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Roland have now made many available online.

Fair Use for Windows Media Fairuse4wmFaststoneFear FighterFidoFinal DraftFlankerFontographerForte AgentFree AgentFrescoGauntletGeminoid FGeoTrackGetSmartGIMPGlobal Hawk Unmanned Aerial VehicleGlobalstarGlobemasterGo-Back DeluxeGoldmateGoldwaveThe GravitizerGridsureGypsy MothHabadexHack TracerHallucHarpoonHeraclesHi-FustersHijack ThisHindHipHosemasteri-Cybiei-LinkI-See-UIceroboticsInfrascannerInoculateITInspiration?

Also provides online product documentation and Turbo Starts for many synths.

Wallbanger Wallbanger BermudaWatchkeeperWatchmanWin Watch ProfessionalWinDecryptWindow WasherWinImageWinPatrolWritelyXbox LiveXineramaZhongshiZimbraZootrition

Older documents may be found at this of Roland's website.

The list of patch files includes MOOG, Roland, Korg, Crumar,Oberheim, Sequential Circuits & Oxford.

Company Song Hua JiangChina BrillianceChina Central Television CCTVChina Chongqing Big Science and Technology Group China Chongqing International Economy and Technology Group CNGChina Eastern AirlinesChina Electronics Corporation CECChina General Nuclear Power CorporationChina Heavy Truck Group SteyrChina Mobile FasterChina National Space Administration Chang'e CNSA Jade Rabbit Shenzhou Shijian Tiangong Tiantong Tianhe Yinghuo YutuChina North Ind.

Player LiveDrive LiveSurround LiveWare Live!Ware MegaWorks MixMeister Mixman Studio Modem Blaster Movie Blaster Modem Blaster Flash56 MuVo NOMAD Nomad Jukebox Nomad Jukebox Zen Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra Nomad MuVo Nomad Muvo MP3 Player Phone Blaster Phone Blaster Flash56 ProdyParrot Value Sound Blaster Sound Blaster Audigy Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum Sound Blaster AWE32 Sound Blaster AWE64 Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold Sound Blaster AWE64 Value Sound Blaster Discovery Sound Blaster EasyCD Sound Blaster Live!

Use to translate it from Dutch to English.

There are also styles archived for Roland, Korg and Yamaha arranger keyboards.

AutoformAutoleadsAutologic MicroAutomataAutomateAutomated Computer TechnologyAutomatesAutomatic ElectricAutomatic ElectronicsAutomatic Radio Manufacturing Company Tom ThumbAutomatic Telephone Manufacturing Company Aircraft Receiver TunerAutomationAutonAutonomicaAutonomy CorporationAutonumisAutopoietic SystemsAutotest CompanyAutounion Auto Union DKW HorchAutovoxAutoWatchAuvinen Mikko "Ave" Auvinen mIRCStatsAux Radios Réunis Baby Bruxellois RégionalAV Developments Electronic Environments PresBox Storage DirectAV ForumsAV ToolboxAva OmegaAvalancheAvalanche Effects BrianizerAvalon Design Ascent Avalon Acoustics Avatar Eclipse Monitor Radian Totem UltraAvance Technologies TelluriaAvant BrowserAvantekAvantgarde Acoustics Avantgarde AcousticAvanti Communications Highly Adaptable Satellite Hylas Moonraker SigmaAvantis ContentcacheAvantreeAvast Internet Security avast!

AvatarAvatar RecordsAvaya Callmaster INDeX Lucent TurretAVB Mobile DriveAVC VALAvco ManufacturingAvechoAvedro KeraflexAvegant GlyphAvel TransformersAveling-Barford Aveling and Porter Barford Construction Equipment Barford and Perkins InvictaAventail Corporation AutoSOCKSAventuraAveo AttuneAverlogicAVerMedia Technologies AVerTV TVBoxAvery DesignProAvery BerkatelAvex ElectronicsAVG Anti-Virus Professional AVG Free Free Edition Hide My Ass HMAAVG SEGAVI NeutronAviaAviaconversiaAVIAS Technology InternationalAviation Industry Corporation of China AVICAviation MetalsAvid Life Media Ashley Madison JDI DatingAvid Technologies Adrenaline AudioStation AudioVision Avid Life Media Avid Technology Digidesign Newscutter Pro Tools Symphony VideoshopAvigilonAvigoAviolaAvion ControlsAvion di Divi Divi Divi Divi AirAvions AmiotAvisionAvitel TruecodeAvixAVL Dove Super DoveAVM Alice Ken!

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Only intended for techs servicing older Roland equipment.

Woofer WizardAuto-des-SysAuto-VueAutobianchiAutoCap SolutionsAutocarAutocars Company Sabra SportsAutocratAutodesk Actrix AutoCAD AutoSketch QuickCAD Whip!

Includes many other SOS reviews.

AVM of AmericaAVM Software PalTalkAvo International Allwave Oscillator AvoDapter AvoMeter AvoMeter Panclimatic Megger Multiminor Universal AvoMeterAvocent Corporation Cybex DanpexAvon Skin-So-SoftAvon Traction MileageAvondaleAVPAVRAvro Anson Arrow AV Roe AV Roe Canada Avro Canada Avrocar Hawker Hurricane Lancastrian Manchester Silverbug Star Tiger Tudor Tutor VulcanAvro Canada Arrow AV Roe Canada AvrocarAvro Pacific Fax FriendAVSAvtech ElectrosystemsAvtexAvtoVAZ Lada ZhiguliAVX CorporationAV123AW SystemsAWA AWV Super RadiotronAward Software International Elite BIOSAware Electronics CorporationAwaringAWEAWIAwstatsAXA CalunaAxantum Software AxCrypt Axon DataAxe MaxAxelgaard Manufacturing Company PALSAxent Technologies Defender NetProwler RaptorAxess Electronics SessionetteAxialAxialis AX-IconsAxiamAximAxingAxiohmAxiomAxiom Manufacturing ServicesAxionAxis Pocket Print Server PrintPointAXIS Communications Camera Server Camstation Dome Network Camera Network CameraAxitronAxivity AX3 WAX3AXOAxonAxon InstrumentsAxsysAXTechnology Axcent MediaAxtratecAxusAxxentAxxonAyomiAyrAyre AcousticsAyrshire PowerAyta Poste de ChevetAzdenAzenAzimoAzonix CorporationAzov FilmsAztech LabsAztech Systems Sound Galaxy Pro Sound Galaxy WaveRider Pro Sound Galaxy WashingtonAztecsoftAztelAzubuAzureum Super-AzurédyneAzureusAzurewaveA1CS FUSION5A11A2Z ComputersA4 Vision

And you can download DR5Doc, an evaluation version.

Value Sound Blaster Pro Sound Blaster Vibra VIBRA16k Sound Blaster WavEffects TV Coder Vibra Video Blaster Video Spigot VideoBlaster WebCam Go Plus Wave Blaster WebCam X-Fi Elite Pro X-Fi Fatal1ty X-Fi Platinum X-Fi XtremeMusic Zen Micro Zen Vision: M 3D Blaster 3D Blaster Banshee 3D Blaster Voodoo2 3DO Blaster ZenCreative System SolutionsCreative TechnologyCreatorCreatureCreda Carnival Double Oven Coldstore Credaplan StarlightCredenceCredifonCredoCree Auto TrailCreedCreek Audio RevisedCrememcoCremer Satelliten-Systeme Telefon TRCCremonaCREO StazodyneCresa Radio Superla Superla Jupiter Superla ZeusCrescendoCrescentCress PhotoCressall TorovoltCrestaCrestlineCreston Pro2CrestronCrestwood Television CorporationCrezarCrezz LedaCRICriminal RecordsCrimson ElektrikCrisprCristal Grandin Beethoven Charmeur Cristalette Etoile Fanfare Florès Impérator Junior Mozart National Opéra Orchestral Philharmonic Pianomatic Ravel Sonate Triumph Up Down WagnerCristie Photon Portable Tape StationCritchleyCriterionCriterion GamesCriterion RecordsCriterion Software RenderWareCritical Software iCritical mailCriticalCriticalBlueCroft Charisma Epoch Glen Croft Micro Super Micro VistaCroftonCROM Crom PosteCromemco CromixCrompton Crompton Lighting Dina Eterna Eternacell Fireflame Trip & CloseCrompton & CompanyCrompton ParkinsonCromptonsCromwellCronenwerthCrook Max Crook MusitronCropicoCrosby Audio Works Entec Number CruncherCrosley Cruiser ExecutiveCrosley Administrator Alderman Ambassador Announcer Arbiter Bandbox Bandbox Junior Barkentine Battery Chieftain Battery Eight Battery Fifty-Two Battery Five Battery Fiver Battery Forty Battery Forty-Six Battery Four Battery Mayor Battery Playboy Battery Six Battery Sixty-Six Battery Sixty-Two Battery Super Six Battery Vanity Bonniboy Buccaneer Buddy Bullseye Cabriolet Caroler Carrior Casa Cathedral Center Bullseye Centurion Chairside Fiver Challenger Chattabox Chief Chum Classmate Clipper Coloradio Commissioner Companion Comrade Congressman Constitution Converter Corsair Crony Cruiser Dashboard Director Double Dashboard Dreadnaught Dual Casa Dual Companion Dual Fiver Dual Fiver Deluxe Dual Four Dual Fourteen Dual Moderne Dual Seven Dual Seventy Dual Six Dual Sixty Dual Ten Dual Ten Moderne Dual Travette Dual Twelve Duette Dynacone Dynatrol Eleven Dynatrol Six Eighty Fifty Fifty-Four Fifty Junior Five Superhet Fiver Fiver Console Fiver Deluxe Fiver Roamio Forty-Five Forty-One Galleon Gembox Gemchest Governor Happy Hour Harko Harko Senior Jewel Case Jewelbox Judge Justice Leader Left Bullseye Library Universal Litlfella Mate Mayor Merrimac Merrymaker Minstrel Moderne Seven Monitor Musical Chef Musical Memories New Buddy New Pup New Travo Nomad Olympia Oracle Pal Partner Perfecto Playboy Playmate Playtime Playtime Junior Portable Prestotune Eleven Prestotune Twelve Privateer Pup Quicktune Fiver Raider Recordola Reflex Refrigerator Regenerative Repose Repose Firescreen Repose Junior Reproduction Roamio Rondeau Sampler Secretary Senator Septet Seventy Seventy-Two Sextet Sheraton Show Boy Showbox Sirenetta Six Six Volt Battery Fiver Sixer Sixer Deluxe Sixer Roamio Deluxe Sixty Sixty-One Sky Terrier Skyrocket Sondo Special Special Deluxe Super Super Battery Fiver Super Buddy Boy Super Eight Super Eleven Super Sextette Super Six Super Three Super Trirdyn Super Trirdyn Regular Super Trirdyn Special Super Vanity Fiver Swing-a-View Symphony Tenace Totem Totem Deluxe Travette Travette Moderne Travo Trirdyn Trirdyn Newport Trirdyn Regular Trirdyn Special Trouper Twelve Vagabond Vanity Vanity Deluxe Victory Viking WidgitCross AT Cross Cross PadCross Atlantic Nuts and BoltsCrossCom CorporationCrossleeCrossley Motors Burney Crossley Crossley Brothers Crossley Oil Engine Works Shelsey ModelCrossMatch FaceCheckCrotechCrouchCrouzetCrow Electronic EngineeringCrow-ElkhartCrowcon Detection Instruments Custodian GasmanCrowdcubeCrowdenCrowdstrikeCrowdVisionCrowdyCrown Digital Duosound Esoteric Macro Reference Macro ReferenceCrown Castle International Crown Castle UK Castle Tower International CTI DTV Services Free-to-View ServicesCoCrown CorporationCrown InternationalCrown MacrotechCrown Micro-TechCrownhill AssociatesCroydon Precision InstrumentsCrucial TechnologiesCrucial Technology Ballistix Ballistix Tracer CompactFlash Gizmo Overdrive Gizmo!

Group is open to all synthesizers lovers and users.

SecureDigital xD FlashCrumar Bassman BIT Bit Midi MasterKeyboard BIT One Bit-One Bit 01 Expander Bit-99 MagicVox Nerve Centre Orchestrator Organizer Performer Spirit Steiner Master Touch Stratus Toccata TrilogyCrunchBaseCrusaderCry Baby Stereo Distortion Stereo Fuzz SuperCrydom NOVACryo InteractiveCryptikCryptoCrypto-SolutionsCrypto WallCryptocardCryptoLockerCryselco LightingCrystal AcousticsCrystal DynamicsCrystal Lake DesignsCrystal MysteryCrystal PickCrystal SemiconductorsCrystaldyneCrystallCrystaloiCrystals Touch Me!

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