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African-American women only get paid 64% of every dollar a man makes.

The author is studying:​ Health care crisis crimes, biased towards poor people, and white collar crimes.

Hypothesis: “The criminal justice system in America is morally indistinguishable from criminality insofar as it exercises force and imposes suffering on human beings while violating its own morally justifying ideals: protection and justice” (Reiman,2007, pg.

Leonard COHEN : Everybody knows the fight was fixed. The poor stay poor, the rich get rich …

Our latest Freakonomics Radio episode is called “Are the Rich Really Less Generous Than the Poor?” (You can subscribe to the podcast at or , get the or listen via the media player above.)

But new research suggests that when the rich get richer, the poor ..

It's always good to get a recap of the various reasons why trade enriches us:

to paraphrase: "Nepalese are poor because, unlike Americans, they are unable to participate in a large, diverse, specialized economy. Separately, the way these specialized economies form is that market (self-organizing) forces adjust wages which naturally push people from sector to sector, and this in turn forms some relatively optimal configuration of job assignment to increase the "size of the pie" overall." It isn't obvious to me that this is the best way or even a particularly good way to get a productive arrangement, especially not a sustainable one.

In an age of resurgent tribalism, the global market offers—as trade has always done—an alternative script to difference as a source of conflict, and therefore tragedy. It turns difference into a form of blessing from which not only I, but others also, benefit. Adam Smith was not wrong when he invested the market with a quasi-religious significance in speaking of the ‘invisible hand’ by which our individual contributions combine to enhance the general wealth of nations. Economic virtues—hard work, inventiveness, the profit motive—have always seemed tame when set against the heroic virtues of military societies. But military societies kill. Wars destroy. Valour, courage, dying in a noble cause seem heroic from the point of view of victors, but not from their victims.

If the price of war has become too high, which it has, we will have to value the habits of trade—the only thing that—throughout history, has brought tribes and nations together, benefiting from one another and from their several and different skills. The interlinking of nations in a network of trade causes many problems to which I now turn. But it is also our last best hope for peace. Unlike the battlefield, the market is an arena in which both sides can win.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer: ..

While the rich are getting ahead, middle class workers are being left behind.

It gets no more than 1% of the vote-- a showing that's been surpassed historically by the Anti-Masonic Party, the Greenbacks, the Prohibition Party, the Socialists, the Greens, and whatever John Anderson was.

ANDREONI: A rich person is more likely to have self-employment income, going to itemize their taxes, be able to overstate some deductions here, hides some things there, and more easily get away with cheating. But if you’re poor, you probably have a job that pays a wage and your employer reports your income and your taxes to the IRS. There’s really no choices, no opportunities for you to cheat on your taxes.

When productivity rises, the rich now  the gains; the middle class barely stays where it is; the poor get poorer.
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The Rich Get Richer & the Poor Get Prison - Paul's …

The countries which are extremely poor are compelled by IMF rules to engage in free trade. These countries do not seem develop to develop domestic industry because naturally its cheaper to just buy it from the producers who are already adept at it overseas. So these countries subsit by selling off their natural resource or agricultural products to get money to import foreign goods. However this does not seem to make them better off, the societies dont exhibit the "pie getting larger" as dr roberts would say..

Wait, did the poor actually get richer

As the saying goes, old dogs—or mice or monkeys or people—can’t learn new tricks. But why? Neuroscientists have started to unravel the brain changes that are responsible. And as a new paper in the journal Science shows, they can even use these research findings to reverse the process. Old mice, at least, really can go back to learning like young ones.

27/05/2014 · Wait, did the poor actually get richer

The other preliminary point which I can state only in the same summary way before I enter upon my subject proper, is the new place the whole of the Reformation movement has found, as the result of modern historical research, within the framework of history, and especially the connection between the Renaissance and the Reformation. This is indeed a stimulating subject, but all I can do here—in order that Luther the man, and his works, can be properly understood—is to try and describe very briefly what is the traditional view of these two movements, and how they are seen in the light of most recent research. I shall again merely state the conclusions, and must leave to a future and more elaborate study the tracing of the stimulating and enlightening way by which modern scholars have found the way to a true interpretation of the Renaissance and the Reformation and the relationship of the one and the other.

Copy of The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison - Prezi

However, I found that the description given in the Encyclopaedia Britannica sums up the whole movement in a fairly clear way. It states that it was not merely a revival of learning, but that the rediscovery of the classic past restored the confidence in their own faculties to men striving after spiritual freedom; revealed the continuity of history and the identity of human nature in spite of divers creeds and different customs; held up for emulation master-works of literature, philosophy, and art; provoked inquiries, encouraged criticism, shattered the narrow mental barriers imposed by medieval orthodoxy. It indicates the endeavour of man to reconstitute himself as a free being . . . and the peculiar assistance he derived in this effort from Greek and Roman literature, the literae humaniores, letters leaning to the side of man rather than of divinity.” This article appeared first in the ninth edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica and was written by J. A. Symonds. But now something very interesting happened. It was reproduced in the most recent, the fourteenth edition—but with a postscript by Professor P. Smith, a famous American scholar. Here is what Professor Smith adds: “Like most historians of the 19th century, Symonds regarded them both (the Renaissance and the Reformation) as libera movements . . Just as he was writing, however, Friedrich Nietzsche . . . proclaimed that `the Reformation was a reaction of backward minds against the Italian Renaissance'; and this view gained ground until it was adopted by Catholic historians like Lord Acton, Protestant historians like Ernst Troeltsch, and generally by the majority of scholars.”

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