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So the protein and amino acids you eat stay in your body.

As I'm sure you already know, these hyper-protein consumption views are held very staunchly by body builders and suggesting evidence to the contrary has to be done very tactfully.

High protein intakes stress your kidneys and do not result in greater muscle gain.

Accordingly, myostatin and Akt-dependent signaling on mTOR, GSK3β and FoxO pathways play key roles in the control of skeletal muscle protein turnover, and animal studies have examined the role of these pathways in critical illness models , , , but it is unknown how these pathways are regulated in critically ill human muscle. Thus, the aim of our study was to investigate the Akt-mTOR, Akt-GSK3β and Akt-FoxO signaling pathways as well as expression of TGF-β members in skeletal muscle of critically ill ICU patients. We hypothesized that ICU patients would have higher proteolytic and lower protein synthesis signaling compared with controls.

Protein catabolism, which is the breakdown of ..

But, how, specifically, isthe energy released in the breakdown of glucose used to make ATP?

AB - Amino acids (AAs), especially BCAAs, play pivotal roles in hormonal secretion and action as well as in intracellular signaling. There is emerging data showing that BCAAs regulate gene transcription and translation. Signaling proteins such as the mammalian target of rapamycin act as sensors of BCAAs, especially leucine, to modulate anabolic action. AAs stimulate protein synthesis and inhibit protein breakdown in skeletal muscle and liver. The specific role of BCAAs in regulating synthesis and breakdown of individual protein or proteins with common function or functions remains to be defined. Future studies should also focus on potential adverse effects of BCAAs on insulin sensitivity, renal function, and tumor growth. It also remains to be determined whether potential adverse effects of BCAA supplementation is similar in people of different age groups.

Chick embryo explants of 11-13 somites (40 hours of preincubation) were exposed to14C-amino acids for 3 hours in liquid medium, cultured for 6 hours to reduce the trichloroacetic acid-soluble radioactive material, and then cultured on either protein starvation or growth media for periods up to 48 hours. The brain regions of explants cultured under starvation conditions lost larger quantities of radioactivity from protein than other regions of the embryo proper and the neural tube regions lost more radioactivity than the somites. The hearts of starved explants did not lose radioactivity. Explants cultured under growth conditions did not lose radioactivity from the regions of the embryo proper. Radioactivity was lost, however, from the protein of the extraembryonic membranes of explants cultured under both growth and starvation conditions. These basic observations were reproduced in experiments involving various14C-amino acids, the use of both growth and starvation conditions during the 6-hour preexperiment culture period, and the presence or absence of12C-amino acids in the final culture media. In an attempt to determine whether the regional differences in protein breakdown of starved explants were related to regional differences in protein synthesis, explants cultured for various periods on growth and starvation media were exposed to14C-amino acids for 90 and 180 minutes. The protein specific activities of embryo regions, corrected for regional differences in uptake and for the low overall specific activities of growing relative to starved explants, were comparable for growing and starved explants. This suggested that starvation did not differentially inhibit protein synthesis between regions of the embryo.

Protein breakdown and synthesis - Stuvia

Will the overdose of protein be harmful to a normal body function or is it simply not recommended?

So depending upon how much protein you are eating, you can stress your kidney function.

If you are weight lifting and concerned about increasing muscle mass, then focus on eating a balanced diet with the above amount of protein.

However raw egg whites contain avidin, which destroys another nutrient biotin also in egg white.

Essential amino acids are the building blocks of protein structures (muscles, organs and cells), in man and animals.

The diurnal response of muscle and liver protein synthesis in vivo in meal-fed rats.
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Abstract Muscle protein synthesis (MPS) ..

Your body uses protein to build and repair lean tissue (muscles and organs).

Weight lifting will increase muscle size and the average US diet and the RDA contains enough protein (females 50 gm and males 63 gm per day) to promote an increase in muscle mass.

Human muscle protein synthesis and breakdown …

Take your weight in pounds, divide by 2.2 and then multiply by 60 to get your calorie needs.

Protein once absorbed into the blood is filtered by the kidneys and if not used to build and repair muscle tissue, is converted to energy or stored as fat.

of protein synthesis vs protein breakdown

When muscle is broken down during weight training, it frees amino acids into the blood which can then be recycled within the body unlike the burn patient whose protein loses are soaked up by gauze dressings.

Protein Synthesis Breakdown - YouTube

She also stated that additional protein does not increase muscle mass or strength.

Carbohydrates are important sources of energy in weight training since your muscles need fuel (glycogen, which is stored glucose and comes from carbohydrate in the diet).

Protein needs for the athlete or body builder may be higher

The only ways I know to lose body fat and replace it with muscle is through exercise, aerobic and weight training.

Burn patients lose lots of protein through the burn site which body builders do not.

Activated Protein Synthesis and Suppressed ..

Since I understand that over-doing those nutritious elements will not bring any benefit to the body as a whole functional unit, about this protein intake I'd like to seek your professional opinion.

Thanks for your attention to this matter.

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