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Jaipur Foot | Below-knee Prosthesis | Artificial leg

The Genium Knee utilizes a complex sensory system and refines rule sets which are similar to natural movements than any other prosthetic knee. The Genium Knee is a state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled knee joint and gains knowledge from experience and decades of development. This device is a sophisticated new technology platform that is built to gather more microprocessor inputs which result in extremely accurate responses.

Above-knee prosthesis with: Genium — Ottobock USA

Depending on your below-knee prosthesis needs, we have a selection for you. We offer many different types of foot/ankle components. For example, you can have adjustable heel height, waterproof joints, and more. We also have customized prosthetics for different sports like swimming, running, skiing, and more. We even offer prosthetics with feet made to mimic a real foot with skin rather than an obvious metal prosthetic.

Figure C shows an example of an Walldius hinge total knee prosthesis

In the prosthetic industry a trans-radial prosthetic arm is often referred to as a “BE” or below elbow prosthesis.

The shortening of the shank section due to the knee joint and its anchor varied substantially (3–50 mm). In only four knee joints (the Medi KFM1, Medi KP5, Ossur Total Knee 2100, and Teh Lin Prosthetic & Orthotic Co. Ltd Graph-Lite) was shortening of the shank section less than 10 mm. Aside from the Total Knee 2100, all these polycentric knee joints have a special KD anchor. The RIM-knee had no shortening effect at all, due to its CoR being in-line with the femoral condyles. So, from a cosmetic viewpoint this RIM-knee should be reconsidered as an alternative to the polycentric knees tested in this study, especially when, in the future, concerns about the high shear and tear forces on the surfaces of the socket adaptor of this knee, which result in premature wear, can be overcome.

The lengthening of the thigh section due to the knee joint and its laminated anchor was substantial (23–92 mm). These results are in-line with a previous study [11]. The AAKs and the single-axis knees showed more lengthening than the polycentric knees. In only five knee joints (the Medi KFM1, Medi KH6, Medi KHP3, Otto Bock 3R30, and Ossur Total Knee 2000) was lengthening of the thigh less than 40 mm. Aside from the Total Knee 2000, all these polycentric knee joints have a special KD anchor. So, in clinical practice, if cosmetic appearance and comfort during sitting are (the only) variables involved in choosing a prosthetic knee joint, these five knee joints should be preferred. The no longer available RIM-knee, however, showed the least lengthening of the thigh (15 mm).

Below-Knee Prosthetics – Hanger Clinic

In the prosthetic industry a trans-femoral prosthetic leg is often referred to as an “AK” or above the knee prosthesis.

During a tibial osteotomy, the tibia is cut just below the joint, and a wedge of bone is either added or removed from the tibia just below the knee to realign the joint. The graft is usually taken from the pelvic bone. The osteotomy is held in place with a metal plate or pins.

This procedure has many of the same potential complications as a total knee replacement. The advantage is that it maintains the patient's own cartilage. The main disadvantage is that it will eventually require conversion to a total knee replacement as the remaining articular cartilage degenerates.

C-Leg 4 above knee prosthetic leg — Ottobock USA
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Artificial Leg Below & Above Knee | Prosthetic Leg …

In patients, the lengthening of the thigh is considered the distance between the most distal part of the residual limb and the most distal upper part of the prosthetic knee (). The amount of lengthening of the thigh section due to the prosthetic knee and its laminated knee anchor during sitting is caused by the length between the distal end of the outer socket and the most distal prominent part of the knee joint. To determine the lengthening effect of the knee joint and anchor, we positioned the knee joint in 90° flexion. In this position, the laser beam was aimed first at the reference point and second at the most prominent part of the knee joint. As such, it includes both the knee joint and its anchor (). Both projections were marked on the sign plate. The amount of lengthening of the thigh section due to the knee joint was considered the horizontal distance between the two projections.

What Are the Different Types of Prosthetics

Osteotomy, or "bone cutting," removes or adds a section of bone above or below a damaged joint. This shifts weight away from the damaged cartilage to an area with healthier cartilage, temporarily relieving the pain. This procedure is typically performed on the knee for younger patients who wish to postpone joint replacement surgery or whose arthritis only affects the middle or outside of the knee.

Microprocessor Prosthetic Knees

Next, the prosthetic knee positioning apparatus with the tested knee joint including the knee anchor was secured vertically onto a table. A technical sign plate (i.e., a perfectly flat plate provided with a ruler) was positioned parallel to the prosthetic knee positioning apparatus. A laser joint (Laserline®, Otto Bock) was positioned parallel to both the prosthetic knee positioning apparatus and the sign plate (). The laser beam was positioned perpendicular to the sign plate and aimed at the reference point indicating the most distal part of the outer socket ().

TKA Prosthesis Design - Recon - Orthobullets

The shortening of the shank during sitting is considered the distance the foot traveled up when the (prosthetic) knee was in 90° flexion, assuming that the thigh section does not change position. However, to determine the shortening effect of the knee joint and its anchor, measuring the vertical distance of the foot above the floor is inappropriate because, in that case, the shortening effect for the compensation of the thickness of the inner and outer socket is included as well. Therefore, we used an indirect measurement. Instead of measuring the elevation of the (prosthetic) foot, we wanted to know (in theory) how much the seating had to be lowered to place the prosthetic foot on the floor. Therefore, we fixated the distal point of the knee mechanism and measured the vertical position of the reference point in both knee extension and in 90° flexion by using a laser beam aimed at the reference point. As such, the difference in vertical positions of the reference point during knee extension and in 90° flexion of the knee joint represents the shortening of the shank ().

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