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In the context of the play the chorus is a multi-voiced persona, a single organism and not simply an accumulation of individuals. All the members of the chorus have identical masks. We have to think what meaning can be derived from the presence on stage of fifteen bodies with the same mask, the same stage face. This is unique in world theatre. Only very recently, during the last century, has science (and specifically quantum physics, biology and genetics) introduced ideas about human beings that correspond to the presentation by the tragic chorus. In quantum physics, electrons and indeed all species of elementary particles exhibit no individuality. In biology, different individuals in a certain species differ slightly, though not so much as to pass certain bounds that define the species. In genetics, human beings are genetically very like each other and differ only in around 0.1% of our genetic code; each of us is genetically like the other 99.9%. The chorus presents the two unmistakable traits of the theory of fractals: self-similarity, where every part of the fractal resembles every other part, and scaling, where the fractal pattern is made up of smaller copies of the same pattern. In the complex interweaving of identity that joins us, each of us may be an aspect of the other. To exist is to participate and to be interdependent of each other. These ideas about the human being have never been better represented on stage than with the presence of the tragic chorus. The tragic chorus lacks individuality and the chorus mask/costume stresses this fact. It unites individuals but at the same time creates automatically variations of its form by the ways these unifying elements (mask/costume) meet the actual bodies of the chorus members. The mask always keeps alive the tension between the one and the other, the whole and the part. Paradoxically, it is easier to develop a rhythmic movement pattern together with other people when all are wearing masks, because the mask prevents them simply from imitating each other. The only alternative left to the performer is to listen to the voice and the breath of the others and in this way, little by little, develop a common rhythm, a common breath, usually based upon the breath of the text. Everybody then depends on each other and develops a greater sensitivity for each other. This is how a tragic chorus is born. Common breath and the creation of a common body are the basis of the chorus and the mask is the medium for the birth of it. While other kinds of theatre use the mask as a means to present character differentiation and human behaviour, the mask of the tragic chorus focuses not on the differences but on the unifying aspects of the human species.

A special issue on Sustainable Use of Phosphorus in Asia has just been published in the journal , edited by Professor Hisao OHTAKE, Professor Kazuyo Matsubae, and myself. A stakeholder analysis was conducted on the case of phosphorus recycling from sewage systems in Japan, with lessons and implications discussed for public policies.

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.net SpeechSynthesizer languages

has published a conference report on Technology and Climate Change: Innovation and Partnership for Transitional Change organized by ORF in New Delhi, India in September 2015. I was invited as one of the speakers to the conference, which focused on the strategies and policies on innovation for enabling transformative changes in global energy systems and building adaptive capacities in the country. The global debate on intellectual property rights (IPRs), adaptive and absorptive capacities, and bilateral opportunities for joint R&D are among the issues discussed in the conference, in the lead up to COP 21 currently held in Paris.

Bio: Dr Sunil Mani is a Professor at the Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum, Kerala, India and is now Visiting Professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Tokyo, Japan. Earlier he has been a visiting professor at Bocconi University, Milan, Italy, the University of Toulouse-Jean Jaurès, Toulouse, France and the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Kolkata, India and has also worked at the United Nations University- MERIT, Maastricht, The Netherlands as a researcher and head of graduate studies. He is specialized in the economics and policy studies of innovation and one of his most recent publications include a book with Professor Richard Nelson of Columbia University, TRIPS Compliance, National Patent Regimes and Innovation, Evidence and Experience from Developing Countries, Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, Mass, USA., 2013 He holds a PhD in Economics from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, and has done post-doctoral research at University of Oxford.

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Provides access to the functionality of an installed speech synthesis engine (voice)

Japan is known as a market where customers value cosmetic appearance of products in addition to the product performance itself. This is valid for pharmaceutical products such as tablets, capsules or liquid vials, and many western companies are struggling with high reject rates of shipped goods in the visual inspection of Japanese local partners. In this seminar, a systems approach of Roche’s Parenterals production facility in Kaiseraugst, Switzerland, will be presented for (1) installing organizational capability to understand “Japan Quality” and (2) leveraging this specific voice of customer for a general improvement of manufacturing processes.

Tumilba, Victor Ramil Marius Tronco, "An ex-post perspective on human-ecological system resilience and dynamics: A case study of the Philippine brackish-water pond aquaculture," Master's Thesis (Principal Adviser: Yarime, Masaru; Co-Adviser: Onuki, Motoharu), Graduate Program in Sustainability Science (GPSS), Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, University of Tokyo, March (2012).

A voice is an engine for speech synthesis (text-to-speech or TTS) that is installed on the system
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Abstract: There is an increasing interest in small-scale energy production from renewable sources. While much hope has been placed on more active energy users, it has remained less clear what citizens can and are willing to do. We charted user inventions in heat pump and wood pellet burning systems in Finland in years 2005–2012. In total we found 192 inventions or modifications that improved either the efficiency, suitability, usability, maintenance or price of the heat pump or pellet systems, as evaluated by domain experts. Our analysis clarifies that users are able to successfully modify, improve and redesign next to all subsystems in these technologies. It appears that supplier models do not cater sufficiently for the variation in users’ homes, which leaves unexplored design space for users to focus on. The inventive users can speed up the development and proliferation of distributed renewable energy technologies both through their alternative designs as well as through the advanced peer support they provide in popular user run Internet forums. These online forums bring together users to have discussion around purchase, use and maintenance of these technologies. Forums help otherwise dispersed and heterogeneous users to create a specific kind of learning space that helps some users to “grow inventive” even as the majority of users therein remain indifferent towards their specific projects. These findings open a discussion on how the actions of typically a small group of inventive users are embedded in and supported by the activities of a broader user base and how such users can be of benefit to energy and climate policy.

Fine-tune Speech Synthesis using Text-to-Speech …

I gave a public research seminar on innovation for sustainability on Monday, March 4 at the of the University of Waterloo in Canada. I discussed the innovation systems approach and its potential integration with innovation management perspectives, with implications for corporate strategy and public policy for sustainability.

Fine-tune Speech Synthesis Using Text-to-Speech ..

Speakers: Professor David Sundaram and Dr. Gabrielle Peko, Department of Information Systems and Operations Management, University of Auckland Business School, Auckland, New Zealand

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