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The Riemann Hypothesis - Prime Pages

Let us take another view. Let us assume that the pithecanthropusreally died 750,000 years ago, as claimed, which is 1.25% of 60,000,000years. Therefore, its brain capacity then should have been 98.75%normal, or 1481.25 c.c. or 18.75 c.c. less than the normal 1500c.c. Also 750,000 years is only .15% of 500,000,000 years; hencein that case, the brain should have been 99.85% normal, or 1497.75c.c. In either case, the intelligence must have excelled thatof many nations and races. All these calculations prove positivelythat no such creatures as these four alleged ape-men ever couldhave lived in the age assigned to them; or, if so, that none couldhave had, at that time, the low brain capacity claimed. Q. E.D.

Here we define, then discuss the Riemann hypothesis. We provide several related links.

Here is where it gets good. When the two theories, roll angle and jacking force, are applied and the optimum control arm angles are arrived at to produce the best performance, the angles of the upper and lower control arms for each theory are very similar. So close in fact, we could say there is no significant difference.

Statistical hypothesis testing - Wikipedia

Dr. St. George Mivert, late professor of biology in the UniversityCollege of Kensington, calls Darwinism a

Imagine the Copernican or the gravitation theory dependingon a number of possibilities or probabilities! No true theoryis built on such an uncertain foundation.

The theory that all plants and animals have descended fromone primordial germ, is staggering to the mind. If so, how wasit? Did this original germ split in two, like some disease germs,one of them the beginning of plant life, and the other the headof all animal life? Or, did vegetation only, grow from this firstgerm for ages, and then some of it turn into species of animals?As if the guess were worthy of attention, some are ready to assertthat early vegetation Algae turned into animals. Did plants becomeanimals somewhere along the way? Or did animals, somewhere alongthe way, turn into plants? How long did they interbreed beforethe gap became too wide? Where are the descendants of the unionbetween plants and animals? If animals were first developed fromthis first germ, what did they live on while there was no vegetation?What folly is like the folly of the evolutionist who claims thatsuch weird speculation is science?

Proving a Hypothesis… | jdpsych

But the agile evolutionist may try to escape the death sentenceof mathematics and the condemnation of reason, by saying thatthe brain developed more rapidly than the rest of the body. Buthe is stopped from that claim, by the statement of this same Prof.R. S. Lull: "The brain, especially the type of brain foundin the higher human races, must have been very slow of development."If so, the pithecanthropus must have lived more than 20,000,000years ago! So swiftly does inexorable mathematics upset this recklesstheory.

According to Prof. R. S. Lull and other evolutionists, "Theskull of the pithecanthropus is characterized by a limited capacityof about two-thirds that of a man." Assuming that this skullis that of a normal creature of that age, as is done in all thearguments of "our friends, the enemy," then the pithecanthropusmust have lived 20,000,000 years ago, one-third the period assignedto life. They claim the pithecanthropus lived 750,000 years ago;later the guess is reduced to 375,000. Does any one in his sensesbelieve that an ape-human animal developed one-third of the normalhuman brain in 375,000 or 750,000 years, when it took 59,250,000years to develop two-thirds of the brain? If one-third of thenormal brain developed in the last 750,000 years, the rate ofdevelopment must have been 39.5 times as great as in the preceding59,250,000 years. If one-third developed in the last 375,000 years,the rate of development must have been 78 times as rapid as inthe preceding 59,625,000 years. This is incredible. If life began500,000,000 years ago, and one-third the brain developed in thelast 750,000 years the rate must have been 332 times as rapidas in the preceding 499,250,000 years; and 666 times as rapidin 375,000 years as in the preceding 499,625,000 years. All theseguesses are clearly impossible.

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Do I get one million dollars for disproving The Riemann Hypothesis

Can a theory that is consistent with false theories, like chanceand atheism be true? Truth is consistent with truth, but not withfalsehood. We can judge a theory by the company it keeps. Evolutionnaturally affiliates with false theories rather than with thetruth. It favors infidelity and atheism. A theory in perfect harmonywith manifest error, raises a presumption against its truth. Evolutionseems to have a natural attraction for erroneous hypotheses andmanifests the closest kinship with impossible theories. This isnot a mark of a true theory.

Riemann's hypothesis is closer to ..

"The fool hath said in his heart, No God." Some translatorswould supply the words omitted by the Hebrew and make it read,"The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God."Others would say, "The fool hath said in his heart, I wishthere were no God." It is hard to tell which is the biggerfool, the man who refuses to see the the countless evidences ofdesign, proving His existence; or the man who refuses to see theterrible wreck of the great universe, and the awful chaos thatwould result if there were no God. We can imagine only one greaterfool than either: The man who thinks he can get the world to believe,under cover of evolution, that there is no God, .and that allthings were evolved by chance, even though it be camouflaged bythe terms "natural selection" or "natural law."

more for proving or disproving the Riemann Hypothesis.

Great gaps between the principal divisions of the animal worldare fatal to this speculation, which rests upon nothing but thewish that it were so. Links are lacking between marine and amphibiananimals; reptiles and birds; reptiles and mammals; between apesand man. Of course, we would find fossils of millions of theselinks if there were any. The missing links are necessary to thescheme. Is there one chance in a million that evolution is a truehypothesis?

Creating hypothesis and proving/disproving - leec22 …

Plans for man prove design. All nature is crowded with evidencethat God intended to create man. He made great preparation forhis corning. He provided many things useful to man but to no otherspecies. Veins of coal, almost innumerable--the canned sunshineof past ages-, are placed near the earth's surface, accessiblefor man, when needed for his use. Of no value whatever to anyother species, because they can not make or replenish a fire.A colored preacher did not miss the mark, when he said, "Godstored his coal in his great big cellar for the use of man."The man who fills his own cellar with provisions for the winterexhibits no more foresight or design.

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