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breast prosthesis knitted knockers uk

Hello, I am thankful for this article. I am a breast cancer survivor and a mastectomy patient, I had my implants almost 3 years ago when I was 46 years old. About a 2 years ago I started having random heart skipped beats and couldn’t figure out why. I got it off and on a couple times. Its 2 years later and I am having skipped beats and the rhythm is not right on a continual basis. Daily I have to stretch and release the implants are tight. they have been that way since day one. I have scar tissue that is tight and always needs massaged. I feel energetic most of the time but the heart issue is becoming more and more prevalent and its disrupting my daily life, I have missed alot of work and I have had multiple trips to doctors offices trying to figure out what is wrong. I have for awhile now thought it might be from implants but then dismiss those thoughts. I have Mentor Silicone smooth round high profile gel 700cc. Are these symptoms you have hear of before? Im in the phase of trying to get to the bottom of these symptoms. Doctors are testing for everything from low vitamins, to hormones to thyroid issues. I hope its not implants because as a mastectomy patient I don’t have any other options and I am too young to walk around breast-less. Also before I had the implants in I was breast-less and not only are my not there but they are about 1/2 inch concave, so even the 700cc Im only a full B cup. Is there some way to determine if this is actually the issue. The other add thing is that when I am out in the heat my breasts sweat profusely and its so embarrassing that it forms 2 sweat marks that look like half moons underneath my breasts on my shirt, so I cannot wear anything except black or white shirts when its hot or I will have those sweat marks. I had a Cliiford lab test done years ago before I had the implants put in and that said I may have a possible silicone sensitivity. The lab person said just keep on eye on it and if you start having symptoms, let someone know, but what symptoms? He didn’t say? So my questions are 1. How can I determine if my symptoms are from the implants? 2. Have you heard of this symptom before? Is that a common one? 3. Is there a detox that I can do in order to avoid removal 3. Do you know of any other implant that is more safe, I could probably do fat grafting but 3 years ago that was not that common so I just don’t want to be without breasts, I did that for 6 months and it was awful. I know the bottom line is that our bodies were not designed to harbour foreign objects with chemicals the thought of having NO breasts just makes me sick at my stomache. The thought of going back to prosthetic boobs just makes me want to throw up, been there done that. Luckily for me my husband doesn’t care at all about it he is just happy Im cancer free! Thank you in advance for your input.

They choose no reconstruction and don’t wear a breast form ..

Hi Nicole,
Dr. Feng is removing my implants on May 9 and she is recommending a breast lift as well. She has seen my before, after and now pictures. I am 54 and have had my implants for 11 years. She said she thinks I will be very saggy and doesn’t think I will be happy if I don’t do a lift. Of course, I want the best result from this nightmare. What is your opinion? Thanks for all your help! Paula

Do you have pictures of women who’ve ..

Breast Prostheses—What Are Your Options for Breast Forms? Which Kind of External Breast Prosthesis is Right for You?

I am a diagnostic mammographer from
Canada with 20 years of experience. I am doing some research for a friend with implants. Your site is very informative but I have to comment that mammography IS perfectly safe for women with implants. Mammography is still a useful tool in diagnosing early breast cancer along with ultrasound and MRI. Keep in mind however that the implants do impede visualizing all breast tissue (something that surgeons do not tell women before they get implants). Every modality sees and can detect different conditions. We use absolutely minimal compression for the pictures including the implant, just enough to hold you in place. We then take pictures where we only get your natural breast tissue, that is as much as we can working around the implant. The only time that we can not do a mammogram is if there is virtually no natural tissue and an encapsulated hard implant. If someone is concerned about having a mammogram, just tell the mammographer. We are all usually pretty compassionate ladies and will work with you to get good pictures without compromising your implants. Just make sure you are going to a facility that has experienced mammographers. If you think about it, you can lie on your stomach without rupturing your implants. We don’t use anywhere near that amount of compression when we image the implants. I agree that MRI is a far more sensitive test, but it’s very expensive and not used as a regular screening tool. Mammography is usually the first test, followed by ultrasound (which sees different things than mammograms do) and then MRI if needed. By advising women with implants to skip mammography you risk preventing early detection of breast cancer.

I have two Appts. One with Dr Kolb in Atlanta, Dec. unless a cancel comes up, and another the same time Atlanta, wijth Dr. Snodgrass. I would like to see pictures of before and after Explant. I’m not sure I could go to anyone that couldn’t show a few shots of what I might expect. You don’t see the head , so who could care if they shared pictures? Anyone that is a Breast Cancer Survivor could not possible care if they took pictures, they took enough going through treatment. ????????????.

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Women like Amanda Harrison, pictured, are terrified that their breast implants could have put them at risk of complications - possibly including cancer.

Hi Laura,
Very interesting. I don’t know of anyone else specifically that has rejected metal femur prosthesis due to breast implants but I know many, many ladies including myself that cannot tolerate metals now of any kind ie dental metals etc. Heavy metals toxicity is common in us due to breast implants causing metals toxicity or impairing our ability to detox metals. Also autoimmune symptoms and conditions are known to pick up with any implanted device and so there is a correlation there as well. It has to do with the immune system switching from TH1 dominance to TH2 dominance and fighting things based on producing autoimmune responses. In order to heal the immune system we have to support it to switch back to TH1 dominance by removing anything inflammatory and other processes. Come to the Facebook group, we have some good files on the subject. Nicole

Hi Jennifer,
Dr. Blais who is the world’s foremost expert on breast implants as medical devices told me that the newer cohesive gel breast implants contain much more aggressive chemicals and this is obviously true because these implants make women ill much sooner, almost immediately. How breasts look after explant varies and is affected by many factors such as aging, weight gain, placement of implant, size of implants etc. For the most part, women are surprisingly pleased with the outcome of explant. Come to facebook group and talk to many others and see lots of pictures for yourself. Nicole

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External Breast Prostheses: Misinformation and False …

I am 4 days post surgery. Doc explanted both silicone implants together with their capsules: i have pictures to prove it…they look like gross hamburgers!
Question: since the operation my tummy has grown exponentially …is it normal? the awful water retention that i have been suffering from, since the implant were put in, is not easing at is getting worse and i am tired of swallowing diuretics as they don’t work much anymore anyway. seems like overall i have gained weight in my entire body since the explant, and i have added good 15 kg since the breast were put in in the first place. any suggestions on how i can speed up recovery? i m following protocol and went vegan beginning of september to prepare for this. thanks for feedback .Val

Knitting 'knockers' for Kenyan breast cancer ..

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you for your question, other women will respond to you and let you know of their experiences too. From communicating with women through this site and my own personal experience, in general breasts after explant look similar to the way they looked before implant if factors are ideal such as a skilled explant surgeon, no complications and considering other factors such as the natural aging of the breast and weight loss or gain. Personally, I feel my breasts are a little fuller after explant than they were before implant but I have a few more pounds on me now too which may account for that. Many women are pleasantly surprised by how good their breasts look. Some women need lifts at the time of explant. There are several before and after explant pictures on the net on sites such as Real Self. Just google: before and after explant pics. Your symptoms are definitely breast implant related and it sounds as though you will need some antifungals which is common for saline implants. Saline implant illness usually includes bacterial/fungal infections throughout the body. Work to get your gut working well by killing the fungus and replenishing the beneficial gut flora with all kinds of different probiotics from organic, raw unpasteurized yogurts, kefirs and soil based probiotics from raw unpasteurized cultured vegetables bought from health food stores. Also take good quality store bought probiotics and change up the brands to obtain different strains of flora. Cut out inflammatory foods (gluten and dairy are a problem for many but there may be other foods which may cause inflammation in the gut and gut issues) and eat only a organic nonGMO wholefoods diet which includes some fruit, lots of vegetables, some proteins and lots of healthy oils such as krill, flax, avocado, coconut and olive. Gut health is paramount to detoxification and to modulate the immune system. I hope this helps. Nicole

Meet the knitting group helping Kenyan women with breast cancer.

Hi Laura,
In your situation, the thing to do is to determine for sure if the capsules were removed. I would speak with your surgeon again. Ask him for a copy of your explant operative report in which it should describe clearly in detail what he did. Also if you had pathology done on your capsules, the pathology report may describe how much capsule tissue was there. Were the any pictures taken of your removed implants and capsules. In general, if a woman is symptomatic, all capsule tissue should be removed for the highest possible recovery. It does take a couple years to recover from breast implant illness and all the damage it does to our body, if after that time you are not healed then I would rule out left over capsule tissue. Nicole

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