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There are several necessary steps.

Many people are already attuned to the spirit of peace and the power of synthesis. They choose to participate consciously in the larger whole. They identify themselves as planetary citizens, members of the family of humanity. These people have already achieved some measure of synthesis within – a necessary step toward inter-individual psychosynthesis. They have learned to overcome the inner fragmentation, the sense of alienation, the effects of so much stimulation in our urban environments.

CullenThis is an introduction to a very basic psychosynthesis exercise that builds on the .

The construct "evolution" embodies a belief that there is an inner blueprint which guides our growth. In plants, such a hidden pattern suggested by the growth of a seed into a mature plant. Each acorn, for example, sprouts and develops following a specific sequence. As bark and leaves are formed they display characteristics that are the same for all oak trees. Even so, each tree develops a unique arrangement of branches.

Do not slouch down as there may be a tendency to fall asleep.

It is a very precious instrument, but you are not your body.

Beyond this Higher Self, at the essence of human nature, at the spiritual core is an experience that transcends all sense of separateness which is associated with such experiences as mystical union, cosmic consciousness, communion with God. While the idea of a universal Self is mentioned by Assagioli, there is little detail in the psychosynthesis literature about this highest Self within us, although its will aspect is discussed briefly as the "Universal Will." (Assagioli, 1973) Perhaps only a small percentage of human beings have experienced it. Here we have reached the limits of psychosynthesis, which values focusing on the practical. The ultimate nature of the Self and the experience of cosmic consciousness are not given much attention in psychosynthesis because of the already broad range encompassed by the tasks of integration of the personality and the synthesis of personality and higher consciousness. For people who have achieved a measure of synthesis, however, these become a natural next step ahead, and the work of psychosynthesis is transcended and included in an even vaster work on higher spiritual levels.

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Our language tends to reinforce emotional identification.

If you think that you are your body, then when your body changes, you lose your identity.

Sometimes spiritual psychosynthesis brings dramatic changes in behavior. A person who is transformed may change careers or create new relationships. On the other hand, there are few outward signs of some expansions of consciousness, since they are more qualitative than quantitative. One's inner life, the quality of one's inner experience can be vastly altered while roles and relationships – the forms of one's life – remain about the same. Assagioli has illustrated in his story of the three stone cutters working on building a church. (Assagioli, 1973) Each stone cutter has a different perception and experience of the job. The first is in a dull routine of cutting stones all day, the second is earning a living for himself and his family, the third is joyously building a temple for the Lord.

So as we evolve toward a higher consciousness, the forms of our lives may or may not change outwardly, but the point of view shifts and inner life expands to include a broader perspective, a greater wisdom, depth of understanding, and new meaning. In the spirit of synthesis we do not split off from our everyday needs and responsibilities to live in some transcendent realm. A zen statement of this is, "Before enlightenment, lifting water, carrying wood; after enlightenment, lifting water, carrying wood." The Sufi's have their way of saying that one does not forsake the material world for the spiritual life: "Pray to Allah, but tie your camel first."

Psychosynthesis teaches us that we can control this process and be in charge of our identities.
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They are constantly changing, but you remain.

In humanity as a whole this same sequence can be observed: the movement from focusing on physical mastery to emotional then mental mastery and beyond to higher consciousness. In times when people lived in caves, most of the energy was expended on sheer physical survival. Full-time work was required for gathering food, hunting game, protecting the group from wild animals or hostile humans, and maintaining adequate shelter. As time went on, animal husbandry and agriculture were developed along with cities and specializations. Physical survival then became easier for many, and there was time for growth of human relationships in the realm of emotions and desires. Eventually emotional focus was achieved for the masses of humanity which predominates today. We see political campaigns and advertising appealing to our emotional or desire nature to be effective for the general public.

This can be a most significant management tool.

Mental development has just begun for the vast majority of human beings, placing the race at an adolescent stage in its development. Assagioli has compared the relations of nations to immature adolescent behavior. (Assagioli, 1965) Only a minority of human beings today have highly trained thinking mind, and fewer still have the ability to live everyday as a centered self, in touch with the abstract mind and Higher Self.

There is a great sense of power associated with this experience.

Within this universal pattern, each individual faces life's challenges their own pace and in their own way. Psychosynthesis places a very high value on these individual differences, assisting people in discovering their unique contributions to the larger whole. We often ask the questions, "Who am I?" "What is my next step ahead?" "What are blocks to taking that step?" "What can I do at this time to foster my growth process?"

For many managers this is the most difficult step.

In early childhood, the main challenge is achieving mastery of the physical body. A baby grows to greater autonomy by learning to feed, dress and clean itself. In grade school the child is involved in a complex network of relationships among family, peers, teachers, and must learn appropriate expression and sublimation of emotions and desires to make a healthy adaptation to the social environment Emotional development continues to be a focus into adolescence where intellectual growth and mastery can become the central developmental task. Moving toward maturity the potential exists for developing the sense of a centered self – an identity which transcends family patterns and social conditioning. Many people can continue growing toward the sense of an even deeper identity – the soul or Higher Self.

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