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This course is designed for professionals—psychotherapists, spiritual directors, counselors, teachers, coaches, and others in the helping professions. The text for this course is (SUNY Press, 2010) by John Firman and Ann Gila, and the topics covered in this course include psychosynthesis therapy as a journey model, spiritual empathy, therapist as authentic unifying center, the death and rebirth of the therapist, power and ethics, and empathic resonance. This material will be explored both conceptually and experientially through the readings, exercises and questions posed by the instructor. Students are required to write six five-page papers that will be returned with the instructor’s comments, and there will be three one-hour conversations with the instructor via Skype.

Assagioli, Roberto, Undated 2, , (Handed out from The Psychosynthesis and Education Trust, London)

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Psychosynthesis & Education Trust …

Assagioli, Roberto, Undated 3, , The Psychosynthesis and Education Trust, London

A team of qualified psychosynthesis practitioners teach and supervise students. The team is drawn from various backgrounds and disciplines, including psychology, education, philosophy, religious practice, psychiatry, organisational work and management. The team includes friends and students of Assagioli, those who have a long history with the Trust and psychosynthesis, and specialists in other modalities, like Gestalt and Systemic Family Constellations work. The experience and diversity they bring is a huge asset to our training programme.

Come along to an open evening to find out more about psychosynthesis and our training and development programmes. Connect to other people interested in the same thing, and meet one of our trainers or tutors. It’s a chance to ask questions and also get a feel for the Trust.


Assagioli, Roberto, Undated 15, (Handed out from The Psychosynthesis and Education Trust, London)

Who Should Apply The distance-learning course is open to anyone who wishes to begin to apply the principles of psychosynthesis in their personal or professional lives. Psychosynthesis has been used by psychotherapists, family therapists, pastoral counselors, body workers, spiritual directors, business people, lawyers, physicians, nurses, artists, writers, social workers, educators, hypnotherapists, parents, and many lay people seeking to foster their own personal growth.

The living conscious human entity in man is at the centre of the Egg Diagram (5) and called the conscious self, or “I.” This self is a point of , and experienced as the inner observer and actor when disidentified from the content of consciousness (thoughts, emotions and sensations etc.). Very often we are so identified with the content of consciousness that we never experience this centre, but according to Assagioli (1975: 111) this is one of the major objectives in Psychosynthesis therapy to teach the client to step back (disidentify) and observe the contents in order to transform it.

As a charity and educational trust, a board of trustees governs the Trust.
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Psychosynthesis and Education Trust, London - …

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The psychosynthesis & education trust | Emagister

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Psychosynthesis And Education Trust in London, …

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The Psychosynthesis & Education Trust, 92-94 Tooley …

The Trust has a social purpose reflected in our status as a charitable educational trust. We are committed to bringing benefit to the individual and collective through teaching psychosynthesis and supporting ongoing enquiry into psychospiritual development.

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