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Great Magnetism Science Fair Project Topics

Even when you put popcorn kernels in a closed microwave oven, it takes a minute or two for the kernels to accumulate enough thermal energy to pop. In that closed microwave oven, the microwaves bounce around inside the metal cooking chamber and their intensity increases dramatically. It's like sending the beam from a laser pointer into a totally mirrored room—the light energy in that room will build up until it is extremely bright in there. In the closed cooking chamber of the oven, the microwave energy also builds up until the microwave intensity is enough to pop the corn. How intense? Well, a typical microwave oven produces 700 watts of microwave power. Since the cooking chamber is nearly empty when you're popping popcorn, the cooking chamber accumulates a circulating power of very roughly 50,000 watts.

levitating train project - All Science Fair Projects

Subject: ElectricityGrade level: High School - Grades 10-12Academic Level: OrdinaryProject Type: Building Type Cost: LowAwards: 2nd place, Canada Wide Virtual Science Fair (2005)Affiliation: Canada Wide Virtual Science Fair (VSF)Year: 2005Description: In this project, the goal was to construct a device that would directly utilize the magnetic forces produced by current-carrying coils to propel a projectile.

how to build a working model of maglev train

13/11/2005 · how to build a working model of maglev train

While most circuits must form complete loops, the Tesla coil's secondary circuit doesn't. Its end electrodes just spit charges off into space and let those charges fend for themselves. Many of them eventually work their ways from one electrode to the other by flowing through the air or through objects. But even when they don't, there is little net build up of charge anywhere. That's because the direction of current flow through the secondary coil reverses frequently and the sign of the charge on each electrode reverses, too. The Tesla coil is a high-frequency device and its top electrode goes from positively charged to negatively charge to positively charged millions of times a second. This rapid reversal of charge, together with reversing electric and magnetic fields means that a Tesla coil radiates strong electromagnetic waves. It therefore interferes with nearby radio reception.

The only electromagnetic waves that penetrate walls well are radio waves, microwaves, and X rays. If someone builds an X ray machine around your home, they'll be able to see you, or at least your bones. Don't forget to wave. And, in principle, they could use the radar technique to look for you with microwaves, but you'd be a fuzzy blob at best and lost in the jumble of reflections from everything else in your home.

Electromagnetism Science Fair Projects and Experiments

Electromagnetism science fair projects and ..

Magnetic fields is another focus your experiments can have. You can examine how magnetic fields create magnetic movement, or how they can be applied to non-magnetic elements to force them to become magnetic. Your experiments can also focus on Maxwell's equation, which will allow you to explore how magnetic fields affect magnetic behavior. Lenz's Law, which deals with electromotive force, can also be explored.

Younger scientists can explore the basic dipoler properties of magnets, or the North and South Pole charges of magnets. Projects can examine how the polarity affects magnetic charge, how polarity affects electrical charges and how polarity can be used to generate electricity. More advanced projects can examine the impact that the movement of the Earth's North Pole has on climate and weather conditions.

Magnetic Levitation and Propulsion and Maglev Train Science Fair Projects
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How To Build The Simplest Electric Train - This and That

How it works is that while most of the magnetic field is confined inside the coil, enough leaks out around the outside of the coil to keep the train moving forward.

How to Build the Simplest Electric Train

We're ready to drop the penny. When we first release it at the top of the Empire State Building, it begins to accelerate downward at 9.8 meters-per-second2—the acceleration due to gravity—and starts to move downward. If no other force appeared, the penny would move according to the equations of motion for constant downward acceleration, taught in most introductory physics classes. It would continue to accelerate downward at 9.8 meters-per-second2, meaning that its downward velocity would increase steadily until the moment it hit sidewalk. At that point, it would be traveling downward at approximately 209 mph (336 km/h) and it would do some damage to the sidewalk.

MagLev Train 5th Grade Science Fair Project

Only that I chose to focus on more practical issues: like how close you should wind the coils, how many magnets should be used and which batteries work the best.

08/04/2016 · How to Build a Magnetic Levitating Top ..

Almost any ballpoint pen dropped into my wind tunnel plummeted to the bottom. I was unable to make the air rise fast enough to observe hovering behavior in those pens. Whether they would tend to tumble in the open air was difficult to determine because of the tunnel's narrowness. Nonetheless, it's clear that a heavy, streamlined, and properly weighted pen dropped from the Empire State Building would still be accelerating downward when it reached the sidewalk. Its speed would be close to 209 mph at that point and it would indeed damage the sidewalk.

Try this fun magnet project! - Easy-Science-Fair …

If you need to do so for a science project it's worth the effort because explaining the intricacies of it all will impress any teacher, but for myself, I'll simply throw the magnets on the ends of the battery, feed it into the coil and live in blissful ignorance as I watch the little train zoom around its track.

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