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I like this polarization idea.

I was thinking of plants–possibly microbial ones such as bacteria–living in crevices of exposed rocks in places like the arctic and/or the antarctic. With sunlight being weak, briefly available, and indirect at best for them (especially during the winter), I could see them perhaps utilizing all of the available wavelengths in what little sunlight they get (from infrared to UV A) for photosynthesis. While bacteria do live in places such as lava tubes, they usually are types that don’t perform photosynthesis, but instead “leach” minerals they need out of the rocks.

Multiple scattering of polarized light in planetary atmospheres.

What can we say about the detectability of biomolecules that capture photons and store their energy in chemical bonds? In green plants, the resulting chemical energy converts water, carbon dioxide, and minerals into oxygen and energy-rich organic compounds. Photosynthetic pigments can absorb solar light in the visible range and create the chemical bonds with which it can be stored for use. Chlorophyll pigments, for example, absorb blue to red light while reflecting some part of the green at visible wavelengths, which accounts for our perception of green plants. The useful fact is that all incident infrared light is reflected, giving us a marker if we can find a way to observe it. This sharp rise in reflectivity has been called ‘the red edge.’

Rate Of Photosynthesis And Light Intensity Discussion …

Asymptotic radiance and polarization in optically thick media: ocean and clouds.

The light emitted by fluorescence can be the same coloror a different one from the color of the gem itself, and a gem canhave the same or different reactions to LW and SW.

Light body color, and steepcrown angles enhance the display, whereas dark body color and shallowcrown angles diminish it.

Rate Of Photosynthesis And Light Intensity ..

One should not besurprised, then, to find the aqua dealer calling her stone "verydark" and the garnet seller raving about how beautifully light hisstone is when they are both "6"'s.

Stokes vector calculations of the submarine light field in an atmosphere-ocean with scattering according to a Reyleigh phase matrix: Effect of interface refractive index on radiance and polarization.

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/rate-of-photosynthesis-and-light ..

Reflection polarization depends on the angle of sunlight, so I can see why they want to observe the rotation of the exoplanet throughout it’s entire observable portion of it’s revolution around an M class dwarf

Electron spin polarization in photosynthesis and the ..

Also the light from an exoplanets atmosphere is polarized through scattering polarization which allows us to distinguish it from the non polarized red light of an M class dwarf.

Electron Spin Polarization in Photosynthesis ..

I like the idea that biopigments of plants polarize light through reflection polarization, so that we can differentiate that light from the non polarized light other non living materials sand, dirt etc which are not polarized.

The Absorption of Light in Photosynthesis

Earthshine (earthlight reflected off the dark moon) photometry, polarimetry, and spectroscopy has been used to test and see “exoplanet” biomarkers. Google “Palle earthshine” for reviews and refs.

Experiments with Plane Polarized Light and Chloroplasts ..

I certainly didn’t mean to imply your work is not of value. As I said before, this polarization idea is very interesting. I hope that you can test it on the one known planet that has chlorophyll by observing it from a great distance to confirm the signature you are looking for as a base case to compare with. Perhaps you have ideas on how this may be done relatively quickly and at low cost.

23 best Crystals in polarized light: microscope images …

Indeed, photosynthesis originated several times on Earth. There are PS I and PS II and a combination of the two. It is complex, and we don’t expect to happen exactly the same on other planets. We expect however that biopigment molecules will be similar in structure, i.e. having kind of antennae which capture the light. This seems to be a rather natural way to do for an organism. So, in this case, we do expect linear polarization to occur when biopigments absorb light. The wavelength of the absorption will depend on the environment, i.e. the stellar spectrum, atmospheric absorption, etc, as was studied by N. Kiang. We have shown that many biopigment absorption bands are polarized in reflected light, not only the chlorophyll. By the way the notation Chl is common in biology…

The Quartz Page: Physical Properties

I mentioned the possibility of non-visible light photosynthesizing microbial plants on Earth because Paul Davies mentioned, in his book “The Eerie Silence,” that countless varieties of such organisms on Earth have yet to be categorized, let alone studied, because the number of different ones is so large. (He mentioned this in connection with the possibility of arsenic-based microbial life being extant on Earth; while I doubt that non-visible light photosynthesizing microbes exist on Earth, who knows? The legions of as-yet un-examined species could include all sorts of odd adaptations.)

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