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UV–Visible Spectroscopy: Electromagnetic spectrum, basic principles, concept of chromophore, electronic transitions in organic compounds, Structure elucidation by UV-Vis and Woodward – Fisher rules; IR – Spectroscopy: Basic principles, IR as a tool for functional groups determination in organic compounds; NMR Spectroscopy: Basic principles. Introduction to NMR techniques – CW and FT NMR techniques, 1H NMR Spectral parameters – intensity, chemical shift, multiplicity, coupling constant; Analysis of first and second order spectra. Multinuclear NMR (with specific emphasis on 13C NMR): Proton coupled, off–resonance decoupled 13C NMR spectra. Structure determination by NMR: Assignment of chemical shifts, additively effect, characteristic chemical shifts of common organic compounds and functional groups, DEPT spectra. Introduction to multinuclear NMR of common hetero atoms present in organic compounds (N, F, O, P, D). 2 D NMR techniques Homo- & Hetero-COSY and NOESY spectra; Mass Spectroscopy: Basic principles, techniques of ion production and ion and daughter ions, molecular ion and isotope abundance, Meta-stable ions, Fragmentation pathways: Mc-Lafferty Rearrangement and fragmentation pattern of common chemical classes. Application of MASS for organic structure elucidation: determination of molecular formula and MASS spectra-structure correlation.

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Physical Chemistry Experiments: Kinetics of Sucrose Inversion; Determination of unknown Concentration using UV Spectroscopy; Adsorption; Thermodynamics of charge transfer complexes; Electron transfer studies in Fe3+/Fe2+ system using electrochemical techniques; Interpretation of powder XRD pattern of some known oxide materials; Studying the photoelectric effect for the dual nature of the light; Elevation in boiling point to calculate the boiling point elevation constant; Calculating the distribution constant and/or equilibrium constant of I2 in aqueous medium; Sol-gel synthesis of SiO2 aerogels.

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Background Osteoporosis is a major public health problem of largely unknown cause

This graduate level course will focus on the competing definitions and paradigms of globalization, drawing from a variety of disciplines including sociology, economics, political science and culture studies. It will include discussions on global production networks, development debates, role of global governance institutions and global inequalities. In addition, the course will analyze sources, consequences and modalities of transnational migrations and related issues of identity, belonging, citizenship and diaspora, with particular attention to how definitions of gender and sexuality are reproduced, deployed and negotiated in these processes. Overall, the course is open to myriad forms of economic, social and cultural globalization in our times.

Introduction to human visual perception – visual system, eye, constancy, continuation, shadows; Graphics pipeline; Mathematical foundations – sets, functions, coordinates, operations on coordinates, intersections, triangles, polygons; Introduction to OpenGL and WebGL; Shaders – vertex, fragment, GLSL; Transformations – 2D, 3D; Cameras and transformations – perspective and orthographic; Ray casting and rasterization; Basic image processing tools and techniques – convolution, sampling, aliasing, Fourier transform, enlarging, shrinking; Textures – mapping, synthesis; Interaction techniques – multi-touch, mouse-based; Splines – polynomial curves, Hermite curve, cubic B-splines; Meshes – topology, geometry, applications; Light – physics, measurement, reflectance; Materials and scattering – object-level, surface, models; Color – perception, color spaces; Principles of ray tracing and rendering; Basics of motion and animation; Graphics hardware basics.

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Pharmaceuticals | An Open Access Pharmaceutical …

Review of performance-based design concepts, LRFD cold design of RCC and steel structures; codified models for fire, standard and natural fire; material behavior of steel and concrete constituents in fire; estimation of time-temperature curves for structural members in different fire and exposure/ventilation scenarios; design considerations for individual members exposed to fire: structural members in tension, compression, bending; provisions in Eurocodes and IS 456, 800, 1641, 1642 and 1643 to ensure fire safety; fire proofing materials used to enhance fire resistance of structural members; behavior of structural systems under fire; preventive/protective systems for structures.

Open channel flow; Computations in gradually varied flows and rapidly varied flows;Mathematical description of flow and sediment transport;1-D/2-D/3-D computations in river flows; Dam break flow on rigid and mobile beds; Meandering of rivers; River training works including flood protection due to river overflow,levee, river bed lining,bridge pier protection due to river water flow;Design of bridges, dams, spillways; Irrigation control structures; Indian standards related to river engineering; Flow measurements in rivers; Physical modeling of river flows;Protection of river water from pollution;Introduction to various Indian agencies (CWC, NIH, CWPRS etc.); Field trip to a river;Project work .

Pharmaceuticals, an international, peer-reviewed Open Access journal.
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Hair grows from your head, nonstop, day in and day out. The cells of your hair follicles somehow generate all of the protein that make up this hair. How is this protein created? The answers to these questions are DNA replication and protein synthesis. The activity in this section places you within the cell, involving you with the processes of DNA replication and protein synthesis.

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The paper describes a new and technically simple one-pot protocol for synthesising tertiary amines using tertiary amides as starting materials and Grignard reagents as the reactive coupling partners for carbon-carbon bond formation.

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