A Web Designer & Developer in Wichita Falls, TX. Working for Crane | West Advertising Agency.
James Fleeting


I spend most of my spare time coding and although most of that code is never public I’m attempting to release more and get some more side projects going. I had a few in the past that have been dead for some time. So keep and eye out on this page for future projects and apps.


Source/Download: simpleweather.monkeecreate.com
Requirements: jQuery
Latest Release: v1.4

A simple jQuery plugin to display the weather information for any location. The data is pulled from the public Yahoo! Weather feed via the YQL API. You provide a zip code (US only) or a location (US and International) and it returns everything you need. You choose how to format the html, what classes to apply and what information to use.

Kaizen CMS

Source/Download: github.com/monkeecreate/Kaizen-CMS
Requirements: Apache 2+, PHP 5+
Latest Release: not available

A project that started as a small bit of code that John Hoover started with for each new website, that has grown into its own CMS system. It was built with the coder in mind, but also makes use of Smarty for the designer. I joined the project in October 2009 and it was just opensourced in January 2010.

Gowalla Friends (Chrome Extension)

Source/Download: Gowalla Friends at Chrome Extensions
Requirements: Google Chrome
Latest Release: v1.0

Keep an eye on where your friends are with this Chrome Extension for Gowalla. Displays your friends latest checkin’s using your Gowalla Friends Feed. No password required, just your Gowalla username.


Source/Download: github.com/monkeecreate/monkeeTime
Requirements: Firefox 3.5+, Safari 4+, Chrome or IE8+
Latest Release: v1.0

A web app experiment in using localStorage(). Part of a four-part series on how to use localStorage to create an html5 web app, read the series here


Source/Download: github.com/jamesfleeting/WP-TwitterSearch | WordPress Plugin Repo
Requirements: WordPress 2.7+, PHP5+
Latest Release: v1.6.2

My first WordPress Plugin allows you to put a twitter search feed on your site using a template code, shortcode or widget. You have the ability to control the search terms, limit the number of tweets shown, control user avatars, date format and more. This is NOT a plugin that displays your twitter stream. There are a ton of great plugins that already do that.


Source/Download: github.com/jamesfleeting/WP-AdminBranding
Requirements: WordPress 2.7+
Latest Release: not available

This plugin has not been released and currently only used on internal sites. A WordPress plugin that allows you to remove and/or replace WordPress mentions and logos in the Admin Area. This does not let you theme the admin but simply lets you replace the branding with your own. Perfect for clients or sites that let users register and want to avoid the WP branding. I expect to have a public release of this very soon.


Source/Download: not available
Requirements: Apache 2+, PHP 5+
Latest Release: v1.2.2

An opensource php/sql gig lister for bands, venues, and labels. Allows you to manage gigs, artists, venues, flyers and more. A complete gig management system. Had its first release in May 2006 and has been downloaded over 3,500 times since then. This project is currently dead and hasn’t had a release since January 2008. There are plans to bring back this project in 2010 but it will require a complete code rewrite to clean it up and adhere to better standards.