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"Facts About Maple Syrup." Pure Canadian Maple Syrup.

Vitamins: Vitamins are essential to maintain health; they cannot be manufactured by the body (except Vitamin D) so they must be acquired through food or taken separately. In pure maple syrup trace amounts of vitamins are present, mainly B2 (Riboflavin), B5 (Pantothenic Acid), B6 (Pyridoxine), PP (Niacin, B1), Biotin, and Folic Acid.

He promised that they'd return, and when they did, the trees would be filled with rich syrup.
Here, maple sap is being extracted from a sugar maple tree
Methods of Farming used or required
Sugar maple growing season - 80 to 260 days; fall is the ideal growing season
Tapping - process of extracting the sap from maple trees
Irrigation is most likely used to nourish the soil and help with the development of maple trees
Developed countries have more access to produce this product because of the climate and other favorable conditions; less developed countries most likely have to import maple syrup because they are unable to grow the trees to produce the syrup (if they can even afford the product)
Challenges - sugar maples are very sensitive to high sodium levels in the soil; susceptible to water drainage and extensive damage
Environmental impacts - affects the ecology and biogeochemistry of the forested landscape
Economic Impacts
Greatest market for syrup - US and Canada
Very profitable for economies where maple syrup is produced (ex: Quebec, 91% of market is located here)
Imported from places where it's produced (exported to 50 countries including Japan (10%) and Germany (8%))
Average price for maple syrup - $39.10 per gallon
Supply Chain
The final product would then be shipped and exported to various places to be sold for consumption!
Cultural Role and Influence
Used as a breakfast item (on pancakes, waffles, french toast, etc.)
Also serves as a sweetener for tea, coffee, and other beverages
Adds flavor to foods (ex: baked beans)
Can mix with butter to make glaze for squash, sweet potatoes, etc.
Heavy influence in Canadian culture (ex: emblem is a maple leaf)
Canadian Flag
Current Issues
Industry is threatened by global warming
Acid rain - soils with high amounts of acid result in poor growing conditions for sugar maple trees
Aluminum deposits in soil prevent sugar maples from obtaining nutrients and water for sap production
Extreme weather limits production and damages trees (ex: droughts); decreases starch in maple trees, thus lowers sugar content in sap
Insect infestations - pear thrips and forest tent caterpillars are the worst insect threats to maple trees; eat tree leaves, which prevent trees from performing photosynthesis (result is less stored sugars, lower sugar content)
Pear Thrip
Forest Tent Caterpillar

Maple Syrup - University of Vermont

Maple Syrup Grades

Grade B, sometimes called Cooking Syrup, is made late in the season, and is very dark, with a very strong maple flavor, as well as some caramel flavor. Although many people use this for table syrup, because of its strong flavor, it's often used for cooking, baking, and flavoring in special foods.

When buying maple syrup you may be confronted with some choices in grades. Generally the darker the color, the stronger the maple flavor. Makesure when buying maple syrup to read the label to make sure it is pure,if that is what you are seeking, and of the flavor you desire.

Maple Syrup Nutrition Benefits + Recipes - Dr. Axe

The first people to discover the art of making maple syrup were the Native Americans

Note: You can strain the flowers, or leave them to steep as much flavor as possible. Experiment with the flower quantity. Using 1-2 cups yielded a flavor that tasted like a cross between wildflower honey and maple syrup with tones of yerba mate.

: Sugars are an important source of energy. The main sugar in pure Maple syrup is sucrose. The darker grades, especially Grade B syrup, contain small and variable amounts of fructose and glucose. In order of sweetness, sucrose is less sweet than fructose, and sweeter than glucose.

Though some cancer patients have found success with using maple syrup, ..
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Maple trees are among the most popular shade trees in North America

Big and beautiful
The bigleaf maple has the largest leaves of all the maples, hence the name. The wood of the maple is used for furniture, cabinets and flooring, among other products. The sap of the bigleaf maple can be used for maple syrup production, though not commercially. It produces a unique yet equally delicious condiment.

A technically complete science fair project in ONE …

Grade A Medium Amber is a bit darker, and has a bit more maple flavor. It is the most popular grade of table syrup, and is usually made after the sugaring season begins to warm, about mid-season.

Central New York State Central New York State U-Pick …

The maple syrup we find in containers begins its life as sugar in theleaves of maples, produced by the process of photosynthesis. The sugars are transported into the wood for winter storage in the formof carbohydrates. In spring they are converted to sucrose and dissolvedin the sap to flow through the tree.

The Importance of Trees - Learn Value and ..

The sugar maple primarily grows in the northeastern United States andeastern Canada, so this is where maple syrup is produced. A lesssweet syrup with different flavor is made in Alaska and Siberia from thesap of birch trees. Another species of maple is tapped in Korea,but only to drink the sap.

How Sweet It Isn’t! Cutting Through the Hype and …

For without the oxygen that plants give off, none of us would have the luxury of appreciating the strength of an oak beam, the taste of maple syrup, or the color of autumn leaves.

We appreciate the importance of marine photosynthesis even less.

Sycamores Get No Respect - Eat The Weeds and other …

Leonard Perry, Extension Professor
University of Vermont
Many know maple syrup comes from the sap of the sugar maple tree, collectedand boiled down each spring to make more dense. Whether you makeyour own maple syrup as a fun family activity, for income, or just enjoyusing it, you should know some of the interesting facts about this importantagricultural product in our region.

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