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Estrin,(2000) Medium access control with coordinated adaptive sleeping for wireless sensor networks, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking 12 (3) 493–506.
[4] W.B.

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Review and relevance of thin films, various thin film processing techniques, an introduction to vacuum science and Technology, Thin-film evaporation processes, Plasma and Ion Beam processing of Thin Films, Chemical Vapor Deposition, Non-vacuum thin film processing techniques, Substrate Surfaces and Thin-film Nucleation, Epitaxy, Microstructural characterization of thin films and surfaces, Interdiffusion, Reactions and phase transformations in thin films, Overview of various properties of thin films and their relation to their microstructures.

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Community reaction to airport noise in the vicinity of airport- a comparative study of the social surveys using interviews method.

So far he has processed submissions since February for the following services: imap, pop3, afp, sip, printer, transmission, svnserve, vmware, domain, backdoor, , freeciv, hp, imaps, irc, landesk, netbios-ssn, netsupport, nntp, oracle, radmin, routersetup, rtorrent, serv-u, shoutcast, ssh, tcpmux, torrent, utorrent, vnc and ipp.

Phase relations; Soil classification, index properties, grain-size distribution; Effective stress principle; Flow through porous media, Darcy’s law, permeability, different heads, 2-D Seepage and flow nets; Compaction characteristics; Compressibility and Consolidation characteristics, 1-D compression response, Terzaghi’s theory of consolidation, secondary consolidation; Settlement of foundations, immediate and time-dependent settlement, allowable settlement; Shear-strength of Soil, Mohr-coulomb failure criteria, direct shear and UC tests; in situ test – SPT, CPT; Earth-pressure theory, Coulomb and Rankine approaches; Bearing capacity, failure modes, generalized bearing capacity equation, net- and gross bearing capacity, allowable bearing pressure.

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RS methodology was selected to optimize the surface roughness resulting minimum values of surface roughness and their respective optimal conditions.

Introduction to signals and spectra, analog and digital signals, basic amplifier characterization, frequency characteristics and Bode plots; Ideal operational amplifiers, inverting and no-inverting amplifier circuits, instrumentation amplifier, integrators, differentiators; effects of finite (frequency dependent) gain, DC imperfections, and slew rate on performance; terminal characteristics of ideal and practical diodes, rectifiers, limiters and clampers, voltage doublers, Zener diodes; terminal characteristics of MOSFETs and BJTs; biasing, small signal analysis, simple amplifier circuits; basic feedback theory, simple oscillators; number systems; Boolean algebra and logic gates, minimization with Karnaugh maps; adders, comparators, decoders, encoders, multiplexers; sequential circuits – basic flip-flops, asynchronous and synchronous counters, registers; programmable devices – PLA, PAL and ROM; Memories.

Introduction to the state of the art in computing focusing on hardware and its architecture, operating systems, memory management, standard programming language and programmable software environment (PSE); Machine representation of numbers and characters. IEEE Floating point numbers; ASCII characters. Variables and Types; I/O Functions and Formating; Arithmetic Operators; Forming Arithmetic Expressions; Using Variables and Arithmetic Operators and Built-In Library Functions; Operators for Implementing Decision Making; Logical expressions and control; Implementing Loops and Repetitive Processes; Tools for Modular Programming; Data Sharing/Passing Mechanisms; Functions, Pointers, Arrays, Structures Strings; File and Disk I/O Operations; Introduction to selected PSE platform, basic programming, execution and debugging; Iteration using variants of loops; Writing script Files and Creation of User-defined Functions; Flow control statements; Data Structures and Management; Scientific Visualization; Interfacing hardware with PSE; Notions of Parallel Processing.

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Abklex: Lexikon von Abkuerzungen aus Informatik und Telekommunikation

Vectors and tensor analysis: review of vector algebra and calculus, tensors w.r.t. to general linear homogeneous transformations, tensors in 4-dimensional space time; Matrices and linear vector spaces: vector spaces, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, diagonalization and triangularization of matrices, orthogonal transformations and rotations; Complex analysis: analytic functions, power series, complex integration, Cauchy's theorem, Taylor and Laurent series, Jordan's lemma, analytic continuation, method of steepest descent, Gamma functions; Calculus of variation: functionals and functional derivatives, extremization problem involving functions, Euler equations ; Ordinary differential equations and special functions: Linear differential equations (first and second order), power series method; Integral transforms and Generalized functions: Fourier and Laplace transforms, applications of integral transforms, Generalized functions: Dirac delta function, generalized eigenfunction expansion; Partial differential equations (PDE's) : Some important PDE's, solution using separation of variables, types of PDE's and boundary conditions; Green's functions: ordinary and partial differential operators, Solutions of boundary value problems using Green's function; Group theory: representation of group, symmetry and degeneracy, Lie groups and Lie algebra, Unitary and Orthogonal groups and their representations .

Final Answers - Science - NUMERICANA

Postulates of Thermodynamics; Conditions of thermal, mechanical and chemical equilibrium, examples; Maxwell relations, Thermodynamics stability; Statistical basis of thermodynamics, microscopic and macroscopic states. Classical ideal gas, Boltzman H theorem and irreversibility. Ergodic process; Micro canonical ensemble, counting of states and phase space volume; Canonical Ensemble, equilibrium between system and heat reservoir, canonical partition function, Helmholtz free energy, Grand canonical Ensemble, partition function, particle number and energy fluctuations; Quantum statistical ensemble theory: density matrix formulation; system of identical particles, manybody wavefunctions for non-interacting fermions and bosons; ideal quantum gases: Bose-Einstein statistics, Fermi-Dirac statistics; Bose systems, Bose Einstein Condensation (BEC ) in non-interacting gases. BEC in Interacting systems- experimental observation in Rb atoms; Photon gas, and thermodynamics of Blackbody radiation. Elementary excitations of liquid Helium –II; Ideal Fermi gas description, Paramagnetism and Landau diamagnetism, electron gas in metals, Specific heat of metals; Phase transitions, Condensation in Van der Waals gas, Ising model and Ferromagnetism. Landau Phenomenological theory; Non-Equilibrium statistical mechanics, Brownian motion, random walks, Langevin equation, Markov process.

Volcanoes and volcanology | Geology

Thermodynamics vs kinetics; Homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions - chemical reaction control rate equation, reaction rate constant, reaction order, non-elementary reactions; Solid State Diffusion -Fick’s Law, mechanisms of diffusion, uphill diffusion, Kirkendall effect, steady and transient diffusion; External mass transfer -fluid flow and its relevance to mass transfer, general mass transport equation, concept of mass transfer coefficient, models of mass transfer -film theory and Higbie’s penetration theory; Internal mass transfer-ordinary and Knudsen diffusion, mass transfer with reaction; Adsorption –physical adsorption vs. chemisorption, adsorption isotherms - Langmuir, BET; Adsorption as the rate limiting step examples - gasification of C by CO2, dissolution of N2 in molten steel; Porous solids - specific surface area and pore size distribution; Reactor design -batch vs continuous reactors, ideal stirred tank and plug flow reactors; Mass balance in ideal reactors, residence time distribution; Models of industrial reactors; Electrochemical kinetics-concept of polarization, activation over potential, Butler-Volmer and Tafel’s equation, applications in electro-deposition and corrosion.

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