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Mention should also be made of Plato's method of hypothesis.

Does this market agree to the Efficient Market Hypothesis clearly ending market attempts according to the weak, the semi-strong, and the strong forms of efficiency.

A live hypothesis is something real and viewed as true for anyone who proposes it.

But if he believed that philosophy was capable of fostering a kind of wis-dom, he also knew that a major obstacle to the acceptance of philosophy's value was the existence of prevalent misconceptions about it. It was the Sophists, itinerant teachers of rhetoric who claimed to be teachers of virtue, who were responsible for some of these misunderstandings. It is too easy to forget that in Plato's time none of the disciplinary categories used today were in common currency; there were as yet no institutions of higher learning, indeed, no pub-lic system of education at all in Athens. Private education consisted in training in the poets, reading, writing, gymnastics, lyre playing, horsemanship, and the arts of war. Studies that we would today call "scientific" such as mathematics and astronomy were undertaken by scattered individuals who might have been collectively referred to by any of several names, including sophists (sophistai) and philosophers (philosophoi), terms that would have for the most part been used interchangeably. The rhetorician Isocrates, contemporary with Plato, referred to his own discipline as "philosophy" and directly challenged Plato's conception of philosophy.38 Words such as "philosophy" and "sophistry" were yet to have the fixed meaning that they have today. It was Plato who first formulated the distinction between the conventional rhetoric of the sophists, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, "philosophy," something Plato considered worthy of the "true rhetorician" (Phdr. 271b-c) or a "sophist of noble descent" (Soph. 231b).

"The Method of Hypothesis: ..

Two examples stand out for me -- anthropology and the dialectical systems like those of Marx and Freud. I would suggest that these two offer two alternative criteria for ranking hypotheses, and, if nothing else give us guidance as to which hypotheses to test, which is a major component of scientific inquiry that Popperians just ignore.

On the contrary, some believe that there is no reason for such hypothesis because some late learners have been able to attain a native-like fluency....

86e The method of hypothesis: If virtue is x, then it can be taught

I approach this question through an in-depth analysis of a typical experiment for clinical depression involving the monoamine hypothesis, drug action, and placebos.

And this is a falsifiable hypothesis (another of those heuristics): just come up with a method which does a better job than the fuzzy but much practiced scientific method :-)

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and the method of hypothesis ..

Sorensen Question 1 A research hypothesis is an assumption made by the researcher before undertaking the actual research and forms part of the expected outputs and research results.

16 - Method Man: Plato's Socrates | History of …

This thesis tests the central claim of the Teachability Hypothesis by investigating whether instructions that follow Gal'perin's (1970) A concept of 'critical period' for language acquisitionA concept of 'critical period' for language acquisition Teachability and Concerning the hypothesis that those who begin learning a second language in Psychoneural identity hypothesis | The Glossary of Human Psychoneural identity hypothesis . by . Within pschology there is a debate between dualists and monists over whether the mind and the brain are "seperate and distinct pienemann 1989 | Language Acquisition | Second Language pienemann 1989 - Free download as PDF 2.1 The Teachability Hypothesis The Teachability Hypothesis is based on an experiment designed to 'beat the order' of Theories of second-language acquisition - WikipediaIn his Input Hypothesis, Krashen proposes that language acquisition takes place only when learners receive input just beyond their current level of L2 competence.Krashen's HypothesesWhat are Krashen's Hypotheses? Krashen's theory of second language acquisition consists of six main hypotheses: the Acquisition-Learning hypothesisBenson. the Method of Hypothesis in the Meno | Plato Benson. the Method of Hypothesis in the Meno - Download as assumes that Plato is taking the question under investigation to be the teachability of THE MULTIDIMENSIONAL MODEL, PROCESSABILITY THEORY AND THE the multidimensional model, processability theory and the teachability/learnability hypothesis: suggestions for the japanese …SparkNotes: Meno: Sections 86 - 96A summary of Sections 86 - 96 in Plato's Meno. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Meno and what it means. Perfect for acing essays

16 - Method Man: Plato's Socrates

The connection between the related concepts of logical possibility, causal possibility and conceivability are among the basics which create the foundation for determining the creation and interpretation of a hypothesis that is being analyzed within a thought experiment.

the Method of Hypothesis in the Meno | Plato Benson

The answer must have something to do with the similar features shared by Ers (as described in Socrates' own speech) and Socrates (as depicted by Alcibiades). Diotima's teaching ascribes to Ers certain features associated with Plato's Socrates. It is surely no coincidence that "the art of love" (ta erotika) is the one thing Socrates claims to understand (177d-e), a claim made even more notable since it is uttered by a philosopher who is famous for his professions of general ignorance (e.g., at Apology 22e-23b). The connection between Socrates and Ers was a commonplace of the Sokratikoi Logo i. Moreover, the structure of the Symposium as a whole reinforces the connection between Socrates and Ers. The symposiasts offer six consecutive speeches in praise of Eros only to have their contest for the best speech interrupted by Alcibiades, who replaces their praise of Love with his mélange of indictment and praise of Socrates. Hence, in the action of the dialogue, the erotic philosopher, Socrates, comes to stand in for, or instantiate, Ers itself. As Plato depicts him, Socrates is the exemplary erotic.

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