14th. The color can be clearly seen on the surface of the sea. I would say it looks incandescent in a way that differentiates the color from colors we commonly see in nature. Seeing the sea colored by radioactive isotopes sickens me. The color of the sky has changed too. It is no longer beautiful. It is frightening. Everything is now changed forever. We must take greatest care.

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Radioactive Hot Spots on Earth's Beaches ..

Lenses are often characterized by their f-numbers, where f-number is the ratio of effective focal length to effective lens diameter. Focal length is the distance between the lens and the real image it forms of a distant object. For example, if a particular converging lens projects a real image of the moon onto a piece of paper placed 200 millimeters (200 mm) from the lens, then that lens has a focal length of 200 mm. And if the lens is 50 mm in diameter, it has an f-number of 4 because 200 mm divided by 50 mm is 4.

Radioactive beach | Radiation Hormesis

In fiscal 2015, the ministry will launch full-fledged work to develop low-cost technologies to separate soil in accordance with radioactivity levels. It will also run tests on which less-tainted soil will be mixed with other materials and used for roadbeds under asphalt.

Posts about Radioactive beach written by radiationhormesis ..

I hope that you can see that there is no reason why the earth should be fixed in space while the moon orbits about it. You've been sold a bill of goods. The mistaken notion that the moon orbits a fixed earth is a wonderful example of the "factoid science" that often passes for real science in our society.

Radiation and Life - World Nuclear Association

I agree with your pixels above, except for the human selfishness. Just like other mammals we grow up as taught. Example; Pit bull dogs, raised in loving family environment are mans best friend.
Example; First Nation peoples love earth, and are the ultimate example of living in harmony with the Earth.
Don't expect to find any CEO/CFO living in a teepee when it all crashes.

Everything You Need to Know About Fukushima’s 'Radioactive' Whales ..

PJ, what is your take on the fact that the hole in the north is not under the equipment pool, but beside it? Is the corium going sideways, not down, before BLASTING out that hole? People keep repeating this hypothesis…it doesnt match the photographic evidence.

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