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RNA acts as the information bridge between DNA and protein

Eventually, the RNA transcript is released, and the polymerase detaches from the DNA.
Template Strand
It provides the pattern, or template, for the sequence of nucleotides in a RNA transcript.

RNA polymerase reads the coding strand of the DNA and synthesises RNA that is

DNA is similar in many ways to RNA, but there aresome significant differences. It too, is made up of a sequence of nucleotides. Thatsequence of nucleotides is very important because it determines the sequence ofnucleotides in messenger RNA, which in turn determines the sequence of amino acids inproteins, which in turn determines their function. We will take a close look at thestructure of DNA later in the lesson.

What is the role of RNA polymerase in protein synthesis

Messenger RNA It carries a genetic message from the DNA to the protein-synthesizing machinery of the cell.

The modified ends may promote the export of mRNA from the nucleus, and they help protect the mRNA from degradation.
RNA Splicing
The removal of large portions of the RNA molecule that is initially synthesized.

Three Stages of Transcription
Once the RNA polymerase binds to the promoter, the DNA strands unwind, and the polymerase initiates RNA synthesis at the start point of the template strand.
A collection of proteins called transcription mediate the binding of RNA polymerase an the initiation of transcription.

What Is tRNA - Protein Synthesis

During this stage, there is a change in language: The cell must translate the base sequence of an mRNA molecule into the amino acid sequence of a polypeptide.

RNA polymerases can only assemble a polynucleotide only in its 5'-3' direction
The DNA sequence where RNA polymerase attaches and initiates transcription is known as the promoter.

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What is the role of messenger RNA for the protein synthesis?

Antoun A, Pavlov MY, Lovmar M and Ehrenberg M (2006b) How initiation factors maximize the accuracy of tRNA selection in initiation of bacterial protein synthesis. Molecular Cell 23: 183–193.

The ribosome binds mRNA and carries out protein synthesis.

Antoun A, Pavlov MY, Lovmar M and Ehrenberg M (2006a) How initiation factors tune the rate of initiation of protein synthesis in bacteria. EMBO Journal 25: 2539–2550.

Role of RNA in Protein Synthesis | Microbiology

Polymerase II
RNA polymerase II transcribes both introns and exons from the DNA, but the mRNA molecule that enters the cytoplasm is an abridged version.

From RNA to Protein Synthesis - YouTube

The final stages of translation termination followed by the subsequent steps involved in the formation of the translation initiation complex. Step 1: dissociation of 70S ribosome into 50S subunit (grey) and 30S subunit (cyan) by ribosome recycling factor (RRF in red) and elongation factor G (EF‐G in yellow); step 2: binding of IF3 in magenta and IF2 in green to the 30S subunit; step 3: binding of IF1 in blue; step 4: binding of fMet‐tRNAfMet (orange linear object); step 5: binding of mRNA (red curved line); step 6: unfolding of mRNA; step 7: interaction of fMet‐tRNAfMet with the mRNA start codon in the P site; step 8: binding of the 50S subunit to the 30S pre‐initiation complex; step 9: dissociation of IF1, IF2 and IF3 from the 70S ribosome.

of protein synthesis; the mRNA ..

One major difference between the composition of RNA and DNA is that the heterocyclic amine, adenine, on DNA codes for the incorporation of uracil in RNA rather than thymine as in DNA.
Three Stages of Translation
The initiation of translation brings together mRNA, a tRNA bearing the first amino acid of the polypeptide, and the two subunits of a ribosome.
A small ribosomal subunit binds to a molecule of mRNA.

The Role of Trna in Protein Synthesis - Essay

After translation, the protein passes into the channels of the rough endoplasmic reticulum (ER) for transportation. The protein is then passed from the rough ER to the Golgi apparatus inside tiny fluid-filled sacs, called vesicles. The Golgi apparatus is a system of , which are responsible for the modification, processing, and packaging of the proteins. The protein may have a carbohydrate added, to form a glycoprotein. The Golgi apparatus packages the protein in a secretory vesicle, which fuses with the cell membrane and releases the protein from the cell.

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