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The leaf is the primary site of photosynthesis in plants.

A phenomenon known as quantum walk increases the efficiency of theenergy transport of light significantly. In the photosynthetic cell ofan algae, bacterium, or plant, there are light-sensitive moleculescalled chromophores arranged in an antenna-shaped structure named aphotocomplex. When a photon is absorbed by a chromophore, it isconverted into a quasiparticle referred to as an exciton , which jumpsfrom chromophore to chromophore towards the reaction center of thephotocomplex, a collection of molecules that traps its energy in achemical form that makes it accessible for the cell's metabolism. Theexciton's wave properties enable it to cover a wider area and try outseveral possible paths simultaneously, allowing it to instantaneously"choose" the most efficient route, where it will have the highestprobability of arriving at its destination in the minimum possibletime. Because that quantum walking takes place at temperatures farhigher than quantum phenomena usually occur, it is only possible oververy short distances, due to obstacles in the form of destructiveinterference that come into play. These obstacles cause the particleto lose its wave properties for an instant before it regains them onceagain after it is freed from its locked position through a classic"hop". The movement of the electron towards the photo center istherefore covered in a series of conventional hops and quantum walks.

Drought- and ABA-induced changes in photosynthesis of barley plants

ISSO celebrated its first Annual August Scientist Symposium by sharing sponsorship of this event with Sound Photosynthesis and Association for Cultural Evolution, Directed by FAUSTIN BRAY.

Energy - Royal Society of Chemistry

Plant Physiol 89S:122Mane S, GA Berkowitz 1989 Maintenance of photosynthesis at low leaf water potential in wheat.

made key discoveries explaining the chemistry ofphotosynthesis. By studying purple sulfur bacteria and green bacteriahe was the first to demonstrate that photosynthesis is alight-dependent redox reaction, in which hydrogen reduces carbondioxide.

In 1796, , a Swiss pastor, botanist, and naturalist,demonstrated that green plants consume carbon dioxide and releaseoxygen under the influence of light. Soon afterward, Nicolas-Théodorede Saussure showed that the increase in mass of the plant as it growscould not be due only to uptake of CO2 but also to the incorporationof water. Thus, the basic reaction by which photosynthesis is used toproduce food (such as glucose) was outlined.

Second animation of the Calvin Cycle - Smith College

Title: The Soret absorption properties of carotenoids and chlorophylls in antenna complexes of higher plants: Published in: Photosynthesis Research, Vol

Plant Physiol 86S:104

Sen Gupta A, GA Berkowitz 1988 Chlortetracycline fluorescence measure­ment of MG (and CA) bound to the external surface of the chloro­plast en­velope. Plant Physiol 86S:7

Sen Gupta A, GA Berkowitz, PA Pier 1988 Enhancement of photosynthesis in water stressed wheat by increased cellular potassium. Plant Physiol 86S:74

Nitzsche PJ, GA Berkowitz, J Rabin 1988 Effects of a wax emulsion antitranspirant, soil wetting agent, and water absorbing root dip on the water relations, growth, and yield of transplanted Capsicum annum seedlings.

Plant Physiol 89S:38

Mane S, GA Berkowitz 1989 Association of in situ stromal volume changes with water stress inhibition of photosynthesis in spinach.

Feb 07, 2011 · Overall equation for the type of photosynthesis that occurs in plants Composite image showing the global distribution of photosynthesis…
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Nikon Lens Versions and Serial Nos - photosynthesis…

Plant Physiol 80S:106

Sen Gupta A, GA Berkowitz 1987 Chloroplast osmotic adjustment allows for acclimation of photosynthesis to low water potentials. Plant Physiol 83S:47

Sen Gupta A, GA Berkowitz 1987 Stromal ATP level interaction with low osmotic potential inhibition of chloroplast photosynthesis.

Welcome to the Purdue University Online Writing Lab …

Plant Physiol 77S:66

Berkowitz GA, KS Kroll 1986 Water stress induced osmotic adjustment facilitates resistance of non-stomatal controlled photosynthesis and altered protoplast volume response to low water potentials. Plant Physiol 80S:104

Pier PA, GA Berkowitz 1986 Effect of high leaf K+ on photosynthesis under water deficits.

HHMI Scientists Search Results | Howard Hughes …

4, M Nijoff/W Junk Pub, Brussels, pp 173-176

Sen Gupta A, GA Berkowitz 1987 Solute accumulation in chloroplasts during in situ water stress. In: J Biggins, ed, Progress in Photosynthesis Research Vol.

Poales - Missouri Botanical Garden

Integrated chlorophyll fluorometer – gas exchange systems allow amore precise measure of photosynthetic response and mechanisms. While standard gas exchange photosynthesis systems can measure Ci, orsubstomatal CO2 levels, the addition of integrated chlorophyllfluorescence measurements allows a more precise measurement of CC toreplace Ci. The estimation of CO2 at the site of carboxylation inthe chloroplast, or CC, becomes possible with the measurement ofmesophyll conductance or gm using an integrated system.

Caryophyllales - Missouri Botanical Garden

Actual plants' photosynthetic efficiency varies with the frequency ofthe light being converted, light intensity, temperature and proportionof carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and can vary from 0.1% to 8%. Bycomparison, solar panels convert light into electric energy at anefficiency of approximately 6–20% for mass-produced panels, andabove 40% in laboratory devices.

ResearchGate | Share and discover research

Plant Physiol 83S:47

Berkowitz GA, J Rabin 1987 Reduction of transpiration in pepper transplants enhances water balance and increases yield. Plant Physiol 83S:48

Pier PA, GA Berkowitz 1987 K+ and H+ exchange across the chloroplast envelope modulates low osmotic potential inhibition of photosynthesis. Plant Physiol 83S:116

Sen Gupta A, GA Berkowitz 1987 Altered protoplast volume in osmoregulating wheat modulates nonstomatal mediated water deficit effects on photosynthesis. Plant Physiol 83S:116

Nitzsche PJ, GA Berkowitz, J Rabin 1988 Effects of a wax emulsion antitranspirant on the water status and growth of transplanted bell pepper seedlings. Plant Physiol 86S:74

Peters JS, GA Berkowitz 1988 Interaction of envelope-bound Mg, envelope ATPase inhibitor, and local amine anesthetics on chloroplast photosynthesis.

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