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of REDOX reactions in photosynthesis?

As well, the reduction side of this equation can also be interrupted by the oxidation of other reducing chemicals such as ascorbate (vitamin C) and reduced thiols, especially glutathione (a tripeptide). These reduced chemicals become temporarily oxidized when they interact (giving up of their free electrons) with oxidizing agents and oxidizing free radicals.
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An increase in oxidation number corresponds to oxidation, and a decrease to reduction.

You have already studied the "dark reaction" and I will refer you to Dr. Diwan's notes on the subject. As the overall process of photosynthesis involves a series of electron transfer reactions, we are in the realm of oxidation-reduction chemistry, and it would help to review the basics of these processes because we will be going into this topic in greater depth. There is a direct analogy to electron transfer in the mitochondrion, in which clumps of energy are transferred from one electron carrier to another along a "chain" and H+ ions are translocated out, across the mitochondrial membrane, thus generating an electrochemical gradient. The energy inherent in this gradient is used to synthesize ATP in the process of "oxidative phosphorylation." The same processes occur in photosynthesis and the chloroplast, the site of photosynthesis in plants and blue-green algae (but not in photosynthetic bacteria), is the analog of the mitochondrion in eukaryotes.

It turns out that the overall reaction of photosynthesis ..

Redox, also known as Redox Potential, oxidation potential, & ORP (oxidation reduction potential) describes the ability for the loss of an electron by a molecule, atom or ion to the gain of an electron by another molecule, atom or ion.
Without this ability to gain electrons, many minerals cannot be absorbed and properly assimilated, especially in times of stress.

Chapter 22 ("Electron Transport and Oxidative Phosphorylation") in Voet & Voet (3rd Edition) is one of the most important chapters in the entire text (at least in my opinion) and it would help to reread it as you look at the light reaction of photosynthesis in more detail over the next two lectures.

Photosynthesis is a redox reaction This means ..

Oxidation and reduction are therefore best defined as follows. occurs when the oxidation number of an atom becomes larger. occurs when the oxidation number of an atom becomes smaller.

The process that makes these food chemicals using solar energy is PHOTOSYNTHESIS.
Defined, photosynthesis is: - chemical reactions that convert the radiant energy of sunlight to chemical energy of sugars.

Photosynthesis is a very complex process.

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What are the redox reactions of photosynthesis?

Oxidation states provide a compromise between a powerful model of oxidation-reductionreactions based on the assumption that these compounds contain ions andour knowledge that the true charge on the ions in these compounds is notas large as this model predicts. By definition, the oxidation state of anatom is the charge that atom would carry if the compound were purely ionic.

Photosynthesis is a redox reaction. This means that …

In 1925 put O. WARBURG (Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut [later Max-Planck-Institut]für Zellphysiologie at Berlin-Dahlem) the results of BLACKMANdown to the existence of two classes of photosynthetic reactions:the and the .

What Kind of Reaction Is Photosynthesis? | Sciencing

Because electrons are neither created nor destroyed in a chemical reaction,oxidation and reduction are linked. It is impossible to have one withoutthe other, as shown in the figure below.

Oxidation and reduction in terms of electron transfer ..

as the reaction's equation. Based on it did he extrapolate a generalequation of photosynthesis:

CO2 + 2 H2X > > (CH2O)+ H2O + 2 X

What Is the Difference Between Oxidation and Reduction?

According to this equation is photosynthesis a redox reactionwith H2X as the electron donator (the oxydizable substance).In the case of green plants is it H2O and this meansthat not the carbon dioxide but the water is broken down.A first experimental prove that the oxygen developed during thephotosynthesis of green plants stems indeed from water was deliveredby the British physiologist R. HILL. He detected that isolatedchloroplasts give off oxygen in the presence of unnatural reducingagents like iron oxalate, ferricyanide or benzoquinone after exposure to light. The reaction went downin literature as the HILL-reaction:

2 H2O + 2 A > > 2 AH2+ O2

Light and Dark Reaction of photosynthesis

Here is an excellent article further explaining how a battery works as it relates to Redox, both oxidation and reduction, and both Anodes and Cathodes (think Anions and Cations).
This also explains why a mineral "salt such as CaCO3 (Calcium Carbonate) can have a positive (Cation) ion charge.

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