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Photosynthesis is a reproductive system that occurs in plants....

Plants use sunlight to produce their own nutrients and energy: photosynthesis. If we want to keep the planet and its growing population running in a sustainable way, we will need plants to produce far more food, energy and applicable biomass than they do now. Photosynthesis, the green engine of life on Earth, needs tuning.

I choose this topic because I wanted to see if light necessary for photosynthesis is really.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an essential component of photosynthesis (also called carbon assimilation). Photosynthesis is a chemical process that uses light energy to convert CO2 and water into sugars in green plants. These sugars are then used for growth within the plant, through respiration. The difference between the rate of photosynthesis and the rate of respiration is the basis for dry-matter accumulation (growth) in the plant. In greenhouse production the aim of all growers is to increase dry-matter content and economically optimize crop yield. CO2 increases productivity through improved plant growth and vigour. Some ways in which productivity is increased by CO2 include earlier flowering, higher fruit yields, reduced bud abortion in roses, improved stem strength and flower size. Growers should regard CO2 as a nutrient.

Plates 3d. Flue gas distribution in greenhouse.

This shining green light onto the flowers will cause photosynthesis to stop.

By increasing the efficiency of photosynthesis in crop plants, we can dramatically boost agricultural yield. This will allow us to produce enough protein for food en feed purposes to secure future food production. And at the same time, we can produce enough biomass to replace our fossil economy by a bio-economy which will stop the release of fossil carbon into the atmosphere. Also, increasing agricultural productivity will significantly contribute to re-capture CO2 from the atmosphere.

In agriculture photosynthesis is an underachiever. We just grabbed the ancestors of our current crops from the wild and put them into our fields. These plants had never the time to adapt to their new environment and improve photosynthesis. Models show that photosynthesis in crop plant could be up to five times more efficient. And we only need to double its efficiency for food security!

Plates 3e. Flue gas distribution in greenhouse.

Plate 4. Flue gas CO2 distribution in greenhouse through clear polyethylene tubes.

When the 2 factors are combined, it is estimated that about 0.50–0.60 kg of CO2/hr/100 m2 must be added in a ‘standard’ glass greenhouse to maintain 1,300 ppm. For double-polyethylene houses supplementation is 0.25–0.35 kg of CO2/hr/100 m2. For glass houses, supplementation is primarily used to offset the dilution due to air infiltration, while for double-poly houses the amount of CO2 required is about equal for the natural air exchange and photosynthesis. Make adjustments in supplementation if lower levels are to be maintained.

Since photosynthesis normally occurs only during daylight hours, CO2 addition is not required at night. However, supplementation is recommended during cloudy, dull days to compensate for the lower rate of photosynthesis. Because photosynthesis increases with high light levels, the optimal CO2 concentration becomes higher. Start supplementation approximately 1 hr before sunrise and shut the system off 1 hr before sunset. However, CO2 supplementation is highly recommended when supplemental high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting is used at night to insure adequate levels.

Carbon dioxide levels are reduced in a greenhouse by natural air exchange and photosynthesis.
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Photosynthesis, the green engine of life on Earth - WUR

Through various carbon fixation pathways, green plants, algae, and certain bacteria are able to convert inorganic carbon into organic compounds useful to all living organisms on earth (Aresta and Wiley, 2010)....

Photosynthesis, the green engine of life on ..

This paper will explain the basic components require for photosynthesis, the role of chlorophyll, how energy is transferred, and photosystems I and II and the most precious product results of photosynthesis.

The Adaptations of Green Plants for Photosynthesis :: …

Red and blue are the primary energy levels used for photosynthesis, whereas red and far red are important in the regulation of leaf expansion and certain pigment production systems.


The tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) is the most widely grown vegetable in the UnitedStates. Almost everyone who has a garden has at least one tomato plant. They can even beproduced in window box gardens or in single pots. Commercially, it is of equally greatimportance. From processing to fresh market, and from beefsteak to grape tomatoes, the varietyand usefulness of the fruit is virtually boundless.

light energy to convert CO2 and water into sugars in green plants

The fixtures and lamps, however,are very expensive and thus not feasible for a commercial operation.

Adequate spacing between plants will ensure that each plant receives sufficientlight in the greenhouse.

that enables plants to capture light for photosynthesis.

It is not usually necessary to provide supplementary oxygenin aeroponic or continuous flow systems.

Mineral Nutrients. Green plants must absorb certain mineralsthrough their roots to survive.

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